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Tibetan mastiff twins sell for record-breaking $3 million in China

Christian Science Monitor - 04 Apr 2018
One of the twins — a golden-haired Tibetan mastiff — was sold for $12 million yuan, and his red-haired brother went for $6 million yuan. Zhang said the buyer, from eastern Shandong province, paid him the 18 million yuan with his credit card. Zhang ...
tibetan mastiff

Where the Wild—and Dangerous—Dogs Roam

Tufts Now - 20 Jul 2018
When Yang Yu, VG16, arrived in the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in southern Qinghai, China, the first thing she noticed was the dogs. Huge and black with thick ruffs of fur like lions' manes, Tibetan mastiffs were everywhere. Many were leashed ...
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Cairo zoo denies painting a donkey and passing it off as a zebra

SFGate - 27 Jul 2018
It remains to be seen whether a potentially painted donkey will cause the kind of stir created five years ago when a Chinese zoo claimed to house a lion, when the animal in the lion's cage was, in fact, a dog. (To be fair, it was a Tibetan mastiff, and ...
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Cairo zoo denies zebra actually painted donkey

The Columbian - 30 Jul 2018
In 2009, after two zebras died of starvation in a Gaza zoo, the owner painted two white donkeys with black stripes in a bid to pass them off as zebras. “The first time we used paint, but it didn't look good,” Nidal Barghouthi, son of the zoo's owner ...
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Family gives up 'puppy' that turned out to be black bear

UPI.com - 15 May 2018
Su Yun, who lives in a village near Kunming, Yunnan province, said her family bought what they thought was a Tibetan mastiff puppy in 2016 and were quickly surprised at how much the apparent canine ate -- a box of fruit and two buckets of noodles per day.
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Five-year-old boy savaged by Tibetan mastiff in China

South China Morning Post - 06 Dec 2017
Originally used as guard dogs for livestock and property, the Tibetan mastiff was developed centuries ago to help nomadic families during the harsh winters in the high-altitude grasslands of western China. The dogs can weigh up to 95kg and stand almost ...
tibetan mastiff

Woman Discovers That Her Pet Tibetan Mastiff Was Actually A Black Bear

The Hollywood Unlocked (blog) - 15 May 2018
According to the Daily Mail UK, Ms. Su purchased a puppy during her vacation two years ago and thought the puppy was a Tibetan Mastiff. As the “dog” began to grow, she discovered that the animal grew into a 440-pound Asiatic Black Bear. Su decided to ...
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Pet dog raised by family for two years turns out to be black bear

KHQ Right Now - 16 May 2018
After purchasing what they thought was a Tibetan Mastiff while on vacation, it wasn't until two years later that the couple realized they had actually purchased a bear, according to the newspaper, The Independent. The couple says that from day one they ...
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This Dog Breed Has Sold for Over a Million Dollars Multiple Times

Yahoo Finance - 30 Jun 2018
No matter how much your furry friend costs, though, you probably won't pay as much as one wealthy Chinese businessman, who coughed up nearly $2 million for a Tibetan mastiff at a “luxury pet” fair in 2014, according to the Qianjiang Evening News.
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Can People Really Mistake a Bear for a Dog, as This Family Claims?

National Geographic - 16 May 2018
This week, news of a family in China who had allegedly thought they had adopted a Tibetan mastiff was circulating after it was revealed that the dog was, in fact, an Asiatic black bear. The family, who had raised the bear for two years on boxes of ...
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Evo wins at Westminster

Northwest Georgia News - 19 Feb 2018
A pup with a local connection won big at the latest American Kennel Club Westminster Dog Show this past week, and was featured on the annual broadcast. The AKC Champion and bronze grand champion whose full name is Dreamcatcher Cairbre To Lokis ...
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Eight-month-old baby dies after Tibetan Mastiff attack in Hanoi

VietNamNet Bridge - 20 Jul 2018
"The family said that she was attacked by their 40-kilo Tibetan Mastiff while playing alone with it," Khanh said. "The mother only noticed it when hearing her cry and was also bitten on the hand while trying to save her from the dog." The doctor warned ...
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These Cuddly Lapdogs Were Once Used as Stealth Weapons

National Geographic - 24 Feb 2018
View Images. Tibetan mastiffs are closely related to the Labrador retriever, a North American breed. Photograph by Robert Clark, National Geographic Creative. Tibetan mastiffs are heftier than shar-peis and chows, with males weighing up to 160 pounds.
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Puppy grows into a huge black bear, surprising Chinese family

BNQT - 15 May 2018
While on vacation in 2016, a Chinese woman bought the family a Tibetan mastiff puppy they discovered for sale on the side of the road. Or at least she thought she bought a Tibetan mastiff. But as the pet kept growing and started showing a talent for ...
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Top 2017 stories: Abandoned Tibetan mastiffs

thethirdpole.net - 25 Dec 2017
The Tibetan mastiff, a breed of sheepdog native to the highlands, has long been kept by nomadic households as a loyal guardian of family and livestock against potential threats. The massive dogs, some weighing as much as 70 kg, are fierce companions.

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