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Tim Lincecum no-hits the Padres -- again

USA TODAY - 25 Jun 2014
As he eases into a less-dominant phase of his career, there's one team Tim Lincecum can count on to bring out his best: The San Diego Padres. Lincecum, the two-time Cy Young-winning prodigy turned 30-year-old struggling veteran, pitched his second ...
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Matt Moore is not taking Tim Lincecum's jersey number, calm down

McCovey Chronicles - 11 Dec 2017
KNBR reported on Sunday that Matt Moore would be taking the jersey number of beloved former-Giant, Tim Lincecum. This, of course, sent an already upset fan base into a tailspin, prompting Moore himself to intervene: Haven't had one conversation about ...
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Brandon Morrow: 7 things to know about the new Cubs reliever

Chicago Tribune - 11 Dec 2017
Brandon Morrow signed with the Cubs to bring much-needed relief help to a team that has its eye on a return trip to the World Series, but it's not the first time he has shouldered heavy expectations. Here are seven things to know about the Santa Rosa ...
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One of San Francisco Giants' coolest cats ever passes away

The Mercury News - 21 Nov 2017
Former Giants infielder Matt Duffy with his 27-pound cat, Skeeter. The Duffy family cat, beloved by Giants fans, passed away this weekend. He was 15. (Courtesy of Matt Duffy). By Jon Becker | jbecker@bayareanewsgroup.com |. PUBLISHED: November 20, 2017 ...
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Winter-ball report: Hitting streak continues for new Ranger

Dallas News - 16 Dec 2017
Moore was born in 1989 in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., but graduated high school in Moriarty, New Mexico according to baseball reference. He was selected in the eighth round of the 2007 MLB June amateur draft by the Rays, taking him back to his native ...
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Back off the Brandon Belt trade rumors, you jackals

McCovey Chronicles - 21 Nov 2017
He was like a security blanket after one of my other favorites, Tim Lincecum, disappeared to live in the woods. When I heard news on an early spring night in 2016 that my grandfather had passed, I was sitting right at first base, only a handful of rows ...
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Why Shohei Ohtani should choose the San Francisco Giants

McCovey Chronicles - 27 Nov 2017
From award winners like Buster Posey and Tim Lincecum, to current All-Stars like Brandon Crawford and Adam Duvall, to the next generation of talent which includes guys like Luis Castillo, Giants player development has been outstanding this century. The ...
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Where have you gone, Tim Lincecum? In search of beloved Giants ace

The Mercury News - 22 Sep 2017
No such luck. Lincecum, the Giants' two-time Cy Young Award winner, never answered the door, and neither did anyone else. Whenever I pressed the doorbell, the lone stirring came from annoyed dogs. Tim Lincecum #55 of the San Francisco Giants poses for ...
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Finding Corey Kluber's path to Cooperstown

Let's Go Tribe - 18 Nov 2017
Three more - Roy Halladay, TIm Lincecum and Johan Santana - are retired but not eligible. The last two besides Kluber, Bret Saberhagn and Denny McLain, are both curious cases. McClain had a hot couple years, but only pitched 10 years and aside from ...
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No one seems to know where Tim Lincecum disappeared to

New York Post - 26 Sep 2017
Rick Thurman, Lincecum's agent, told the Bay Area News Group that the 33-year-old continues to stay in shape and hopes to pitch again one day. But as to where Lincecum is today, Thurman didn't respond to numerous queries. Nor did Lincecum's father ...
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Reliever Petit agrees to $10 million, 2-year deal with A's

ABC News - 30 Nov 2017
Moved into the rotation in late August 2014 to replace struggling right-hander Tim Lincecum, Petit delivered. The previous season, he carried a bid for a perfect game into the ninth inning against Arizona before allowing a two-out single on Sept. 6 ...
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Tim Lincecum portrayed as totally baked in poster found in China

SFGate - 03 Oct 2017
What has happened to Tim Lincecum? The Freak seems to disappeared since his final Major League appearance 14 months ago. Is he living off the grid? Couch-surfing in Seattle? Part of the Witness Protection Program after finishing the 2016 campaign with ...
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Where have you gone, Tim Lincecum?

San Bernardino County Sun - 23 Sep 2017
SEATTLE — Tim Lincecum's last known address is tucked behind a partial fence, just off a sloped dead-end street near the shores of Lake Washington. Getting to the front door of the barn-red building requires crossing a short bridge. It feels like ...
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McCovey Chroncast #68: Is Tim Lincecum Dead?

McCovey Chronicles - 25 Sep 2017
In that time, we speculate as to the whereabouts of former Giant Tim Lincecum, the subject of an intriguing article in the San Jose Mercury News last week. Also also, my new kitten is playing with her ball in the background for a bit, if you're ...
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Tim Lincecum's agent was with the Giants in Miami

McCovey Chronicles - 16 Aug 2017
Andrew Baggarly tweeted that Tim Lincecum's agent was at the game on Tuesday night in Miami. However, Baggarly also noted that Lincecum's agent also represents Hunter Pence and Pablo Sandoval. So there are very good reasons for them to be there that ...
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Was Giants hero Tim Lincecum at the women's march in San Francisco?

The Mercury News - 27 Jan 2017
The reality is Tim was offered over a $100M for a 5 to 7 years deal. I think it was after the 2010 season but he didn't want the long term deal and signed for roughly $40M for 2 years. Actually my thinking at the time was he was looking out for the Gs ...

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