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A deep dive into 'The Giver' trailer ('sup, Taylor Swift?)

Entertainment Weekly (blog) - 19 Mar 2014
But now that there's a glut of dystopian YA fiction — both on bookshelves and at multiplexes — a film version of The Giver runs the risk of seeming both generic and derivative… even though its story was written long before Katniss was even a twinkle ...
the giver

The Giver: From science fiction to nonfiction

Southeast Missourian - 07 Nov 2017
Spoiler Alert: If you have never read The Giver by Lois Lowry and intend to do so, you don't want to read this article. Some science fiction is not so sci-fi-ey anymore. Take "The Giver" by Lois Lowry as an example. When I first started teaching that ...
the giver

Find Joy in The Giver

courierjournal - 14 Nov 2017
Yet, He gave no caution on being poor. Most things in life are not that important. If we let it, the quest to obtain will distract us and divert our attention from the Giver. This Christmas I invite you to look to the Giver and find joy in love ...
the giver

The Giver, a novel idea

Exponent - 02 Nov 2017
It is unusual that one would hear a book being read aloud past primary school age or without earphones via the way of Audible or audio books. You would go into a library or during an exam hear people quietly murmur to themselves because we've all been ...
the giver

ACP Youth Wing to present 'The Giver'

Aiken Standard - 06 Nov 2017
When “The Giver” opens on Wednesday at the Aiken Community Playhouse, it will be a futuristic experience for many who have read the young adult classic. In “The Giver,” adapted by Eric Coble from the Newberry Award-winning book by Lois Lowry and ...
the giver

Author Lois Lowry to speak at UAlbany Nov. 10

Albany Times Union - 02 Nov 2017
"The Giver" is set in a supposedly utopian society ruled by elders who have the power to give jobs to young people when they have reached a certain age. Jonas, the 12-year-old narrator, begins to discover the perfect world as he has known it is not so ...
the giver

How do you grow a Community Fund?

Herald Review - 18 Nov 2017
The Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation is kicking off the “Community Giving to Community” campaign on November 28 to create and build five Community Funds across the local area. Why November 28? Every year, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is ...
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First person: Here's Hope

baptistmessenger.com - 19 Nov 2017
As a Christian, my friend knew in her heart that God is the giver of life, and that she could never have an abortion. So, they chose to put their baby up for adoption. Many women in Oklahoma face unplanned pregnancies each year and, under current laws ...
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Gonzales the giver earns place in GPSA

Pueblo Chieftain - 04 Nov 2017
He perhaps gives more of his time and money to anything Pueblo. And because of that, he'll be enshrined into the Greater Pueblo Sports Association Hall of Fame on Thursday along with 12 others. Gonzales has supported a number of organizations over the ...
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Generous people 'listen to their hearts,' quite literally

Medical News Today - 18 Nov 2017
Much the same as in real-life charity scenarios, there was no way that the receiver of this giving act could penalize the giver in any way, and the giver was assured that they would never meet the receiver. To further evaluate altruism, participants ...
the giver

Shive: Gratitude belongs at the center of prayer

Burlington Times News - 18 Nov 2017
Meister Eckhart is calling on us to recognize the profound truth that gratitude should be at the center of our life of prayer, one of the foundational ways that we relate to God. Gratitude in the Christian tradition points us toward God as the giver of ...
the giver

Pope Francis: homily for World Day of the Poor

Vatican Radio - 19 Nov 2017
When we want to please someone dear to us, for example by giving a gift, we need first to know that person's tastes, lest the gift prove more pleasing to the giver than to the recipient. When we want to offer something to the Lord, we can find his ...
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Tooting your own horn could help others

Daily Globe - 17 Nov 2017
That means when you're at the grocery store and you pay for the person in front of you who doesn't have quite enough money, you benefit (as the giver), the shopper benefits (as the receiver) and the clerk, bagger and anyone else waiting in line all ...
the giver

Being thankful during the holidays and beyond

Weatherford Democrat - 18 Nov 2017
Genuine thankfulness requires thought and action in order to be mutually beneficial to the giver and receiver. Gail Innis from Michigan State University Extension, states that real gratitude of sense of thankfulness begins when we are able to recognize ...
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Lights of Love program Dec. 7

CullmanSense - 19 Nov 2017
Giving a “gift of love” for $20, $40, $60 or more places a light on the Christmas tree as a tribute to someone special to the giver. The gifts are tax-deductible and support the Foundation's mission of advancing healthcare services at Cullman Regional.
the giver

Creating more credit as pancea for Nigeria's economic revolution

New Telegraph Newspaper - 20 Nov 2017
A Credit can be defined as any form of monetary assets passed from one person to another with the aim of repaying the value to the giver at a later date. Therefore, a bank loan is a credit. A purchase of goods and services, not immediately settled, is ...

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