Microsoft counts on shooter game 'Titanfall' to fire up Xbox One sales -

Respawn Entertainment Dev is Not Teasing Titanfall 3

Game Rant - 25 May 2018
While a new Titanfall game was confirmed to be in the works when EA bought Respawn Entertainment last November, it hasn't yet been confirmed whether or not that game is Titanfall 3. The series' fan base is understandably eager for something to get ...

Titanfall devs are respawning at Infinity Ward

Destructoid - 21 May 2018
After the massive legal battle between Vince Zampella and Jason West of Infinity Ward and Activision, a bunch of former Call of Duty developers left the company to form Respawn Entertainment. Their first new IP, a joint operation with EA, was the ...

Black Ops 4 Needs To Learn From The Original Titanfall

Cultured Vultures - 18 May 2018
The original Titanfall was a great game constricted by its platform exclusivity and lack of single-player campaign. Respawn produced some of the slickest action ever seen on a console, but failed to create a world to ground it all in, meaning that it ...

A Titanfall fejlesztői közül toborzott az Infinity Ward

GameStar - 22 May 2018
Egy Reddit-felhasználó hívta fel a rajongók figyelmét arra, hogy hét egykori Titanfall fejlesztő immáron az Activison tulajdonában lévő stúdiót tüntette fel aktuális munkahelyeként a LinkedInen. Az első delikvens, aki átigazolt az Infinity Wardhoz ...

Maybe EA Learned From 'Titanfall 2' Blunder After All

Forbes - 31 Jan 2018
That's what happened to one of the best games of 2016: Titanfall 2. It found itself in the unenviable position of releasing directly between two FPS behemoths. On the one hand, EA's Battlefield 1, and on the other Activision's Call of Duty: Infinite ...

Varios desarrolladores de Titanfall regresan a Infinity Ward

LEVELUP - 21 May 2018
En 2010, varios miembros de Infinity Ward, estudio detrás de algunas de entregas más emblemáticas de Call of Duty, abandonaron el equipo para fundar Respawn y crear la franquicia Titanfall. Si sientes que desde entonces las entregas de este equipo han ...

The Next 'Call Of Duty' Really Should Be 'Modern Warfare 4'

Forbes - 22 May 2018
If anything, it suggests that Infinity Ward would really like to know how to do wall-running and other advanced movement systems as well as Respawn managed in Titanfall. But it could suggest that the studio is trying to get some of that old mojo back ...

EA acquires gamestreaming service Gamefly (press release) - 25 May 2018
EA Acquires Titanfall studio Respawn Entertainment - 11/10/2017 04:20 PM EA purchased Respawn Entertainment, which is the studio behind games like Titanfall. It was a rather sizable transaction at a cool $455 million, with a requirement being a timely ...

Battlefield 5 Tides of War is a Live Service Done Right

Game Revolution - 25 May 2018
They had previously made a similar move with Titanfall 2, but for one of gaming's most notorious business-first publishers to step away from a certain profit for a huge hit like Battlefield 5 is a huge statement. It even puts some pressure on ...

EA acquires 'Titanfall' studio Respawn

Engadget - 09 Nov 2017
Despite Respawn continuing to support its fantastic mech shooter Titanfall 2 with new content nearly every month after releasing it a year ago, the game's playerbase has dwindled. In a recent interview, the studio's CEO noted that the game's ...

Something's Wrong With 'Titanfall 2' On The Xbox One X

Forbes - 07 Nov 2017
(Update. Respawn Entertainment has fixed the problems reported here with a patch, and with the patch in place, the preferred console for playing Titanfall 2 is now the Xbox One X. For more information about the patch, see Respawn Fixes The Problems ...

Who Will Win E3 2018: The Case for Microsoft

Cinelinx - 25 May 2018
Games like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Titanfall, Dark Souls II, and even a tease for a new Halo game. It was the perfect conference to launch what really has been one of their best consoles. 2014 was the start of the rollercoaster for ...

Titanfall 3: EA confirms a new game is in development

TrustedReviews - 21 Aug 2017
Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall 2 is a fantastic shooter, and one of 2016's finest games. By building upon the original with a robust solo campaign and an equally impressive suite of multiplayer options, players got an absolute treat. Despite ...

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