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the best of me movie

The Best of Me (2014)

Entertainment Weekly - 17 Oct 2014
First things first. If you're looking for the standard tropes of a Nicholas Sparks film adaptation, The Best of Me has all of 'em: the rain-soaked makeout session, the disapproving rich parents, the all-binding tragedies, the masculine man-hands ...
the best of me movie

10 of the Best Horror Movies for Date Night

Paste Magazine - 24 Sep 2017
They're one of those things people say when they're describing me—I'm “that guy who knows a lot about horror movies,” except people are less likely to say “a lot” and more likely to substitute “everything,” or “a disturbing amount,” regardless of ...
the best of me movie

Chris Evangelista's Favorite Movies of All Time

/FILM - 22 Sep 2017
Two types films he loved to show me the most – classic Universal monster movies, and Abbott and Costello movies. Then he showed me the best of both: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, a film that pitted the comedy duo against Dracula, the Wolfman ...
the best of me movie

The Best Toronto Film Festival Movies to Look Forward To

WIRED - 19 Sep 2017
This year's fest was no different, and brought with it a ton of films sure to please crowds, whether they like lush fantasy (Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water) or midnight movie classics (James Franco's The Disaster Artist). Of all the TIFF films ...
the best of me movie

Marvel's Inhumans IMAX Experience Surprised the Hell Out of Me

Gizmodo - 01 Sep 2017
In space (sometimes). Theirs is the sort of story that would be difficult to bring to a movie or TV screen, even in the best of circumstances, but in a truly surprising way, Marvel and ABC's Inhumans television show actually manages to do something ...
the best of me movie

An insider's tour of the Mill Valley film fest

San Francisco Chronicle - 21 Sep 2017
Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet and Michael Stuhlbarg all stand solid chances of getting acting nods. The film has wowed critics (including this one) all over the world, and a best-picture nomination is within reach, even if the subject matter will be ...
the best of me movie

The X-rated scenes stars regret

New Zealand Herald - 25 Sep 2017
Turns out Stone had no idea that was going down until the movie was up on the big screen. "When we did it ...
the best of me movie

TV Review: 'Star Trek: Discovery' on CBS and CBS All Access

Variety - 25 Sep 2017
It might be your mother's, if she is a fan of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” which is widely considered to be the best of the “Trek” TV efforts. (To forestall nerd debates, yes, each Federation series has its merits, but “Deep Space Nine” and “The Next ...
the best of me movie

Casting the Inevitable Hurricane Harvey Movie

Houston Press - 25 Sep 2017
And because Hollywood loves nothing more than looking for the next inspirational story to wring some cash out of, you can be sure a Hurricane Harvey movie (or at least an HBO miniseries) is in the works. Granted, run-of-the-mill hurricane flicks may ...
the best of me movie

15 Inconceivable Facts About The Princess Bride

Mental Floss - 24 Sep 2017
Fortunately, in 2012, the movie's leading man Cary Elwes was inspired to write a behind-the-scenes book about the making of the movie in honor of its 25th anniversary, for which he interviewed nearly all of the key cast and crew (sadly, André the Giant ...

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