Box Office: Kevin Hart's 'Think Like A Man Too' Tops With $12.2M Friday -
think like a man too

Panthers' new owner David Tepper not like the man he replaces

ESPN (blog) - 23 May 2018
"I think my mom is a little happy about today," he said of her being present for him getting his honorary doctorate at Carnegie. "But my mom sometimes can be a pain in the butt. I'm sure your parents can be, too. But there's nobody more on earth that I ...
think like a man too

'Now That's a Man'

Wabash College - 24 May 2018
“I think he can be an All-American if he keeps the chip on his shoulder all the way through,” Head Track and Field Coach Clyde Morgan said. Jones doesn't give up when it gets hard. He never has. Not when he grew up ...
think like a man too

The Truth About How Men Behave When You're A Female Solo Traveler

HuffPost - 23 May 2018
Sit like a man, talk like a man, burp even. Do absolutely no flirting whatsoever and square up when you talk to them like a football player would. Done correctly, this powerful nonverbal message leads to them treating you like one of the boys instead ...
think like a man too

Jordan Peterson Seems Like a Terrible Therapist

Slate Magazine - 22 May 2018
Before Jordan Peterson became infamous as the favorite intellectual of the men's rights movement, he was a psychology professor at the University of Toronto with a thriving private practice. Peterson closed ...
think like a man too

Why it took 383 days to find a man dead in his own living room - 23 May 2018
Instead, one of Chuck's son's, Brian Frary, told 9Wants to Know a man who identified himself as Mike Galusha was the first person to inform Chuck's children that the 68-year-old was missing or may be dead. “He knocked on my door like at 9 o'clock at night.
think like a man too

Breaking In

750 KXL - 11 May 2018
In Brief: Breaking In is one you've seen a bunch of times. All that's different is the location and the characters. Breaking In casts Gabrielle Union (TV's Being Mary Jane, Think Like a Man Too) as Shaun. Her father has died — murdered actually — and ...
think like a man too

3 Married Men on Taking Their Wife's Last Name

The Cut - 24 May 2018
I think it upset my dad a bit, not that we talked about his feelings. I try not to be too showy about it because I know that it's almost like a weird pickup line. But when I do tell someone it always turns into a conversation. I think of my wife ...
think like a man too

Is this woman too much a man? Track's powers that be think so

USA TODAY - 08 May 2018
Caster Semenya is a woman who is too much a man, according to new wrongheaded rules in track and field. The South African runner moved up to gold in the women's 800 meters after the 2012 London Games because the Russian winner was caught ...
think like a man too

Flavio Manzoni: The man who made modern Ferrari

The Globe and Mail - 24 May 2018
I think design is applied art. For me, there is a distinction between design and styling. If you work on a shape, trying to emphasize certain lines because you want to achieve a fashionable effect, this is styling. And this doesn't fit the Ferrari ...
think like a man too

How Donald Glover became the man of the moment

New Zealand Herald - 23 May 2018
"I immediately called my dad." He leans forward. "I wasn't allowed to tell anybody. They were like, 'Do not tell anybody. It's top secret!' And I was like, 'Absolutely.' Then I immediately called my dad." He laughs. "It was like a dream. And now it's ...

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