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Tibetan mastiff twins sell for record-breaking $3 million in China

Christian Science Monitor - 19 Mar 2014
One of the twins — a golden-haired Tibetan mastiff — was sold for $12 million yuan, and his red-haired brother went for $6 million yuan. Zhang said the buyer, from eastern Shandong province, paid him the 18 million yuan with his credit card. Zhang ...
tibetan mastiff

Evo wins at Westminster

Northwest Georgia News - 19 Feb 2018
Professional handler Tony Carter, and co-breeders Debbie Slayton and Cedartown Pet Boutique owner Audrey Lee took Best of Breed for Tibetan Mastiff "Evo" at the Westminster Dog Show last week. (Contributed photo). A pup with a local connection won big ...
tibetan mastiff

Pets, Pets, Pets

Massapequa Post - 22 Feb 2018
Meanwhile, Bear a 12-year-old Australian Shepherd in agility is a 30 month cancer survivor. Sasha a Tibetan Mastiff has been mistaken for an escaped lion when he’s walked Sasha a Tibetan Mastiff has been mistaken for an escaped lion when he's ...
tibetan mastiff

Ten most expensive dog breeds in the world

Telegraph.co.uk - 02 Feb 2018
If you're considering buying a pedigree dog, particularly if you want one of the more in-demand breeds, be prepared to dig deep and to pay in foreign currencies. Costs can run you thousands of pounds, and many of the breeds that have seen the biggest ...
tibetan mastiff

Security Tips For Living Alone

Security Baron (blog) - 12 Feb 2018
And while they are likely to deter, you can't rely on them for protection unless they have had specific protection training (which is very expensive). Your best breed bets, according to Animal Planet's Dog Breed Selector? For small spaces, a Collie, a ...
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Italian painter's work inspires sculptures of dogs

China.org.cn - 30 Jan 2018
In the 18th century, Italian missionary Giuseppe Castiglione, who was an artist for three emperors in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), drew a series called The Ten Prized Dogs for emperor Qianlong, who had lots of hunting hounds. The dogs from the ...
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Five-year-old boy savaged by Tibetan mastiff in China

South China Morning Post - 06 Dec 2017
A five-year-old boy suffered head injuries that required dozens of stitches after he was attacked by a Tibetan mastiff in southwest China, local media reported. The attack happened on Saturday when the boy was visiting family in Luojiang, Sichuan ...
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Top 2017 stories: Abandoned Tibetan mastiffs

thethirdpole.net - 25 Dec 2017
I visited Yushu in 2010 and saw caged Tibetan mastiffs in various parts of downtown Yushu. Local sources at that time said the average market price for a mastiff dog was over 200,000 yuan (USD 29,040). In around 2005, some breeders in Yushu began tube ...
tibetan mastiff

Video: Abandoned Tibetan Mastiffs

thethirdpole.net - 26 Apr 2017
This documentary reveals the hardships faced by stray dogs on the Tibetan plateau, where urbanization uncontrolled breeding of mastiffs have resulted in a surge of dogs, posing a growing threat to local people and the environment. This film is directed ...
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Tibetan mastiff's ancient lineage built for high elevation

Blair Enterprise Publishing - 19 Sep 2017
The Tibetan mastiff is a large Tibetan dog breed originating within the nomadic cultures of Tibet, India, Mongolia and Nepal. It is used by local tribes of Tibet to protect sheep from large predators such as wolves and tigers. The name is a misnomer ...
tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff economy collapses

China.org.cn - 20 Sep 2017
A new China Central Television (CCTV) program cited a Beijing Youth Daily report revealing that this kind of large and powerful dog has become a headache on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. As the animal fell from grace, thousands were abandoned by their ...
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How Mastiffs Became the World's Top Dogs

Smithsonian - 24 May 2017
With its shaggy ruff and enormous stature, the mastiff is the most adorable giant to thrive in the thin air of the Tibetan Plateau, where the average elevation is around 15,000 feet. But just how did the dogs get so good at mountain living? It appears ...
tibetan mastiff

Horrifying moment woman is MAULED by crazed dog in middle of street

Daily Star - 14 Dec 2017
The clip shows the dangerous canine leaping at the woman – named only as Ms Song – sending her crashing to the ground. She desperately tries to hit it away, but it starts gnawing at her leg. The sickening attack lasts for over 20 seconds before passing ...

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