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the cell (the walking dead)

Missing Memphis soldier found dead, family says

wreg.com - 22 Jun 2018
Family members say they were told he was found with a cell phone. They suspect foul play. Police say McLemor was working to complete a training exercise with dozens of others around 11 a.m. Wednesday. The exercise involved wading through swamp mud and ...
the cell (the walking dead)

Murder suspect to claim self defense

Baxter Bulletin - 20 Jun 2018
The man encountered Penny walking out of a room, and Penny reportedly said to the man "Yeah he's dead, you want some of this too?" according to the ...
the cell (the walking dead)

Murdock stepping away from Trinity job

The Steubenville Herald-Star - 24 Jun 2018
Again, technology allowed that to happen, with the ability to stay in touch through cell phones and to access his desktop computer from anywhere. ...
the cell (the walking dead)

Judge declares mistrial Thursday in third Keith Davis Jr. trial

Baltimore Sun - 21 Jun 2018
For a second time, a Baltimore judge declared a mistrial after jurors were unable to reach a unanimous verdict Thursday for Keith Davis Jr., who has been tried three times in the death of a Pimlico security guard three years ago. For a second time ...
the cell (the walking dead)

The Walking Dead Recap: The Widow Rhee

Vulture - 26 Mar 2018
If you hoped for some resolution to the Negan/Jadis road trip in this episode, you must be new to the show, because that's exactly the kind of story thread The Walking Dead loves to dangle unresolved for a couple weeks. Instead, we finally witness the ...
the cell (the walking dead)

Saturday, June 23: FIFA World Cup Group Stage Matches Featured on FOX

Channel Guide Magazine - 23 Jun 2018
Buckley plays Jesse's spell-casting “Gran'ma,” who uses her ability to raise the dead for both good and evil — and hasn't seen her grandson around the family's Louisiana homestead in a very long while. Falling Skies' Colin Cunningham and Nashville's ...
the cell (the walking dead)

The Walking Dead Recap: Office Politics

TVLine - 20 Nov 2017
Who knew? Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead revealed that, for all of the Saviors' bloodlust and tough-as-leather posturing, Negan's organization is run pretty much like The Office's Dunder Mifflin. (All they were missing was a water cooler and a ...
the cell (the walking dead)

The Walking Dead Takes One More (Naked) Prisoner

Vanity Fair - 27 Nov 2017
Remember poor Daryl, rotting away in a cell eating dog food at the Sanctuary? Lest we forget, he was naked that whole time, too. Until last season, The Walking Dead was a world in which prisoners were always clothed. Maggie and the Hilltop, who decided ...

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