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Once again, a major death becomes 'The Walking Dead'

CNN - 26 Feb 2018
Alas, praising the episode's highlights comes with a disclaimer, as those gauzy images of Rick in a calm, idyllic-looking flash-forward came with a surprising addition: Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), his mortal enemy, playfully interacting with Rick's ...
the walking dead

'The Walking Dead' Boss Teases Richonne Baby

Comicbook.com - 22 Oct 2018
Judith Grimes could be getting a new brother or sister on The Walking Dead after parents Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) fooled around when talk turned to ways to build for the future. The idea of Rick and Michonne having a ...
the walking dead

This yard in Pewaukee looks like a live scene from the 'Walking Dead'

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 22 Oct 2018
CITY OF PEWAUKEE - People around Lake Country are in for a real treat when they drive past Geno Fleming's house anytime in October. Fleming, who lives at N40 W247478 Glacier Road, prides himself on his spooky yard, which this year is filled with nearly ...
the walking dead

Scott Wilson of 'The Walking Dead' Remembered at Memorial

Variety - 21 Oct 2018
Scott Wilson, an acting veteran of half a century who was a high-profile member “The Walking Dead” cast, was remembered warmly at memorial ceremonies Saturday at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. Wilson died at the age of 76 after a battle with leukemia on ...
the walking dead

Is The Walking Dead's 'Final Warning' a sign of The Whisperers?

cleveland.com - 21 Oct 2018
CLEVELAND, Ohio - A clip previewing the opening minutes of tonight's "The Walking Dead" episode not only reveals a huge spoiler for last week's cliffhanger. It also may point to the arrival a new villain. [SPOILERS for tonight's episode, "Warning Signs ...
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The walking dead give Morenci a good run

Eastern Arizona Courier - 23 Oct 2018
Last weekend, Morenci's walking dead gathered at the Veterans Memorial ball fields for a ghoulish time. Morenci Community Services hosted the run, writing, “Get prepared for the zombie apocalypse by being chased by some of our very own terrifying ...
the walking dead

'The Walking Dead's Sydney Park Breaks Down Shocking Episode Ending

Comicbook.com - 22 Oct 2018
The Walking Dead 903, “Warning Signs,” ended with the shocking revelation that Cyndie (Sydney Park) and her tribe of Oceansiders were covertly murdering Saviors, culminating with the execution of Arat (Elizabeth Ludlow) — revenge for the murders of ...
the walking dead

AMC show 'The Walking Dead' makes nod to Glass City

WTOL - 20 Oct 2018
TOLEDO (WTOL) - Are you a fan of “The Walking Dead?” Well, your favorite show could be hitting a little closer to home. This picture of a sign pointing towards Toledo is from last Sunday's “Talking Dead” episode, a show on AMC, hosted by Chris Hardwick ...
the walking dead

Afternoon of the walking dead

KTIV - 21 Oct 2018
But don't worry, the walking dead were in town for a good cause. On Saturday, Siouxlanders gathered for the second annual Zombie Walk, held at Western Iowa Tech. Volunteers helped with makeup and costumes to make the frightful experience that much ...

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