The Divine Feminine is the fourth studio album by American rapp... -
the divine feminine

The Divine Feminine is the fourth studio album by American rapp...

wikipedia - 17 Sep 2016
The Divine Feminine is the fourth studio album by American rapper Mac Miller. It was released on September 16, 2016, by Warner Bros. Records and REMember Music. The album features guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Paak, Ty Dolla Sign and Ariana Grande, among others.
the divine feminine

Mac Miller's 'The Divine Feminine:' One Year Later

Verge Campus (blog) - 21 Sep 2017
Mac Miller is perhaps one of hip-hop's most underrated entities. We look back on his 2016 album, The Divine Feminine, and all of its romantic glory one year later. Mac Miller's development as an artist has been nothing short of entertaining. Just 7 ...
the divine feminine

Robert Jenson and the search for the divine feminine

The Christian Century (blog) - 08 Sep 2017
He mentioned an upcoming conference on campus called “The Search for the Divine Feminine.” And I'll never forget what he said next: “The search for the divine feminine is like the search for the divine beetle or the divine crocodile. It doesn't exist!
the divine feminine

Nine nights dedicated to the divine feminine

Times of India - 17 Sep 2017
The mother goddess tradition is a very ancient one in India and sees the worship of the feminine as the divine mother. In this respect, nine nights of the first fortnight of the seventh month of the lunar calendar - Ashwin - are dedicated to ...
the divine feminine

The Heretical Gnosticism Of Darren Aronofsky's Most Daring Film

Forward - 20 Sep 2017
to be a parable touching on radical environmentalism (mother as in Mother Earth, the sentient Gaia being systematically destroyed by humankind) and Jewish and Christian myths of the sacred feminine. So let's walk through the film on those terms — the ...
the divine feminine

Real street art: Painted pavement beautifies Tribeca street

Downtown Express - 21 Sep 2017
“I've inserted in the piece a divine feminine symbol, which embodies the idea of inclusion and connectedness and fullness, and invites everyone to kind of step into a feminine kind of mind frame,” the artist said. The mural was officially unveiled on Sept.
the divine feminine

The Sacred And The Sexist In MOTHER!

Birth.Movies.Death. - 18 Sep 2017
To some viewers, one religious element that may show up is the feminine divine, in the form of Jennifer Lawrence's titular mother (the lowercase is intentional). The concept of the feminine divine can be loaded and new-agey. But in a progressive ...
the divine feminine

Esther Mahlangu-inspired artwork hits the streets of NYC

DestinyConnect - 19 Sep 2017
If you find yourself walking the streets of Tribeca one day, make sure that you make your way towards the Citi Bike station to the intersection of Franklin Street and West Broadway, because that's where you'll find an Esther Mahlangu-inspired mural ...
the divine feminine

Vibrant street mural beautifies a once-dull strip in Tribeca

Curbed NY - 12 Sep 2017
The mural emulates artist Esther Mahlangu's style “while folding in divine feminine symbolism which is representative of [Shanklin Roberts's] own work.” A description of the work continues, “Vibrant colors and feminine symbolism are used to call on ...
the divine feminine

A Goddess Festival is Coming to Colorado in September

303 Magazine - 04 Sep 2017
Festival of the Muses is about lifting each other up, connecting with a feminine community and building bonds. This intimate festival (only a couple hundred attendees are expected), thrown by Mackenzie Page (Gipsy Moon), Bonnie Paine (Elephant Revival) ...
the divine feminine

'Sacred' dances bring local dancer full circle

Black Mountain News - 30 Aug 2017
Moon recalled her first experience with Sacred Circle Dances, in the '90s at a Quaker annual gathering on an eastern college campus. During one of the morning workshops, she learned that these traditional celebratory dances were brought to the Findhorn ...

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