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the very first gentleman

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Recap: The World's First Gay Guido

Vulture - 21 Sep 2018
Ladies and gentlemen, almost a decade into studying guidos and guidettes in the wild in the greatest sociological experiment of our time, it is rare that we see something entirely new and undocumented. Welcome Joey, who is certified as the world's very ...
the very first gentleman

For Hackers, Anonymity Was Once Critical. That's Changing.

New York Times - 22 Sep 2018
After enjoying years of online anonymity, the hacker known as Grifter was unmasked by a less-than-scrupulous spouse. “Hey, Neil!” his wife called out at him, absent-mindedly, from across a crowded room, while accompanying him (for the very first time ...
the very first gentleman

Thug gouged man's EYEBALL out in sickening attack

Daily Star - 22 Sep 2018
Jane Foley, defending, said: "He suffers from learning difficulties and he has had a very troubled upbringing and struggles with his emotions and tends to act without thinking. "Since his remand in custody he has become a father for the first time and ...
the very first gentleman

Are Narcissists More Likely to Experience Imposter Syndrome?

Scientific American (blog) - 12 Sep 2018
On my second or third night there, I was standing at the back of the hall, while a musical entertainment happened, and I started talking to a very nice, polite, elderly gentleman about several things, including our shared first name. And then he ...
the very first gentleman

Chas & Dave singer Chas Hodges dies aged 74

Sky News - 22 Sep 2018
#ChasandDave #Rockney." Radio DJ and TV presenter Iain Lee said: "Absolutely gutted about @ChasnHodges passing. "Was always a real gentleman to me and very generous with his time. Absolutely one of the best. Played piano at Eric Clapton's wedding ...
the very first gentleman

TIFF 2018 Movie Round-Up and Oscar Chances

Den of Geek US - 18 Sep 2018
Still, with over 20 movies sampled, here were our thoughts on some of the great (and not-so-great) movie offerings from the rest of 2018, as well as our early and entirely speculative awards bellwether measurements for each picture. ...
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The Twenty-Five-Year Journey of Magic: The Gathering

The New Yorker - 28 Aug 2018
Like the misfit musicians who bought the Velvet Underground's first album, the young kids of the seventies who pored over the first set of D. & D. manuals all went out to make their own games. The ideas that bubbled up in the following decade flowed in ...
the very first gentleman

Every Episode of Sports Night, Ranked

Vulture - 21 Sep 2018
But he was still relatively young to both of those fields — his breakthrough play, A Few Good Men, had debuted less than a decade earlier, and its film adaptation (his first screenplay) premiered in 1992. He was an outright newcomer to television, and ...

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