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tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff twins sell for record-breaking $3 million in China

Christian Science Monitor - 19 Mar 2014
One of the twins — a golden-haired Tibetan mastiff — was sold for $12 million yuan, and his red-haired brother went for $6 million yuan. Zhang said the buyer, from eastern Shandong province, paid him the 18 million yuan with his credit card. Zhang ...
tibetan mastiff

Hard work makes couple's garden colorful and tasty

Manhattan Mercury - 05 Nov 2017
Deer are not a problem thanks to three big dogs: a Labrador retriever, Great Pyrenees and Tibetan mastiff. Liquid Fence keeps most of the rabbits and chipmunks at bay, but it doesn't protect blueberries from squirrels. Brian Dunn doesn't mind sharing.
tibetan mastiff

Valparaiso club hosts nation's top dogs in weekend show

nwitimes.com - 28 Oct 2017
Passersby wanted to know about Great Maximus, a Tibetan mastiff, who stood taller than knee-high at 11 months. Also known at a Himalayan mountain dog, said Abozeid, he will grow to between 150 pounds and 200 pounds and is considered an ancient ...
tibetan mastiff

Cold Weather Dog Breeds That Love the Snow as Much as You Do

The Cheat Sheet - 08 Nov 2017
Looking for a cold weather dog breed that loves snow and warmer temps? Look no further than a Tibetan mastiff. Once mistaken for an African Lion in a Chinese zoo, these fluffy creatures have a thick double coat, as well as an undercoat that grows ...
tibetan mastiff

Dogs show their best moves

Times of India - 14 Nov 2017
The annual dog show organised by the Oudh Kennel Club at the Police lines ground recently gave the pet lovers in the city a good opportunity to see some rare breeds and some of the most beautiful dogs. A total of 210 dogs from all over the country ...
tibetan mastiff

BC SPCA seeks owner of dog injured by truck in Mission

Globalnews.ca - 01 Nov 2017
According to Eileen Drever, a senior animal protection officer for the BC SPCA, the male Tibetan mastiff was hit head-on by a truck on Dewdney Trunk Road near the Mission Sanitary Landfill around 8 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 25. A Good Samaritan witnessed ...
tibetan mastiff

Dog show in Mysuru on October 29

The Hindu - 28 Oct 2017
Canine Club of Mysore will organise a national-level dog show at the Scouts and Guides Ground here on October 29. Rare foreign breeds, including Newfoundland, Tibetan mastiff, Chow Chow, American pit bull, and Great Dane, are expected to take part.
tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff's ancient lineage built for high elevation

Blair Enterprise Publishing - 19 Sep 2017
A 2008 DNA study concluded that while 12 dog breeds analyzed appeared to have diverged from the gray wolf some 42,000 years ago, the Tibetan mastiff lineage diverged earlier at about 58,000 years ago. Additional DNA studies indicated a genetic ...
tibetan mastiff

How Mastiffs Became the World's Top Dogs

Smithsonian - 24 May 2017
With its shaggy ruff and enormous stature, the mastiff is the most adorable giant to thrive in the thin air of the Tibetan Plateau, where the average elevation is around 15,000 feet. But just how did the dogs get so good at mountain living? It appears ...
tibetan mastiff

Dog Show in city on Oct.29

Star of Mysore - 26 Oct 2017
He said that exotic dog breeds such as Newfoundland, Chow Chow, American Pitbull, German Shepherd, Great Dane; dogs weighing from 3 kgs — Miniature Pinscher — to those weighing 100 kgs and above — Saint Bernard, Tibetan Mastiff, Neapolitan ...
tibetan mastiff

Video: Abandoned Tibetan Mastiffs

thethirdpole.net - 26 Apr 2017
Gangri Neichog, (“sacred land of snow” in Tibetan), is a grassroots organisation based in Qinghai province that focuses on conservation in Western China. Gangri Neichog adheres to the principles of respecting life and promoting sustainability by ...
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Tibetan mastiffs, abandoned and dangerous

chinadialogue - 06 Feb 2017
Tashi Gongbao was referring to the craze for Tibetan mastiffs, which prompted a frenzy of breeding and selling in the Tibetan regions, particularly around Yushu. This enthusiasm lasted till the mid-2010s. Driven by demand from Chinese nouveau riche, ...
tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff economy collapses

China.org.cn - 20 Sep 2017
The Tibetan mastiff, once a highly-desirable accessory for rich Chinese people to show off their wealth, has lost its charm. The bubble has burst and the once-hot market has turned freezing cold.

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