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the purge anarchy

'The Purge: Anarchy': What the Critics Are Saying

Hollywood Reporter - 17 Jul 2014
But The Purge: Anarchy is still just an excuse to bombard us with high-powered weaponry, armored vehicles, vigilantes and masked marauders in creepy Joker-like makeup. ... Will its makers be responsible if someone goes on a rampage while wearing a ...
the purge anarchy

'The First Purge' Will Bring Anarchy To Halloween Horror Nights

Forbes - 12 Jul 2018
Universal Studios Hollywood will bear witness to The First Purge with an all-new Halloween Horror Nights maze based on the latest installment in the franchise. The recreation of the movie, currently in theaters, will see murder, mayhem and pandemonium ...
the purge anarchy

Making America Gory Again: how the Purge films troll Trumpism

The Guardian - 04 Jul 2018
The Purge, released the year before, was a low-budget, high-concept home invasion horror, but since then – with a fourth film opening today and a television series on the way – the franchise has become increasingly political and provocative, with box ...
the purge anarchy

Purge and Purify: Looking Back on 'The Purge: Anarchy'

TVOvermind - 07 Jul 2018
Although the first Purge movie (not to be confused by the latest franchise installment, The First Purge (2018)) was ultimately a bad movie with a great premise, based on its bankable premise, low budget and savvy distribution, it turned an insane ...
the purge anarchy

'The First Purge' Review: So On the Nose It's Boring

Film School Rejects - 14 Jul 2018
The Purge franchise — The Purge (2013), The Purge: Anarchy (2014), The Purge: Election Year (2016) — has never been all that interested in subtlety as writer/director James DeMonaco has again and again blended heavy commentaries on class and race ...
the purge anarchy

What would you do during the Purge?

The Verge - 03 Jul 2018
But the films are also cynical satires about the corruption and indifference of a government that's really out to secretly purge the most vulnerable members of society — predominantly poor and working-class people of color. 2014's The Purge: Anarchy ...
the purge anarchy

First Purge pays penalty as World Cup destroys cinema box office

The Guardian - 10 Jul 2018
For comparison, 2016's The Purge: Election Year began with £808,000 in the UK; 2014's The Purge: Anarchy with £1.17m (almost identical to The First Purge) and 2013's The Purge with £1.02m. The highest final total for the franchise so far is The Purge: ...
the purge anarchy

Box Office: 'The First Purge' Earns $9.33M On Independence Day

Forbes - 05 Jul 2018
Of note, The Purge earned 14.9% of its $16.775 million Friday opening day gross via its Thursday previews back in June 2013. The Purge: Anarchy earned 20% of its $13m opening day via Thursday previews in July 2014, while The Purge: Election Year ...
the purge anarchy

Movie Review: B-Movie Thrills Get Political in 'The First Purge'

Seven Days - 11 Jul 2018
The first movie, set in a gated suburban community, never clarified exactly how the Purge was supposed to make the nation healthier and wealthier. Moving to inner-city settings, The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year gradually revealed what ...
the purge anarchy

What's on TV Tuesday: 'The Comedy Lineup' and 'The Purge'

New York Times - 03 Jul 2018
It's followed by the sequel THE PURGE: ANARCHY at 8, which, in her review for The Times, Manohla Dargis called a “satisfyingly creepy, blunt, down-and-dirty thriller, one of those follow-ups that improves on the original.” Those planning to go to ...
the purge anarchy

Granger at the Movies: 'Whitney,' 'The Seagull,' 'The First Purge'

Westport Now - 16 Jul 2018
Sloppily scripted as an origin story by James DeMonaco and haphazardly directed by Gerard McMurray, it's the fourth film in the action/horror/thriller franchise that started with “The Purge” (2013), followed by “The Purge: Anarchy” (2014) and “The ...
the purge anarchy

Let's Recap the Twisted Mythology of The Purge

Vulture - 02 Jul 2018
In 2014's Anarchy, the plot thickens. We're now focused on a man set to avenge the death of his son, a pair of motorists stranded in downtown L.A. after their car breaks down, and a mother and daughter who escape a kidnapping by a Purge hunting party.

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