German is not special in this manner, but, as Guy Deutscher observes, ... -
the awful german language

Netflix's Sacred Games Is Your Next Binge Watch - 20 Jul 2018
Its visual language, its byzantine plotting, its go-for-broke expansiveness are all irresistibly polyglot: Bollywood maximalism meets downbeat Euro noir meets Hollywood gangster epic. This is globalism on the small screen. You can't take your eyes off ...
the awful german language

How Queen Victoria transformed the Swiss tourism industry - 21 Jul 2018
“Oh, it is too awful, too dreadful. And a sickness, an icy coldness bordering on the wildest despair, comes over me. It is more than a human being can bear.” The most powerful woman in the world needed a break. In 1868, when Victoria wrote that entry ...
the awful german language

How Should Children's Books Deal with the Holocaust?

The New Yorker - 16 Jul 2018
Yolen renders Hannah's plight in language and imagery that make sense to younger readers: she is packed into a boxcar “worse than the worst subway jam she'd ever been in.” But the author does not condescend by evading the awful details. The stench of ...
the awful german language

Young Jean Lee's Unsafe Spaces

New York Times - 18 Jul 2018
At first it seems like pure provocation — or penance, perhaps, for airing such awful characterizations of her community. It might be both. It might also be a third thing: her ...
the awful german language

The dangers of 'us vs them' creeping into political rhetoric

News24 - 27 Jun 2018
These words kept coming back to me over the last two weeks as I was watching the awful scenes of children of asylum seekers being separated from their parents in America. During the years I worked for UNICEF I met many children to whom the most ...

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