Box Office: Kevin Hart's 'Think Like A Man Too' Tops With $12.2M Friday -
think like a man too

Just Like a Rock Star

Bleacher Report - 16 Jan 2018
He knows what you might think, looking at his life. How could this dude ever not be happy? Well, around Sochi, he wasn't. He'd lost his joy, and it was as if he were losing a superpower. It happened quickly and seemed to come out of nowhere. He'd met ...
think like a man too

Aziz, We Tried to Warn You

New York Times - 17 Jan 2018
In 2015, two years before Ansari stuck his fingers in a woman's mouth who'd just told him “no, I don't think I'm ready to do this,” according to the woman's account, which was published this past weekend, Kate Harding published “Asking for It: The ...
think like a man too

HIS SPORTING LIFE: Mike Dean is a man to cherish

NW Evening Mail - 18 Jan 2018
And while the honking geese of Arsenal Fan TV and their like might imagine him as a 'man on the grassy knoll'-type bogeyman trying to bring them down, Dean is actually someone whose presence in the Premier League we should cherish. You only have to ...
think like a man too

The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari

The Atlantic - 15 Jan 2018
You're just too old. This was my experience reading the account of one young woman's alleged sexual encounter with Aziz Ansari, published by the website Babe this weekend. The world in which it constituted an episode of sexual assault was so far from ...
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I advertised for a man to get me pregnant - then I fell in love

BBC News - 16 Jan 2018
"I was worried a 50-50 split would soon become 70-30 in their favour," she says. She then started chatting to a single man on the website, until an insurmountable barrier got in the way - Brexit. "He voted to leave Europe and I'm very much for remain ...
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If You Give a Man a Modicum of Power

The New Yorker (satire) - 23 Dec 2017
When the blinds have been installed, he'll say something sort of messed up, like, “Do you think these block sound, too?” to which the delivery guy will laugh awkwardly but then drive home wondering if he was complicit in something weird. Once the blind ...
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Donald Trump's Very 1990s Tabloid Scandal

The Atlantic - 18 Jan 2018
Nothing like a good old-fashioned Donald Trump tabloid scandal. And if that's not 1990s enough for you, this time it's a presidential sex scandal, too. The celebrity gossip magazine InTouch Weekly says it's planning to run an extensive interview ...
think like a man too

The 'Phantom Thread' Score Is Like Its Own Coming-of-Age Story

Noisey - 17 Jan 2018
I wouldn't go so far as to call this film a coming-of-age story—Alma's character is too firmly in her twenties for that—but it's a study in what real vulnerability feels like, and how each of us can unravel when we truly submit to someone else that ...
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Margaret Court Arena

Australian Open - 18 Jan 2018
But you just have to hydrate well, try not to play too long – which was not the way today. “I served every well in the first round but Denis, he just played extraordinary. I think he's full of confidence – he's won four matches already. And then ...

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