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'The Boxtrolls' is smart, but maybe too scary

U-T San Diego - 26 Sep 2014
Commercials for “The Boxtrolls” make it seem as if the animated movie is adorable and silly and family-friendly. It's a story about a young boy adopted by bluish, grayish, box-wearing trolls. They live peacefully underground, listening to music, co ...
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Movie Time

Portland Tribune - 16 Jan 2018
Laika's "The Boxtrolls" screens at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 21, at Whitsell Auditorium, as part of the Portland Art Museum's Laika exhibit. Tickets: $6-$9, www.nwfilm.org. • The documentary movie "42 Grams" is the story of Chicago chef Jake Bickelhaupt's ...
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How The Bumblebee Director Plans To Be Different Than Michael Bay

Cinema Blend - 28 Dec 2017
Along with providing an exclusive image of Hailee Steinfeld's character next to Bumblebee in his VW Bug form, Empire chatted with Travis Knight about the creative sensibilities he's bringing to Bumblebee: The Movie that he absorbed working on Laika ...
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This Week's $1 Movies For Kids: 'Rio 2' and 'The Boxtrolls'

Patch.com - 11 Jun 2017
WARRINGTON, PA — Regal Theaters in Warrington will again be offering $1 movies this summer in a series that's underway now. Movies are screened Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 a.m. through Aug. 9 at the theater, located at 140 Easton Rd. For July 4 and ...
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'The Boxtrolls' Is an Adaptation of 'Here Be Monsters!'

New York Times - 25 Sep 2014
In “The Boxtrolls,” old-fashioned stop-motion animation is combined with new-style 3-D cinematography to charming effect. The film, based on the book “Here Be Monsters!” by Alan Snow, tells a familiar story with familiar themes and characters ...
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Designing a Fantastical World for 'The Boxtrolls'

New York Times - 04 Sep 2014
This ominous, moonlit moment comes early in the film, when the Boxtrolls emerge to go scavenging, showing off the multilevel nature of the scene design. The image includes two sets: one in the foreground, then a second set placed at a distance to give ...
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VIDEO: The Boxtrolls Redefine Family

People Magazine - 19 Sep 2014
Our cheeks hurt from smiling so much while watching this sweet video, What Is Family, featuring The Boxtrolls cast and filmmakers dishing on the 3D stop-motion animated movie about young orphan Eggs, voiced by Game of Thrones' Isaac Hempstead Wright ...
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'The Boxtrolls': Venice Review

Hollywood Reporter - 30 Aug 2014
There's a captivating sequence during the end credits of The Boxtrolls that's more or less a hand-drawn capsule version of the entire story, accompanied by an airy cover of the Pete Seeger hit “Little Boxes” performed by Portland band Loch Lomond. That ...
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The Boxtrolls review – one of the summer's best animations

The Guardian - 11 Sep 2014
Typical: the kids return to school, and we finally get one of this summer's few animations to merit sustained study. This lovingly detailed adaptation of Alan Snow's Here Be Monsters introduces us to a junk-loving species – part Womble, part Morlock ...
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Bringing 'The Boxtrolls' To Life Through 1000 Faces

Deadline.com - 03 Feb 2015
Awardsline/Deadline Hollywood Screening Of "Box Trolls" The production timeline for Boxtrolls was comprised of a two-year storyboarding process and an 18-month shoot with a 350 person crew. The co-directors mentioned how Laika's HQ in Hillsboro, Oregon ...

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