The Future is the ninth studio album by Canadian singer-songwri... -
the future (leonard cohen album)

Leonard Cohen's Son Announces Posthumous Album

Paste Magazine - 28 Sep 2018
Fans can expect a posthumous Leonard Cohen album in the near future, as revealed by the late singer-songwriter's son and producer, Adam Cohen, during an interview with Canadian radio station CBC. Cohen, an all-time songwriter, poet and novelist, died ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

Posthumous Leonard Cohen album in the works - 02 Oct 2018
When Leonard Cohen died just three weeks after the release of his album You Want It Darker in 2016, he was already at work on a follow-up, according to his record producer son Adam. In an interview with ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

The bountiful afterlife of Leonard Cohen - 30 Sep 2018
When I used to visit Leonard Cohen, at his house in Montreal and later in Los Angeles, I was always struck by the clear floors and bare walls. There were no bookshelves, and not a book in sight. You'd never guess ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

Q&A: Kip Berman goes solo for new EP

The Huntington News - 18 Oct 2018
The music of Richard Thompson, Lynda Thompson, Leonard Cohen but also others like Dear Nora, who I knew when I lived in Portland [Maine]. ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

December 2018 - 16 Oct 2018
In a tumultuous 1968, the Small Faces somehow managed to squeeze out concept album Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake – Uncut tracks down the survivors to hear tales of riverbank hijinks, communal living and “extremely spiritual people”. We meet Wilco's Jeff ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

Lakes of Canada Release Third Studio Album WE WILL OUTLIVE THE SUN

Broadway World - 24 Sep 2018
Lakes of Canada, featuring 2018 Grammy Award Winners Jake Smith and Conor O'Neil (Best Rock Performance for Leonard Cohen's You Want It Darker), will release We Will Outlive the Sun, a rock opera about climate change, neo-fascism, and the downfall of ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

Ann Wilson salutes rock Immortals at Saratoga Mountain Winery

Martinez Tribune - 24 Sep 2018
It was last year's death of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell, a colleague from the Seattle music scene, that provided the creative spark that convinced Wilson to dedicate a complete album to the likes of David Bowie, Tom Petty, Glenn Frey, Leonard Cohen and ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

What's on MPR News – 10/8/18

Minnesota Public Radio News (blog) - 08 Oct 2018
A new book collects the unpublished poems and lyrics of Leonard Cohen, as well as his notebook entries and drawings. The book is titled The Flame, and Adam has written an introduction to the book. Adam also produced his father's last album, You Want it ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

Is Leonard Cohen the New Secular Saint of Montreal?

New York Times - 06 Mar 2018
On a recent Thursday night he led a group of singers through all the tracks of “The Future” (1992), one of Cohen's most poignant and cerebral albums. The audience of aging hippies and twentysomething hipsters in the sold-out Gesù concert hall, listened ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

Lil Durk & Future – “Spin The Block”

Stereogum - 24 Aug 2018
Once upon a time, Lil Durk was among the hardest, hungriest voices in that initial wave of Chicago drill stars. But like his occasional collaborator Chief Keef, Durk quickly absorbed the diffuse melodic sensibility of Future. He switched his whole ...
the future (leonard cohen album)

Deutsche Bank tech chief to join CBA as CIO

Computerworld Australia - 25 Jun 2018
Other leadership changes include the appointment of Nigel Williams as chief risk officer, David Cohen moving from CRO to deputy CEO, Sian Lewis moving to the group executive HR role, Andrew Hinchliff being appointed group executive Institutional ...

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