Tomnod campaign to find missing Malaysian jet draws online crowds -

Tomnod campaign to find missing Malaysian jet draws online crowds

San Jose Mercury News - 11 Mar 2014
Satellite company DigitalGlobe's online crowdsourcing platform experienced an unprecedented number of visitors within the first 24 hours of a campaign to locate the missing Malaysian aircraft using Earth imagery, causing its servers to crash before ...

How Amateur Mappers Are Helping Recovery Efforts In Nepal

CityLab - 28 Apr 2015
Tomnod, a project of the geospatial content company DigitalGlobe, provided armchair plane-hunters like Hoebel with constantly updated satellite images of the rapidly growing search area and the tools to digitally “tag” mysterious shapes in the sea.

Q&A with Tomnod co-founder Luke Barrington

Spatial Source - 19 Apr 2016
Responsible for mapping earthquake damage after the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, searching for missing flight MH370, and most recently, assisting recovery in Fiji after tropical cyclone Winston, Tomnod has proven what's possible when you bring ...

Post-Mortem on Flight MH370 Crowdsource Search

GPS World magazine - 27 Aug 2015
Tomnod provided volunteers with images of the Thailand Gulf, Andaman Sea and areas of the Indian Ocean (West of Australia), an area that had been recommended for scrutiny by AMSA, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. The area was organized by ...

MH370 And Crowdsourced Space Imaging

Forbes - 19 May 2014
Colorado-based Digital Globe, which provided satellite images to the government, crowdsourced search efforts through Tomnod - its crowdsourcing platform. Millions of volunteers combed through imagery displaying large swathes of the ocean for suspicious ...

Scientists need your help in first-ever census of Weddell seals

UMN News - 13 Apr 2017
This research is funded by the National Science Foundation and is a joint effort of the University of Minnesota, University of Colorado at Boulder, H.T. Harvey & Associates Ecological Consultants, Point Blue Conservation Science, Tomnod, and DigitalGlobe.

Satellite 'Search And Rescue' Imaging Finally Comes Of Age

Forbes - 25 Nov 2013
An image taken September 16th by DigitalGlobe's QuickBird satellite was flagged as potentially being the missing yacht by multiple Tomnod users. The image was then sent to Maritime New Zealand where it was thoroughly analyzed in terms of whether it ...

Malaysia Airlines MH370 / TomNod crowd-search - CNN

Canada - 12 Mar 2014
I was able to get onto the TomNod site earlier today, and found a VERY interesting satellite image. Scale looks proper for a 777-200. I don't know how to tell the lat / long of that map, but am hoping by tagging it on TomNod that they will take a ...

Using Crowdsourcing To Map Displacement in South Sudan

SpaceWatch Middle East (press release) (blog) - 18 Apr 2017
To improve population information, the Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS NET) is once again partnering with Tomnod to gather data on five counties: Panyijiar, Leer, Guit, Koch, and Mayendit. This information can help humanitarians plan better ...

Satellite Images Used to Track Food Insecurity in South Sudan

Voice of America - 02 Jun 2017
DigitalGlobe's platform, known as Tomnod, has more than 2 million unique users. Other crowdsourcing observation campaigns using satellite imagery include the effects of a wildfire in South Africa and counting seals in Antarctica. But the work is ...

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