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the normal heart

Normal Heart Rate, Body Temperature, & Respiration For Dogs

DogTime - 01 Sep 2017
What is a dog's normal resting heart rate? What should a dog's body temperature be? Is your dog breathing too fast? These are questions you may be wondering about if your dog is feeling under the weather and your need a frame of reference or if you ...
the normal heart

Small heart pumps helped to save Lourdes patient's life

Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - 26 Sep 2017
LuJeana Brooks of Paducah had open heart surgery six years ago, and with regular checkups, therapy and medication, she was feeling pretty strong and had long ago resumed a normal routine. In the very early morning of July 1 that all changed suddenly.
the normal heart

Woman has heart attack while visiting relative at hospital

Elizabethtown News Enterprise - 26 Sep 2017
When it comes to a heart attack or your heart, don't risk it,” Goodman said. Even though heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the United States, women often chalk up the symptoms to less life-threatening conditions such as acid reflux, the flu ...
the normal heart

Pain an indicator of big problems

Marquette Mining Journal - 26 Sep 2017
The heart rate was normal and there were no murmurs, he noticed. An electrocardiogram showed only subtle changes in the electrical activity of Albert's heart. This could be consistent with a heart attack, the doctor thought, or not. A lab technician ...
the normal heart

Arterial fibrillation a scary, but manageable condition

Pueblo Chieftain - 19 Sep 2017
Persistent: With this type of atrial fibrillation, your heart rhythm doesn't go back to normal on its own. Persistent atrial fibrillation requires treatment, such as electrical shock or medications to restore normal heart rhythm. Long-standing ...
the normal heart

Badger: Cassini's 'death' reminds us of our own lives

Florida Today - 26 Sep 2017
Once thought to be unchangeable, about 1 percent turn over yearly for young adults, slowing to about half that when you are old. Yet fewer than 50 percent of cardiomyocytes are replaced in a normal lifespan. In Wordsworth's “My Heart Leaps Up” (or “The ...
the normal heart

Too much manganese may lead to fatal heart infection

Medical News Today - 22 Sep 2017
Prof. Skaar told Medical News Today that he and his colleagues analyzed "the impact of multiple metal deficiencies and excess on S. aureus infection" in mice. They fed a group of mice three times more manganese than the normal amount, and another group ...
the normal heart

Farmer survives nail gun shot into his heart

WTOL.com - 26 Sep 2017
Life is returning to normal at Bergeson Farms, and Doug Bergeson is back to working his three jobs. He is sleeping only a few hours a night, yet still making time for the little things like spoiling Albert the duck. The pet duck prefers someone hold an ...
the normal heart

Is Oxygen Really Necessary?

TAPinto.net - 26 Sep 2017
An oxygen saturation between 90% and 100% is normal while a saturation below 90% is considered low. Low oxygen saturation, or hypoxemia, causes shortness of breath, an increased heart rate and it can be very dangerous. To treat hypoxemia, oxygen ...
the normal heart

BCCC To Hold Free Movie Series On Health, Wellness Issues

Patch.com - 21 Sep 2017
NEWTOWN, PA — There will be free movies on Mondays each month this fall at Bucks County Community College as part of the Bucks Live! series. The movies will be centered on vital health and wellness topics and will be followed by Q & A sessions with ...
the normal heart

Margaret Cho Riffs on Parents, Politics, and Personal Demons

WUNC - 23 Sep 2017
They're crushed. They've been crushed. They're always crushed. No, but they, I mean and the thing is that that's how they remember the AIDS crisis. And it's not exactly “The Normal Heart,” but, it's true for them. [This interview has been edited and ...
the normal heart

Will the Old Gay Play Have Something New to Say?

New York Times - 07 Sep 2017
In the plague years that followed, the theater naturally reframed gay life in a context of existential danger. Larry Kramer's 1985 AIDS drama “The Normal Heart” detonated like an improvised explosive device, but quieter treatments of the disease, like ...
the normal heart

Boone's journey

Petoskey News-Review - 22 Sep 2017
“His heart is always working three times that of a normal heart,” Mandy said. “It will eventually weaken because it's working so hard all the time.” Boone's mother took to the internet and came across a Williams' syndrome website and social media group ...

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