Thomas Kennerly Wolfe Jr. (March 2, 1930 – May 14, 2018) was an... -
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Tom Wolfe and College Sex

Inside Higher Ed - 22 May 2018
In 2000, Tom Wolfe published a series of essays with a catchy title: Hooking Up. For Wolfe, who had scored two best-selling novels with The Bonfire of the Vanities (1987) and A Man in Full (1998), the collection represented a brief return to his ...
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What Windansea surfers said about Tom Wolfe

San Diego Reader - 21 May 2018
#Eight summers have drifted by since Tom Wolfe (author of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test) traveled to California to write a series on “The New Life Out There” for New York Magazine, a Sunday supplement to the now-defunct New York Herald Tribune.
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Tom Wolfe's Other Legacy

New York Times - 16 May 2018
In the end, it may have been Tom Wolfe's own chic that was most radical. Leave it to others to unpack the extravagant and often provocative literary legacy of the author, who died on Monday at 88. Of almost equal fascination are the contents of his ...
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Remembering Tom Wolfe, for fans and non-fans alike

Vox - 19 May 2018
Tom Wolfe, who died Monday, was — as even those of us who did not share his politics and often deplored his taste and even doubted the fashion wisdom of all the white suits have to admit — one of the central makers of modern American prose. His style ...
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Tom Wolfe and the Art of Turning Words Into Weapons

Bloomberg - 17 May 2018
I'm hoping there's another Tom Wolfe book out there. A half-finished novel, a collection of new essays and art, some yet-unseen product of that extraordinary talent. I've been a Wolfe fan at least since college, and if I cannot lay claim to having read ...
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Jonathan Swift in a White Suit

National Review - 20 May 2018
Tom Wolfe has been celebrated for his literary innovations and output, his sartorial panache, his gimlet eye, his unfailing gentility. But his reputation as a Grand Old Man of Letters should not obscure one of his most important themes: the inability ...
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Tom Wolfe on the streets and architecture of San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle - 20 May 2018
A 1985 Chronicle profile of Tom Wolfe, who died May 14, was written by Blake Green, between the time when “The Bonfire of the Vanities” had been published as a serial in Rolling Stone and its publication as a book. According to the piece, that pattern ...
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Where have you gone, Tom Wolfe?

Washington Post - 16 May 2018
Tom Wolfe, who passed away Tuesday, was not spare with his prose. But my, oh, my, he made his points clearly. According to Ben Zimmer of The Atlantic: “Wolfe's contributions to the English language go far beyond the most obvious catchphrases that he ...

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