The Future is the ninth studio album by Canadian singer-songwri... -
the future (leonard cohen album)

Wilson pays homage to late great rockers - 26 Jul 2018
One of rock's most powerful vocalists, Ann Wilson, came to fame in the 1970s as half of the sister-fronted platinum-selling group HEART, with a series of albums and tours that have continued as recently as 2016 when the group released and toured behind ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

October 2018 - 13 Aug 2018
To celebrate a half-century of the album, we also present another 30 radical albums that shook the world, from The Doors and Miles Davis to Curtis Mayfield and Nina Simone. ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

The 14 Greatest Comebacks in Rock

Louder - 09 Aug 2018
But his future wife Sharon picked him off the floor, steered him towards the first of a dozen visits to rehab, and helped him assemble a new band, which he emphatically refused to call Son of Sabbath. His 1980 debut solo album, Blizzard of Ozz, sold ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

Cédric Pin/Glen Johnson – The Burning Skull

DOA - 29 Jul 2018
Although anyone expecting that Pin's presence has steered Johnson simply back to redeploying the alluring almost-groove-driven electro-pop components that he previously brought into Piano Magic's much-loved Disaffected and Future Conditional's ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

Every Ghost Song Ranked From Worst to Best

Loudwire - 17 Aug 2018
“Life Eternal,” which closes the album, works as a “make-believe” song, but also as a “real-life” lament about accepting the inevitability of death. One could imagine Leonard Cohen crooning “I know the light grows darker down below/But in your eyes it ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

Is Leonard Cohen the New Secular Saint of Montreal?

New York Times - 06 Mar 2018
On a recent Thursday night he led a group of singers through all the tracks of “The Future” (1992), one of Cohen's most poignant and cerebral albums. The audience of aging hippies and twentysomething hipsters in the sold-out Gesù concert hall, listened ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

Val Morgan marketers get promoted in new-look leadership team

CMO - 30 Jul 2018
Val Morgan Group has promoted both its GM of sales and marketing and its director of marketing as part of a new-look leadership team unveiled today. Paul Butler, who joined the Val Morgan Outdoor division five years ago as director of sales and was ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

Eminem and Gandhi Are Right

The Weekly Standard - 18 Jan 2018
That's small wonder, for two reasons: First, because Eminem is an uncannily gifted wordsmith, above all in feminine rhyme/assonance, who never fails to deliver novel verse; and second, because most of the album's themes are either guaranteed fan-base ...

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