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the very first gentleman

Oklahoma's first gentleman: Governor has much to be proud of

NewsOK.com - 04 Nov 2018
Through her hard work, long hours and tackling tough issues, and a very aggressive effort to bring jobs and companies to our economy with a business-friendly climate, Oklahoma can be very proud to have one of the lowest state unemployment rates in the ...
the very first gentleman

How Green Book Became Awards Season Gold

Vogue.com - 15 Nov 2018
“I am of a very small group of black men in this country [who] have a voice and a different degree of access, and opportunity that so many of us don't have,” he said. “So however hard something is ...
the very first gentleman

Joe Hildebrand: The problem with the new wave of terrorism

NEWS.com.au - 17 Nov 2018
So it was with the horrifying attack in Melbourne last week, when a randomly radicalised thug took a knife and plunged it into the first innocent human he could – indeed, by all accounts a human who had actually gone to help him. How horrible it must ...
the very first gentleman

Here's What It's Actually Like To Be A Librarian

BuzzFeed News - 17 Nov 2018
People are very surprised to learn that some of us calmly call 911 on a semi-regular basis.” —Amy D. “I dealt with a masturbator my first day, a fight on my second; I've had a patron pull a knife on me, been called lots of names — and I hold two ...
the very first gentleman

First Man review – an inner space odyssey

The Guardian - 14 Oct 2018
Adapted from James R Hansen's book by Spotlight screenwriter Josh Singer, First Man's 60s-set narrative essentially picks up from Philip Kaufman's 1983 adaptation of Tom Wolfe's The Right Stuff. Indeed, there's at least one shot that seems very ...
the very first gentleman

'First Man': The Biggest Quiet Movie Ever Made

The Ringer (blog) - 11 Oct 2018
That's all we can hear when Damien Chazelle's First Man reaches its final destination. It happens on the moon, where there is no sound, only sensory-commandeering blackness all around. For eight minutes, there's hardly anything but the lunar surface ...

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