The Walk is a 2015 American 3D biographical drama film directed... -
the walk (2015 film)

The Walk is a 2015 American 3D biographical drama film directed...

wikipedia - 18 Sep 2016
The Walk is a 2015 American 3D biographical drama film directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Christopher Browne and Zemeckis. It is based on the story of 24-year-old French high-wire artist Philippe Petit's walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on August 7, 1974. The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ben Kingsley, Charlotte Le Bon, James Badge Dale, Ben Schwartz and Steve Valentine.
the walk (2015 film)

Sundance Film Review: 'Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot'

Variety - 20 Jan 2018
Coming off a run of some of the most disappointing films in his career (the absolute nadir being 2015's treacly self-help lesson “The Sea of Trees”), Van Sant has rebounded with one of his best, a life-affirming sweet-and-sour concoction that recalls ...
the walk (2015 film)

Film honors a heroic AIDS physician in Salt Lake City

The Park Record - 17 Jan 2018
But as a gay man in 2015, he understood the extraordinary courage it must have taken to defy the fear and bigotry that caused many of those patients — especially in Utah's predominantly Mormon culture — to be cast aside in that dark time. "I didn't ...
the walk (2015 film)

Costumes cloaked 'Beautiful Creatures'

Post-Bulletin - 20 Jan 2018
Klisavage was able to get those pieces in 2015 from California around the time that the film premiered. "What happens a lot of time, the costumes are sold just prior to or before the movie launches because studios don't know how it will do at the box ...
the walk (2015 film)

Beirut Art Center

E-Flux - 21 Jan 2018
Knots (walks) Mexico (2006) produces its own code of registering the incidents of a walk: the small reactions, movements and accidents that happen to the stroller. These notes are written with different knots accompanied by their translation on a sheet ...
the walk (2015 film)

Ghosts of Kitsap

The Register-Guard - 21 Jan 2018
What difference would it make to them? As for scary Type C ghosts, Port Gamble has romanticized its share of those simply by the number of horror films made there. Mostly zombie movies and the like. However, Orbea told me of another Type B incident ...
the walk (2015 film)

30 international artists to track in 2018

Daily Review - 19 Jan 2018
Jasmila Žbanić is a Bosnian film director and screenwriter whose films have won numerous awards, including the Golden Bear and Sarajevo Film Festival Human Rights Award. Regarding her latest work on the 1995 Srebenica massacre, she says, “We all have ...
the walk (2015 film)

Joplin's Memorial Education Center celebrates centennial

Joplin Globe - 21 Jan 2018
Today, the building serves as the location of the school district's administrative offices. That move was made in 2015, after administrators had been uprooted from their base at 15th Street and Connecticut Avenue because of the 2011 tornado and had ...
the walk (2015 film)

Every Stephen King Movie and TV Series in Development

Den of Geek US - 04 Jan 2018
Being part of a series of pulp books, King puts on his retro hat to spin out a yarn that takes places in 1973. Devin Jones is a college student who takes a job at Joyland, a carnival with a dark legacy. Devin is quickly thrust into a whodunit, as he ...
the walk (2015 film)

Molly's Game producers to tackle Aaron Hernandez story

Looper - 17 Jan 2018
He even walked back and forth a few times and did tricks, just as it occurs in Robert Zemeckis' The Walk from 2015. We're not trying to take anything away from what is probably the gutsiest stunt ever done. There was even a documentary done a few years ...
the walk (2015 film)

More Romanian films enter 2018 Berlinale sections - 19 Jan 2018
12:08 East of Bucharest received the Caméra d'Or debut award at the Cannes film festival and the Label Europa Cinémas distribution award. In 2015, his feature Comoara/ The Treasure received the A Certain Talent Prize of the Un Certain Regard section of ...
the walk (2015 film)

Dave Krieger: Revenge of the ex-cons

Boulder Daily Camera - 21 Jan 2018
"I witnessed, in real time, how badly Ms. Clare was treated by her male superiors in 2015. Through it all, in the true spirit of the original Conference on World Affairs, she was the epitome of professionalism and grace under fire. As to the university ...
the walk (2015 film)

Fresh air for sale

The Guardian - 21 Jan 2018
In June 2015 Vitality Air sold its first canister. A few months later the company received an order for 5,000 cans, which were shipped exclusively to cities in China. As media attention grew, so did orders. Lam began to field calls from customers in ...
the walk (2015 film)

Put Down That Beer and Celebrate Bellingham Cocktail Week - 21 Jan 2018
Whole Foods Market will sponsor an industry appreciation brunch on February 6 and provide ingredients for a garnish competition as part of February's Art Walk, where several downtown bars will compete to create the prettiest drink. People can sip the ...
the walk (2015 film)

Column: Will DGA & Oscars address lack of women directing nominees?

WTOP - 10 Jan 2018
In November, Greta Gerwig created a coming-of-age masterpiece in “Lady Bird,” her solo directorial debut after penning and starring in Noah Baumbach's “Frances Ha” (2012) and “Mistress America” (2015). It may be the best film to capture the Millennial ...

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