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'The Crown' Season 2 Premiere: We Must Maintain the Status Quo

New York Times - 09 Dec 2017
It's a classic “Crown” scene. Dickie's speech is powerful but overwrought. The queen, played again this season by Claire Foy, puts on a brave face despite her obvious pain. The conversation suddenly shifts from this episode's defining political crisis ...
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The Crown, Season 3: Extras Wanted For Filming In Spain

Forbes - 19 Aug 2018
Extras are being recruited for the filming in October of different scenes for the third season of the award-winning, vastly popular Netflix historical series 'The Crown', that will take place on locations around Andalusia in southern Spain. The casting ...
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The Crown takes royal glitz to the White House

Express.co.uk - 19 Aug 2018
The Crown takes royal glitz to the White House. The plot of The Crown, Netflix's mega-successful series based on the House of Windsor, has always remained a state secret until it hits the screen. Even Her Majesty, who has lived through everything ...
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Protecting The Crown Jewels

Forbes - 13 Aug 2018
Data sprawl is an issue facing organizations of all types and sizes. Information of all kinds is being stored in a wide variety of places within organizations. Identifying the "crown jewels" that are of the utmost importance to protect is not an easy ...
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5 Empowering Things the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Has Said

About Her - 19 Aug 2018
Ever since he was appointed Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, just over a year ago, Mohammed bin Salman has been making groundbreaking changes in the kingdom. Being next in line for the throne is no easy job, and so far, the reforms the young leader has ...

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