Box Office: Kevin Hart's 'Think Like A Man Too' Tops With $12.2M Friday -
think like a man too

One Man's Self-Imposed News 'Blockade'

New York Times - 17 Mar 2018
Re “The Man Who Knew Too Little” (Sunday Styles, March 11):. I am not writing to disparage the choices made by Erik Hagerman in “taking a break” from reading the news since the election of Donald Trump. We do what we need to do to save ourselves. His ...
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'Goosebumps' Sequel Sets Ensemble Cast

Variety - 23 Feb 2018
After breaking out as Ben in New Line's “It,” Taylor has recently been working on a series for Snapchat with James Corden. He is repped by Geoffry Oblath of Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer Austen Mandelbaum Morris & Klein, and by Paradigm. Harris ...
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Why can't a man be more like a woman? - 14 Mar 2018
While the U.S.A. agonizes over whether a woman, in the words of Professor Henry Higgins, the domineering character in My Fair Lady, can “be more like a man,” we have had two female presidents. One would think the current Philippine head of state ...
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The Man Behind the UMBC Athletics Twitter: Zach Seidel

SLAM Online - 17 Mar 2018
The University of Maryland, Baltimore County was the focus of the basketball world when it became the first-ever 16-seed to defeat a 1-seed in the NCAA Tournament when it upended Virginia 74-54 Friday night and it was the holding center-court of the ...
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Forgiving Jimmy Kimmel

The Atlantic - 02 Mar 2018
He did the same thing this year, after the mass murders in Parkland: “If you don't think we need to do something about it,” Kimmel said, of the gun violence, “you're obviously mentally ill.” It's fitting, in that sense, that Kimmel will, for the second ...
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Think Too Much: 'Exaggerated' video deserves a sequel

Albany Democrat Herald - 18 Mar 2018
The dome of the Capitol building, which always looked to me like the cap on a bottle of laundry detergent, now actually is the cap of a bottle of detergent, and the golden Oregon Pioneer is doing the laundry because it's about time that a man did some ...
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A history of violence: Reckoning with male rage

The Globe and Mail - 17 Mar 2018
Something like 67 per cent of men and 62 per cent of women have thought about killing someone at least once, most of the time because they – we – are angry. When men do this, we're more likely to fantasize about it in more detail and for longer periods ...
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How Do I Deal with My Anger Toward Men?

New York Times - 13 Mar 2018
Steve Almond: Your letter made me think of James Baldwin's famous formulation that to be African-American in this country “and to be relatively conscious, is to be in a rage almost all the time.” You have every right to be angry with men who have ...
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Putin's message: If you don't like 'a strong Russia', then leave

The Sydney Morning Herald - 17 Mar 2018
Moscow: During a recent record snowfall, Muscovites discovered the quickest way to get the municipal workers to come and clear their yards was to spray paint the name “Navalny” on the snowdrifts. Promptly, men in padded jackets would arrive to shovel ...
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'SNL' Takes Aim at Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson

New York Times - 18 Mar 2018
And the next day, you get fired by a man who used to sell steaks in the mail.” So saying, the drinking glass Goodman had been gripping tensely exploded in his bare hand. For further analysis, Moffat brought out Armisen, who played the “Fire and Fury ...
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The problem with pornography: What happened to shame? - 18 Mar 2018
There have been phases when porn has been considered acceptable and when porn has been much less acceptable. Context matters too, of course. When I was at university in the 1980s, there was a strong anti-porn line on campus, informed by thinkers like ...
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LA rapper Drakeo the Ruler is a man in demand

Los Angeles Times - 09 Mar 2018
"It was just like boot camp in there, y'know?" Major labels are frantically bidding to sign him. Pitchfork recently raved about his "mixture of [L.A.'s] street-rap traditions and … colorful fringe elements [that] makes for a strange, irresistible ...

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