German is not special in this manner, but, as Guy Deutscher observes, ... -
the awful german language

15 reasons to fall in love with Germany and Germans - 20 Sep 2018
You do see one or two immigrants who are obviously becoming well-integrated, and these are welcomed with characteristic German tolerance and kindness. But you also see an awful lot who haven't — in the town centres with begging signs or just hanging ...
the awful german language

Interview: Denis Norden

Jewish Chronicle - 18 Sep 2018
In his new book, Clips from a Life, Norden recalls the legendary wartime exploits of one of Zahl's artists, a comedian called Harry, who gave many performances in dangerous circumstances at Dover when it was under attack from German guns and aircraft ...
the awful german language

Denis Norden obituary

The Times - 19 Sep 2018
My Word! was aptly named, for it reflected Norden's all-consuming love of language, which began as a boy when he learnt to recite Hamlet in its entirety by heart. He savoured words for their sound as much as their meaning and cited the influence of ...
the awful german language

The Liberty of Nations

Wall Street Journal - 24 Aug 2018
World War I was started by Serbian nationalism, while Hitler's demand to annex the German populations of Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland “occasioned the outbreak” of World War II. But the historical record is far more ...
the awful german language

A Warning From Europe: The Worst Is Yet to Come

The Atlantic - 12 Sep 2018
She follows and amplifies the leading lights of the American “alt-right,” whose language she repeats. I happen to know that both of these women are estranged from their children because of their ...
the awful german language

The Origin Of The Word 'Cocaine'

Science Friday - 28 Aug 2018
It all started in 1859, when a large shipment of leaves from South America landed in the lab of a 26-year-old German chemistry student named Albert Niemann. “The plant looked decidedly normal,” write Lydia Kang and Nate Pedersen in their book Quackery, ...
the awful german language

Chemnitz fears for reputation after demonstrators duel

Deutsche Welle - 29 Aug 2018
The latest official figures put the numbers at 6,000 far-right demonstrators, among them neo-Nazis who had traveled from across Germany, against just over 1,000 counterprotesters from various left-wing organizations, including some who wear the black ...
the awful german language

Slightly More Than 100 Fantastic Articles

The Atlantic - 28 Aug 2018
But as soon as the president is taken up on such remarks, there is either an aide on hand to say that he was exaggerating when he said that, that his words are to be taken seriously but not literally, or the president himself is denouncing his critics ...
the awful german language

50 reasons why Cornwall is world famous

Cornwall Live - 16 Sep 2018
The original alternative comedian, author, actor and TV presenter lives near Fowey, is the chancellor of Falmouth University and continually complains about how awful Cornwall is on Twitter (meaning she loves it really). ...
the awful german language

GCSE results day 2018: LIVE

TES News - 22 Aug 2018
Millions of pupils across the country will receive their GCSE results tomorrow – results that will determine not only their next step in life, but the school's progress 8 scores, and league table place. With 23 subjects at GCSE taken in the new-style ...
the awful german language

Exploring new limits: Working in German - 04 May 2018
In my experience, the German language is structured, with strict grammatical rules. Mark Twain refers to these rules with exasperation in his humorous essay, The Awful German Language. English is in comparison more encompassing and open. English is ...
the awful german language

The Awful Plight of Parents Deported Without Their Children

Slate Magazine - 26 Jun 2018
The families who have been most catastrophically harmed by the Trump administration's child-separation policy are those in which parents have already been deported while their children remain in government custody. Although there are no hard numbers, ...

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