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'The Crown' Season 2 Premiere: We Must Maintain the Status Quo

New York Times - 09 Dec 2017
It's a classic “Crown” scene. Dickie's speech is powerful but overwrought. The queen, played again this season by Claire Foy, puts on a brave face despite her obvious pain. The conversation suddenly shifts from this episode's defining political crisis ...
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Is Paul Bettany The Crown's New Prince Philip?

E! Online - 22 Jan 2018
There's a new prince on the block. According to reports, Paul Bettany will replace Matt Smith as Prince Philip in season three of The Crown. Yep, Vision replaces the Doctor. Netflix did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The next season ...
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“The Crown” is the perfect show for the fake news era

Quartz - 20 Jan 2018
So when my family started watching the first season of Netflix's The Crown last year, I wanted no part of it. Writ large, The Crown tells the same story as Downton Abbey. A bunch of spoiled idiots find themselves trapped in an antiquated, useless ...
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Review: One Vote for 'Victoria' Over 'The Crown'

New York Times - 13 Jan 2018
“Victoria” or “The Crown”? The simultaneous existence of lavish, successful television series dramatizing the lives of the current British queen, Elizabeth II, and her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, makes comparison inevitable. “Victoria” on ...
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Is Helena Bonham Carter Joining The Crown in This Juicy Role?

Vanity Fair - 05 Jan 2018
One of the dreamiest side effects of The Crown is how it's introduced royal neophytes to the force of nature that was Princess Margaret. The stroppy royal begins Season 1 as a lovelorn little sister, forbidden from marrying her partner due to ancient ...

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