Microsoft counts on shooter game 'Titanfall' to fire up Xbox One sales -

Video: Rapid prototyping for Titanfall 2's single-player mode

Gamasutra - 17 Sep 2018
In this GDC 2018 talk, Respawn Entertainment's Christopher Dionne explains a rapid-prototyping technique he calls "action blocks," and how that technique helped Respawn quickly build levels in Titanfall 2's single-player mode. Dionne describes the ...

Xbox Live Deals With Gold Features Huge Bargains On EA Games - 16 Oct 2018
First off, you can get some great bundles, including one featuring Mass Effect Andromeda and Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition for under $20; as well as another that features Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition and Battlefield 1 Revolution for ...

Titanfall Online Canceled In South Korea

Kotaku - 09 Jul 2018
According to Game Focus (via tipster Sang), development took over three years, and the reaction to the limited-time-only player tests wasn't so great. What's more, Game Focus said that the online game market has changed, so Titanfall Online was canned.

'Battlefield V' Sure Feels Like It's About To Get Titanfall 2-ed

Forbes - 15 Aug 2018
One of the best known examples of this is what happened to Titanfall 2, by all accounts a great game that got more or less crushed to death by its release window, smack dab in between the yearly Call of Duty release and EA's own Battlefield 1. The game ...

Respawn's new VR game is an AAA FPS, may be Titanfall 3 VR

TweakTown - 20 Aug 2018
Given the work Respawn is doing (and has done) on Titanfall 3, I'd expect the studio could use its know-how, engine, and game assets for the potential Titanfall 3 VR game. Bear in mind that EA's new experimental SEED division has been strongly focusing ...

Maybe EA Learned From 'Titanfall 2' Blunder After All

Forbes - 31 Jan 2018
That's what happened to one of the best games of 2016: Titanfall 2. It found itself in the unenviable position of releasing directly between two FPS behemoths. On the one hand, EA's Battlefield 1, and on the other Activision's Call of Duty: Infinite ...

'Black Ops' revitalizes 'Call of Duty' once again

The Orion - 16 Oct 2018
This change is a positive one overall, since the movement in “Black Ops 3” didn't feel as polished as something like “Titanfall,” and it became something that players abused in firefights. Weapon balancing seems solid and the new modes, heist and ...

What the Tom's Team Played This Weekend: 'Titanfall 2'

Tom's Hardware - 16 Jul 2018
Games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 are even scrapping their single-player campaigns entirely. That's a shame, because Titanfall 2 shows there's still a lot of potential for one-person entertainment, even in the FPS genre. I know Titanfall 2 is a year ...

E3 2018 Dreams — I'm Standing By for a Titanfall 3 Announcement

DualShockers - 07 Jun 2018
At E3 2018, I just want to hear something, anything about Titanfall 3. I want someone from Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Titanfall, to let me know that “it's going to be alright.” Now, I don't actually expect this to happen, but I can dream ...

Respawn Entertainment Dev is Not Teasing Titanfall 3

Game Rant - 25 May 2018
While a new Titanfall game was confirmed to be in the works when EA bought Respawn Entertainment last November, it hasn't yet been confirmed whether or not that game is Titanfall 3. The series' fan base is understandably eager for something to get ...

Massive PS4 Sale Features EA's Biggest Hits on PlayStation - 02 Oct 2018
PlayStation Plus members get extra deep discounts on games from one of the biggest publishers in the business, which include Star Wars Battlefront 2, Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and Need for Speed. As always, the fantastic list below has been organized ...

Free-to-play project Titanfall Online has been canned

Destructoid - 11 Jul 2018
Titanfall Online was supposed to be a free-to-play title - exclusive to the Asia territory - and has reportedly been in development for three years. However a rep for Nexon contacted website Game Focus to confirm that the decision was made to move on ...

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