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A deep dive into 'The Giver' trailer ('sup, Taylor Swift?)

Entertainment Weekly (blog) - 19 Mar 2014
But now that there's a glut of dystopian YA fiction — both on bookshelves and at multiplexes — a film version of The Giver runs the risk of seeming both generic and derivative… even though its story was written long before Katniss was even a twinkle ...
the giver

A History of Meryl Streep Acting Her Heart Out in Kitchens

W Magazine - 22 Jun 2017
Today is the 67th birthday of Mary Louise “Meryl” Streep, a woman who is so deified in the popular imagination that we have decided to collectively forget that The Giver ever happened. She is of course considered the best actress of her generation ...
the giver

A Vergennes Father Is Being Forced to Return to Mexico

Seven Days - 22 Jun 2017
I'm not the type of person who asks for help — I'm usually the giver — so it's been very difficult. It doesn't come naturally for me to ask for anything.” Juan agreed that the community support has been fantastic. But he remains frustrated by a ...
the giver

The 2 Absolute BEST Sex Positions For 'Curvy Girls'

YourTango - 15 Jun 2017
After the giver has been in this position for a while, he moves the receiver's legs all the way to one side, yet the receiver's torso should stay turned upward toward the giver. The receiver should squeeze the PC muscles of her vagina during the ...
the giver

Crawford Reads 20 aims to raise a community of readers

WBCO - 22 Jun 2017
The initiative is also accepting monetary donations and is currently in the process of becoming a 501c3 organization, so that gifts given are tax-deductible for the giver. Volunteers are also needed to help give away books at the summer lunch sites ...
the giver

The Cheery Ever Oasis Brings Life to Your 3DS

Paste Magazine - 22 Jun 2017
the giver tells you. When you open your menu to read a description of the object, it explains that it grows when placed in water. Talk to Esna with the object in your possession and she exclaims how the sapling would go great near a pool of water. “Hey ...
the giver

A political ploy afloat on the Giver of Joy

Governance Now (blog) - 15 Jun 2017
Literally the Giver of Joy, it is holiest of the holies, as it is the only river that merits parikrama, or circumambulation. The puranas and scriptures record a myriad of legends about it. Adi Shankaracharya in his hymn, Narmadashatakam, says its ...
the giver

You're Only as Wise as the People You Listen To

Beliefnet - 21 Jun 2017
I recently heard two conflicting pieces of marriage advice. The first one said that every time you talk to your spouse on the phone, you finish by saying “I love you.” The second piece of advice said that this was the stupidest thing he'd ever heard.
the giver

Stop blackmailing us in the name of zakat!

DunyaNews Pakistan (blog) - 22 Jun 2017
However, during the last few decades, money dispersed in the name of Zakat has become a liability, a lame pretext, and a psychological threat, whereby the positions previously taken by the giver and the taker stand inverted, not in terms of money but ...
the giver

Local Beat

Corsicana Daily Sun - 22 Jun 2017
Free family movies and popcorn will be held at 1 p.m. featuring “The Giver” at the Corsicana Public Library in the Nancy Robert's meeting room. Guests are encouraged to bring snacks, pillows and drinks. Pop corn will be provided. For more information ...
the giver

Grace and Shame: Two of the World's Most Powerful Forces

National Catholic Register (blog) - 16 Jun 2017
It is a total gift of forgiveness, given solely by the desire of the giver, over and against what we might deserve. It says, “Yes, your mistake and the pain it caused me was not insignificant, but you are more important to me than your transgression. I ...
the giver

WATCH: Philanthropist gives out $100 bills at Western Wall

World Israel News - 30 May 2017
And because we are just doing as G-d commanded us to do the gratitude goes to G-d and not the giver.(Both thank G-d; the giver gives thanks for being able to give and the receiver gives thanks for G-d's generosity.) Interrupting prayers and drawing a ...
the giver

Karin Fuller: Intent of gift is often the greater treasure

Huntington Herald Dispatch - 18 Jun 2017
The intent from the heart of the giver is the true gift, and the present is just part of the packaging." My own daughter is a master at making gifts or finding things secondhand, so Kurt's revelation had not occurred to me. In retrospect, it seems ...
the giver

Fun ride to help Stinton on cancer journey

Le Mars Daily Sentinel - 20 Jun 2017
I'm the giver. I am the one to help, I'm not good at receiving. It actually feels really awkward and somewhat uncomfortable if I'm to be honest,” Stinton said. While she has posted videos on Facebook of her journey, she doesn't necessarily like all the ...
the giver

Miss Manners: Reader gets 'opportunity' to take a pay cut

Washington Post - 06 Jun 2017
A gracious gift, as you say, consults the interests of the recipient more than those of the giver. But a gracious recipient does not argue with the gift-giver, particularly when that person is a close family member. Miss Manners trusts that will be so ...
the giver

Social Security benefits for spouses can pump up household income

Los Angeles Times - 18 Jun 2017
The gift tax rules require givers to file tax returns for gifts in excess of $14,000 per recipient, unless the giver paid medical or tuition expenses directly to a provider (such as a hospital or college). Paying these expenses isn't considered a gift ...

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