Thomas Kennerly Wolfe Jr. (March 2, 1930 – May 14, 2018) was an... -
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8 Movies to Watch If You Liked First Man

Vulture - 22 Oct 2018
Philip Kaufman's adaptation of Tom Wolfe's book created the mold for the “space program” movie that Chazelle seems deliberate in wanting to break. In a few aspects, however, both The Right Stuff and First Man are great for the same reasons. As the ...
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Michael Collins: The lucky, grumpy astronaut

The Boston Globe - 22 Oct 2018
The disappointingly flat movie “First Man,” about the 1969 Apollo moon mission, gives me a chance to write about one of my heroes: Michael Collins, the Apollo 11 astronaut who famously did not set foot on the moon. I've been an abject Collins fan since ...
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Why Does 'First Man' Say Gemini as 'Geminee'? NASA Explains. Sorta.

New York Times - 17 Oct 2018
Mercury and the seven original astronauts had Tom Wolfe as chronicler in “The Right Stuff.” Apollo had the triumph of the Moon landing, the tragedy of Apollo 1 and the nail-biting return of crippled Apollo 13. [Readers tell us what they remember about ...
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Parties, Etc. for Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018: - 21 Oct 2018
WELCOME, JIM. Event: Pam and Bill Shdeed were hosts in their home for a party to welcome Jim Roth, the 13th Dean of Oklahoma City University School of Law. Seen and heard: The new dean had a few remarks for the alumnae and friends of the university ...
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Tom Cherry's Old Time Radio Show celebrates Halloween

Kokomo Perspective - 23 Oct 2018
The talented cast includes Wendy Carpenter, Gabe Carpenter, Bob Green, Missy Donahue, Katy Wolfe, Angela Gick, Jeff Shull, Rita Wessel, Larry Beck, soundmen Jerry Cole and Thomas Nelson III, and special guest stars, Debby Girtman and Cliff Lowe!
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The World Keeps Not Ending

National Review - 14 Oct 2018
I was in the sixth grade in 1984, but I remember the magazine covers and pundit panels, and the insistence that though we had not arrived at dystopia on Orwell's schedule, that eternal jackboot was sure to find our face soon enough. Tom Wolfe joked ...
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Tom Wolfe, Sage of Status Anxiety

The New Yorker - 15 May 2018
Tom Wolfe sold magazines. People bought magazines on the newsstand in order to read the pieces in them written by Tom Wolfe. Behind every great magazine writer is a great magazine editor, and the editor behind Wolfe was Clay Felker. Felker and Wolfe ...
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First Man review – an inner space odyssey

The Guardian - 14 Oct 2018
Adapted from James R Hansen's book by Spotlight screenwriter Josh Singer, First Man's 60s-set narrative essentially picks up from Philip Kaufman's 1983 adaptation of Tom Wolfe's The Right Stuff. Indeed, there's at least one shot that seems very ...
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Leonard Bernstein and the FBI

Brandeis University - 22 Oct 2018
Among the guests was author Tom Wolfe, who discredited their efforts with the phrase “radical chic” in a subsequent report in New York magazine. Bernstein's reputation never quite recovered from the jab, which was even repeated in his 1990 obituary in ...
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Your Tom Wolfe Reader

New York Times - 15 May 2018
The writer Tom Wolfe, who was instantly recognizable in his signature white suits, died on Monday in New York. He was 88. According to The Times obituary of Wolfe, “as an unabashed contrarian, he was almost as well known for his attire as his satire.
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'Bonfire of the Vanities' Author Tom Wolfe Dies at 88

Wall Street Journal - 15 May 2018
Tom Wolfe, the best-selling alchemist of fiction and nonfiction who wrote “The Bonfire of the Vanities,” “The Right Stuff” and countless other novels and works of journalism, died of pneumonia in a New York hospital Monday, said his longtime agent Lynn ...
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Tom Wolfe Kept a Close, Comical and Astonished Eye on America

New York Times - 16 May 2018
The bursts of asterisks, the scattering of exclamation points and ellipses, the syncopated distribution of repeated phrases and capitalized words — one could spot a Tom Wolfe sentence a room away. He seemed astonished by America, and he expressed that ...
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Tom Wolfe's Other Legacy

New York Times - 16 May 2018
In the end, it may have been Tom Wolfe's own chic that was most radical. Leave it to others to unpack the extravagant and often provocative literary legacy of the author, who died on Monday at 88. Of almost equal fascination are the contents of his ...

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