Microsoft counts on shooter game 'Titanfall' to fire up Xbox One sales -

How Titanfall: Assault nudged its players' tactical ambitions

Pocket Gamer.Biz - 17 Oct 2017
It's been two months since the global launch of Titanfall: Assault and mobile game developer Particle City is still learning fast. “You learn lots of things during soft launch, and when you launch, you start learning all over again,” says CEO Larry Pacey.

The creators of Titanfall are making a 'realistic' VR war game

PC Gamer - 11 Oct 2017
Facebook and Oculus VR have partnered with Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment to put out an Oculus Rift virtual reality game in 2019. The teaser shown at Oculus Connect today (watch it above) confirms it's another war game, as expected, but ...

'Titanfall' Developer Announces Oculus Rift VR Game

Christian Post - 13 Oct 2017
The developer behind the hit futuristic first-person shooter "Titanfall" announced that they are currently working on a virtual reality game of the Oculus Rift. The announcement was made as part of the annual Oculus Connect event to showcase ...

Titanfall devs are working on a virtual reality game

KitGuru - 12 Oct 2017
It seems that Respawn Entertainment is keeping itself very busy at the moment. Aside from continuing to support Titanfall 2, the studio is also working on a Star Wars game for EA and now, it has also taken on a secret virtual reality project for Oculus.

Video: The evolution of rodeoing giant robots in Titanfall

Gamasutra - 03 Oct 2017
In Respawn Entertainment's popular Titanfall series of mech-enhanced first-person shooters, players have the option to leap aboard and "rodeo" giant robots (the titular Titans) -- but the effect of doing so changed significantly from game to game. At ...

Respawn Outlines Titanfall 2 Changes for the Rest of 2017

RealGear - 05 Oct 2017
Since its release in October 2016, Titanfall 2 has been getting a lot of attention from Respawn Entertainment. It seems the developer never ceased to amaze players and rolled out a free co-op horde mode, several new maps, and a new titan called Monarch.

Daily Deal: Titanfall 2 Is Only $11.99 On US PS+

Gameranx (blog) - 19 Sep 2017
Sub-par single player but extraordinary multiplayer, Titanfall 2 is one of those underrated titles that becomes an absolute blast once you forget about the game's dismal marketing performance last year. One of latest update has brought in a new PvE ...

Titanfall developer announces "realistic" VR military shooter

Gameplanet - 12 Oct 2017
Zampella has made a career creating military-inspired first-person shooters, including Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Call of Duty, and most recently, the Titanfall franchise. None of these games could be called realistic shooters, so it remains to be ...

Titanfall 2 Postcards From the Frontier DLC Pack Detailed.

ThyBlackMan - 23 Sep 2017
( Postcards From the Frontier is the new Titanfall 2 DLC pack that once again brought players together. EA and Respawn worked hard on the title and it is clearly visible that there are players who still enjoy the game. However, the game ...

November 2017 Xbox Games With Gold Predictions

Twinfinite - 18 Oct 2017
So usually there are a couple bigger games headlining the list to keep fans happy, and for November 2017 we suspect Titanfall 2 should make an appearance on the list for a few reasons. The first is it has been released for a certain length of time now ...

I creatori di Titanfall faranno un gioco in realtà virtuale

Tom's Hardware - 14 Oct 2017
Il gioco, che non ha ancora un titolo ufficiale, non sarà probabilmente il seguito di Titanfall o un nuovo Call of Duty, ma bensì un nuovo videogame pensato appositamente per l'esperienza in realtà virtuale. "Il combattimento in VR dà la possibilità di ...

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