So, Just How Violent Is Lars von Trier's The House That Jack Built -
the house that jack built

Film show: 'RBG', 'Galveston' and 'The House That Jack Built'

FRANCE 24 - 10 Oct 2018
Also, he's never been one to shy away from unsettling material: Lars Von Trier is back with "The House that Jack Built". The film sees Matt Dillon revel in his role as a serial killer. And French actress and director Mélanie Laurent called upon the ...
the house that jack built

Movie Review: The House That Jack Built - PRAGUE.TV

Living Like a Local! - 05 Oct 2018
Riley Keough, the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, turns up later as another acquaintance of Jack's. The scenes with here are the most gritty, and she is the most developed among the female characters. Viewers may remember her from American Honey.
the house that jack built

'The House That Jack Built': een sorry en fuck you tegelijk

De Morgen - 16 Oct 2018
“Om van te kotsen”, “weerzinwekkende rommel”, “een film die nooit gemaakt had mogen worden”. Dat Lars von Trier heel wat festivalgangers in Cannes choqueerde met The House That Jack Built, is een understatement. Dat krijg je wanneer de regisseur van ...
the house that jack built

He won Powerball's $314 million jackpot. It ruined his life.

Washington Post - 24 Oct 2018
He'd built himself a nice life in this patch of West Virginia hard by the Kentucky and Ohio borders. He had a wife and a granddaughter who basked in his attentions, a brick house in a nice subdivision in neighboring Scott Depot, and a water and sewer ...
the house that jack built

DEDfest Offers More than Horror

VUE Weekly - 17 Oct 2018
Three other movies Clayton is excited about are Starfish, The Ranger, and The House That Jack Built. The DEDfest screening will be the Canadian premiere of Starfish. The film stars Virginia Gardner—who is also playing Jamie Lee Curtis' daughter in the ...
the house that jack built

"The House That Jack Built" : le serial killer selon Lars von Trier

Franceinfo - 13 Oct 2018
Fidèle à Cannes depuis son premier film "Element of Crime" (1984), Lars von Trier y a été multi-récompensé, raflant presque tous les prix au fil des années jusqu'à ce qu'il soit persona non grata en 2011, suite à des propos maladroits sur Hitler en ...
the house that jack built

The House that Jack Built reveals posters dark and provocative

The Siver Times - 26 Sep 2018
The House That Jack Built offers to explore the psyche and the work of Jack, the serial killer, megalomaniac, obsessed by the murder of women, the torture, the dismemberment, and a special type of architecture. A subject necessarily difficult for a ...

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