German is not special in this manner, but, as Guy Deutscher observes, ... -
the awful german language

The paranoid fantasy behind Brexit

The Guardian - 16 Nov 2018
After ordering the cessation of all hostilities by British forces, it sets down further conditions, including “the British Command to carry out at once, without argument or comment, all further orders that will be issued by the German Command on any ...
the awful german language

Commentary: This is where the dark tunnel leads - 29 Oct 2018
This is the might-is-right language of the Proud Boys and other nascent white supremacist militias. It is also the perverted nationalism of past globe-wreckers. In 1935, for example, addressing ...
the awful german language

This is where the dark tunnel leads

Newsday - 30 Oct 2018
This is a particularly lethal strain of hatred, as shown by the awful events at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, where a man who believed Jews were sabotaging the race purity of the United States by bringing in caravan-loads of refugees and ...
the awful german language

Puel looks to future after Leicester bid farewell to owner Vichai

Free Malaysia Today - 11 Nov 2018
“It was our first game at home after the awful accident. “I think it was important to have this communion with our fans and to give our best to honour our chairman and I would like to say I'm proud about my players, about their performance, about their ...
the awful german language

Chemical Cartography

ScienceBlogs (blog) - 12 Nov 2018
Sissel maps city smells to explore the boundaries we create in cities, to repackage and recontextualize the sometimes gross smells we encounter in our urban environments, to question the language we use to describe smells. She's quoted in a great ...
the awful german language

Laughter Through Tears

The Free Weekly - 02 Nov 2018
Oren will know — and I'll feel awful. But he's given us a great script and great business within the script. He worries about it moving too slowly, but the ...

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