Microsoft counts on shooter game 'Titanfall' to fire up Xbox One sales -

'Titanfall' for mobile is a game you wouldn't expect

The Mercury News - 10 Aug 2017
Mention “Titanfall” and images of acrobatic pilots and powerful robots come to mind. “Titanfall: Assault,” the new mobile game coming Aug. 10, has those elements, but it's not in the form that fans would expect. The developer, Particle City, knew it ...

Daily Deal: Titanfall 2 Is 50% Off On Origin

Gameranx (blog) - 16 Aug 2017
Blast mechs, parkour and steal batteries with Today's Daily Deal: Titanfall 2 is running for 50% off on Origin. Sub-par single player but extraordinary multiplayer, Titanfall 2 is one of those underrated titles that become an absolute blast once you ...

'Titanfall' RTS Comes To Mobile This Month - 03 Aug 2017
Mobile developer Particle City and Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment are taking another stab at making a mobile Titanfall game with Titanfall Assault, releasing on iOS and Android on August 10th.

Here's Why 'Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition' Is Such A Great Idea

Forbes - 02 Aug 2017
Titanfall 2 was our Game of the Year thanks to its insanely fun multiplayer and truly breathtaking single-player campaign, and one of the few games I've given a 10/10 score. Alas, EA bizarrely decided to release the game during holiday madness, even ...

Titanfall 2 goes free on EA and Origin Access

Polygon - 31 Jul 2017
Titanfall 2, the fast-paced futuristic shooter from Respawn Entertainment, is now available free for people who pay for publisher Electronic Arts' subscription services on Windows PC or Xbox One. It is the latest entrant into the Vault, a growing ...

'Titanfall 2' cooperative horde mode is now available

Digital Trends - 25 Jul 2017
Titanfall 2 is a fantastic competitive multiplayer shooter, with its unique mix of mech combat and traditional first-person shooting creating fast and intense action, but if you're more interested in teaming up with other players, we have some good news.

Titanfall 2's New Co-Op 'Frontier Defense' Mode Looks Amazing

Forbes - 18 Jul 2017
I write about video games and science-fiction movies and TV shows. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Frontier Defense brings co-op horde mode to Titanfall 2. Credit: Respawn. Frontier Defense brings co-op horde mode to Titanfall 2.

New Titanfall Strategy Game Further Detailed, Releases This Year

GameSpot - 20 Jul 2017
There's a new Titanfall game on the horizon, but it's not what you'd expect. Titanfall: Assault, a strategy game for mobile devices, was first announced back in May, but at that point the studio didn't share much about it. Today developer Particle City ...

Revisiting Titanfall 2

The Fort Hood Sentinel - 03 Aug 2017
Anyone who talks to me about first-person shooters has heard my hour-long rant touting “Titanfall 2's” campaign as the best one of the decade. I'd never got to play the original “Titanfall,” but upon meeting BT-7274, he quickly became one of my ...

Titanfall 2 headed to Origin Access at the beginning of August

PC Gamer - 29 Jul 2017
A Titanfall 2 trial is available to everyone for free this weekend, but those with Origin Access subscriptions will soon be able to enjoy the entirety of the excellent first-person shooter as much as they like. The free weekend trial lasts until July ...

Titanfall Assault Game Comes with Welcomed Changes

Donklephant - 13 Aug 2017
In case you haven't heard about it, Titanfall: Assault is the newest real-time strategy game you need on your mobile device. It was announced for the first time a couple of months ago, and now we can finally enjoy it. The game was released by the ...

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