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Person of the Year: Time magazine explains mystery arm

BBC News - 08 Dec 2017
The other women on the front cover include Adama Iwu, a 40-year-old corporate lobbyist in Sacramento, and Susan Fowler, 26, a former Uber engineer who made allegations of sexual harassment at the company. The fifth women was Isabel Pascual, a 42-year ...
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PM Receives JCN Person Of The Year Award

The Bahama Journal - 22 Jan 2018
Accepting the award he said, “a lot of people in our country are hurting and they need help and I thank God for people like you who are here with a heart of compassion, that take time to look out for our brothers. We are our brother's keeper and I ...
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Why Time's Person of the Year Isn't Much of a Triumph for Victims

Study Breaks - 05 Jan 2018
Every year, Time Magazine chooses the person or people “who had the greatest influence, for better or worse, on the events of the year”—and every year, the winner is a big name or a popular story, overshadowing a weighty shortlist of more qualified ...
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Saegertown's Brown named State Junior Fair Person of the Year

Meadville Tribune - 19 Jan 2018
For Brown, the honor was both a bittersweet affirmation of the many hours he has devoted to his sheep, the Crawford County Fair and the many other events and organizations he has devoted time to. “I don't get excited too often, but I got pretty excited ...
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FTW 2017 Internet Person of the Year: LaVar Ball

For The Win - 28 Dec 2017
This author happens to hate the recent trend of using nouns as adjectives, but LaVar Ball is in some ways both the most 2017 and the most internet person, and 2017 and the internet are inseparably intertwined. There is such a thing as objective truth ...
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Sen. Bob Corker: The Tennessean's 2017 Person of the Year

The Tennessean - 31 Dec 2017
In 2018, he will be unencumbered by re-election concerns and can focus full time on carrying out his Senate duties and serving his state and constituents. For these reasons, we, the editorial board, name Corker The Tennessean's 2017 Person of the Year ...
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Blogtable: Who is NBA's Person of the Year for 2017? - 27 Dec 2017
But in part because of Irving's decision, the Cleveland Cavaliers weren't able to add Jimmy Butler or Paul George, and Cleveland had to ship its 25-year-old future to its biggest Eastern Conference rival to get anything approaching equal value for him ...
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Ashley Judd to headline Sonoma County Women in Conversation forum

Petaluma Argus Courier - 22 Jan 2018
Actress and political activist Ashley Judd will lead the lineup of speakers at this year's Sonoma County Women in Conversation forum, scheduled for March 20 at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa. The event, presented by The Press ...
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Swampscott Person of the Year: Tom Demakes

Daily Item - 13 Jan 2018
“I'm one of a bunch of people that feel similarly and I get inspired by other people who are willing to do the same thing. They give all the time.” Although Demakes was named Swampscott's Person of the Year, he said he wouldn't feel comfortable ...
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Bowman named Person of the Year

Herald-Mail Media - 01 Jan 2018
Donald M. Bowman Jr. is the 19th person to be named Herald-Mail Media's Person of the Year, which is awarded to someone who makes a positive contribution to the community. Candidates for Person of the Year are nominated by people in the community, then ...
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Retail Person Of The Year: Mark Parker, Nike CEO

Forbes - 02 Jan 2018
Walter Loeb , Contributor I cover major developments in the retail industry. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. (JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images). Mark Parker, chairman, president and CEO of Nike, is a real disruptor in retailing ...
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Armando Solis named Person of the Year

The Galt Herald - 10 Jan 2018
An avid sports enthusiast, Solis also makes time to volunteer with the Liberty Ranch High School varsity baseball team. His dedication and passion for his community is why Solis has been chosen as the Person of the Year. Terry Parker-Owning has known ...
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News 13 Person of the Year nominee: Wendy Newman

WLOS - 27 Dec 2017
I wouldn't trade these moments for anything." In 2011, Newman photographed a friend with breast cancer and discovered the healing power of photographs. There are now 64 "cancer warriors" in her portfolio. "It's nice when someone takes the time to do ...
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2017 Person of the Year: Rev. Traci Blackmon

St. Louis American - 28 Dec 2017
She is a truthteller at a time when lies are diverted with claims of “fake news.” “My tears were not tears of fear, but tears of mourning. It is a sad moment in our nation – and yet not an unpredictable one, given the current social and political tone ...
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Peabody Person of the Year: Tom Gould

Daily Item - 13 Jan 2018
PEABODY — Tom Gould reliably tops the ticket every two years in the at-large City Council election. But as Peabody's Person of the Year begins a sixth term, it's more than Gould's work on the council that sets him apart as a tireless advocate for city ...
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Person of the Year 2017: Natalie Troha

Kenosha News - 31 Dec 2017
“In life you need to give your time to people, any talents you have to offer, and, if you have any treasures, share them with other people to make their lives better,” she said. “It was more than just a financial commitment,” said McGhee. “I don't ...

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