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A deep dive into 'The Giver' trailer ('sup, Taylor Swift?)

Entertainment Weekly (blog) - 19 Mar 2014
But now that there's a glut of dystopian YA fiction — both on bookshelves and at multiplexes — a film version of The Giver runs the risk of seeming both generic and derivative… even though its story was written long before Katniss was even a twinkle ...
the giver

Teen of the Week: Williamstown teen finds her outlet performing

Marietta Times - 17 Jan 2018
Photo submitted Julianna Stephens, right, rehearses a scene from the MOVP production of “The Giver” last year. Every young person needs an outlet to help them figure out who they want to be. For Williamstown High School junior Julianna Stephens, that ...
the giver

Running From Capitol Hill to Heartbreak Hill

The Hillishome - 17 Jan 2018
These reactions made me feel as if I'd returned a gift that the giver was sure I'd love. The truth is, the Boston Marathon lives up to the hype and I was fortunate enough to earn a spot and run Boston in 2011. So why didn't I want to run this most ...
the giver

Pastor Column: The giver of the gift

Index-Journal - 13 Jan 2018
I heard a story about a Baptist deacon who just loved the Bible. He constantly read it and studied it, and he developed the unique ability of coming up with a Bible verse for any situation. If it were a joyous occasion or a celebration; or if it was a ...
the giver

Ask Bankable: Is It Ever Okay To Re-Gift?

Forbes - 14 Jan 2018
Know the gift giver. If there's a chance this person is going to ask about the gift they lovingly gave you, make sure you have it on hand and it's easily accessible as proof. Prevent an awkward conversation which could lead to you admitting to them you ...
the giver

How does an investor make money on bonds?

Investopedia (blog) - 16 Jan 2018
If a $2,000 bond is given as a gift, the giver uses only $2,000 of his yearly gift tax exclusion, and the recipient receives more than $2,000 once the bond reaches maturity. Zero-coupon bonds issued in the U.S. retain an original issue discount, or OID ...
the giver

Calendar: Jan. 18-24

Denton Record Chronicle - 18 Jan 2018
Seres, AK'Chamel, the Giver of Illness, Slackbeat 10 p.m. Jan. 26 at Andy's Bar. $5. Metal Shop 10 p.m. Jan. 26 at Rockin' Rodeo. $10. Soul Patrol, Rock 'n' Roll Cannibals, Mr. Breakfast Jan. 26 at Abbey Underground. Record release for Margaret Chavez ...
the giver

Tipping at a restaurant: 'A silent thank you to God for a meal'

Star2.com - 05 Jan 2018
Do Malaysians tip so rarely that it's become a shock to the system when we do? Recently, as I was leaving a beach-front kopitiam in Batu Ferringhi, Penang, I heard a lady calling out to me: “Sir, excuse me, sir.” Turning around, I saw the waitress ...
the giver

Have yourself a dismal Christmas

The Economist - 19 Dec 2017
In buying gifts, people do their best to find something the recipient will appreciate. But, economists assume, people know their own preferences better than others do. The best a gift-giver can hope to do, in terms of making another person better off ...
the giver

Who is the Squeaky Wheel?

http://cbtnews.com/ (press release) - 16 Jan 2018
I am your host, Becky Nixon, and I want to welcome you to today's show. Let's get right to it, we have all heard the cliché, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The meaning, or understood meaning of that saying, seems to be that whoever screams the ...
the giver

Carson: Make a difference in someone's life when you can

Kokomo Tribune - 13 Jan 2018
On the website gotquestions.org, three statements are made about the Widow's Mite: “First, God sees what man overlooks. Second, God's evaluation is different from man's. Third, God commends giving in faith.” The response someone truly in need ...
the giver

Spa City giver joins suit against panhandler ban

Arkansas Online - 16 Jan 2018
HOT SPRINGS -- A Hot Springs Village man who wants to continue giving to panhandlers has joined the lawsuit against an ordinance the American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas argues is unconstitutional. The second amended complaint filed last week ...
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Schwartz, Guenther Leopold

Omaha World-Herald - 13 Jan 2018
Click the link below if you would like to submit an Obituary notice or In-Memoriam ad to our newspaper.. Submit · Facebook · Twitter · Email; Print; Save. Schwartz, Guenther Leopold Mar 11, 1940 - Jan 11, 2018 Survived by wife, Kathryn; as well as ...
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From the archive: What to do if you win a Mega Millions jackpot

Tampabay.com - 12 Jan 2018
Larger gifts must be reported but without any tax burden until the giver hits a lifetime total amount of $5.25 million in reported gifts. Above that, the giver pays federal gift taxes, which run 40 percent right now, the same as inheritance taxes. The ...
the giver

Close to Home for Jan. 13-15

Atlanta Journal Constitution - 12 Jan 2018
Free. Cleveland Avenue Library, 47 Cleveland Ave. SW, Atlanta. Learn to create or update resumes and cover letters. Ages 18 and above. 404-762-4116, afpls.org. 'The Giver' play in Roswell. “The Giver” based on the book by Lois Lowry. 11 a.m. Saturday ...
the giver

Giving and Receiving

HuffPost - 09 Jan 2018
Rebecca O'Dwyer says “Giving feels fantastic and for there to be a Giver, there must be a Receiver, so allowing yourself to receive is an act of love.” Many of us have trouble receiving, even a compliment. We are better at giving. How can we open ...

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