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the identical

'The Identical' review: Elvis script is a bit of a hound dog

SFGate - 05 Sep 2014
Earnest and well-intentioned, "The Identical" is based on a "what if" that straddles the line between ingenious and loopy: Suppose Elvis Presley's stillborn twin had lived, been raised separately and unaware that he had a brother, and eventually turned ...
the identical

'Three Identical Strangers': A true and twisted documentary

USA TODAY - 22 Jun 2018
'Three Identical Strangers': A true and twisted documentary. CLOSE. Bobby, David, and Eddy's spent the first 19 years of their lives not knowing they were triplets. Their story of separation by an adoption agency is even more sinister than it appears.
the identical

Benefit will help family get treatment for twin daughters

Grand Island Independent - 23 Jun 2018
Ever since their birth two years ago, the identical twins have endured repeated hospitalizations, surgeries and tests because of severe digestive problems. This summer, their parents, Brandon and Raeliegh Pacheco, will meet with doctors at Boston ...
the identical

Don Bonnell

Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette - 23 Jun 2018
Mr. Bonnell was born in Urbana at Mercy Hospital on April 22, 1933, the identical twin of Dean Bonnell. He was quiet and stoic as he succumbed to cancer without agreeing to chemotherapy. For 43 years, he and his surviving life partner, Jim Nelson ...
the identical

Dreamworld: 'Almost identical' accident happened two years earlier

Radio New Zealand - 22 Jun 2018
Barrister Steven Whybrow, for Kate Goodchild and Luke Dorsett, told the court it was "an almost identical incident of rafts coming into contact" after a pump had gone off. "I'll suggest this is what apparently had occurred," Mr Whybrow said. "The ...
the identical

Identical twins whose paths were interlocked until death

The Standard - 20 Jun 2018
By a twist of fate, identical twins Carol Gakii and Christine Gatwiri never left each other's side. Even when the cruel hand of death struck a fortnight ago, the two inseparable sisters were together. The twins, born on October 10, 1996, were killed on ...
the identical

Identical twins in jail after alleged Fulton crime spree

Atlanta Journal Constitution - 18 Jun 2018
Two brothers accused of at least seven robberies across metro Atlanta in May are no ordinary criminals: they're identical twins. Marquavious and Juntavious Burton, 20, were arrested in early June. According to Fulton County jail records, the twins have ...

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