Tracy Morgan Dead? Fans Freak Out After Rumor Spreads -
tracy morgan dead

Tracy Morgan Dead? Fans Freak Out After Rumor Spreads

Hollywood Life - 10 Jun 2014
These days, a comment on Twitter spreads so much faster than actual real news, so when people began tweeting that Tracy Morgan had died three days after being involved in a violent car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike, yet another death hoax was ...
tracy morgan dead

TV highlights: 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' airs on ABC

Washington Post - 18 Oct 2017
Superstore (NBC at 8) An attempted robbery puts the Cloud 9 employees on edge. Gotham (Fox at 8) Bruce takes a dark turn. Supernatural (CW at 8) Loretta Devine (“The Carmichael Show”) returns as Winchester family friend and psychic Missouri Moseley.
tracy morgan dead

Harvey Weinstein and women a laughing matter?

CNN - 11 Oct 2017
In a scene featuring the characters Jenna Maroney and Tracy Jordan (played by Jane Krakowski and Tracy Morgan), Jenna explains that she's not afraid of anyone in Hollywood, joking she "turned down intercourse with Harvey Weinstein on no less than three ...
tracy morgan dead

Anne Jeffreys, Glamorous Star of 'Topper' on Television, Dies at 94

Hollywood Reporter - 28 Sep 2017
As a contract player at Republic and RKO, she helped entertain the troops at the Hollywood Canteen during World War II. In RKO's Dick Tracy (1945) and Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1946), Jeffreys' witty Tess was constantly being stood up by Morgan Conway, ...
tracy morgan dead

Walmart's insurer wants Tracy Morgan to testify under oath

Page Six - 01 Jun 2017
Tracy Morgan has been ordered to testify under oath by Walmart's insurance company about the multimillion-dollar crash settlement he got from the retail giant — which according to them, was way too generous. The store's insurer, Ohio Casualty, ...
tracy morgan dead

How Tracy Morgan Found the Humor in His Near-Death Car Accident

Daily Beast - 16 May 2017
Tracy Morgan is explaining how one masturbates in a hospital without getting caught. Or, rather, how not to care about getting caught. “Easy!” he says, sort of barking in that loud, Tracy Morgan way. “They standing right there and I masturbate! I didn ...
tracy morgan dead

Don Rickles dies: Celebrities pay tribute (blog) - 06 Apr 2017
Rickles, who appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson more than 100 times and starred in John Landis' Emmy Award-winning documentary about himself (Mr. Warmth), also voiced Mr. Potato Head on Toy Story and appeared on the Tonight Show ...
tracy morgan dead

Novella Nelson, 78, Dies; Brought Authority to Myriad Roles

New York Times - 07 Sep 2017
In the episode she was cast to play the mother of Tracy Jordan, Tracy Morgan's character, on a Mother's Day show, because his real mother could not be found. “Maybe you wanted someone more high-profile, but I am what you've got,” she told him. “So ...
tracy morgan dead

State trooper dies of heart attack while on duty

KATC Lafayette News - 11 Jan 2017
According to Troop D spokesman Sgt. James Anderson, fifty-one-year-old Sergeant Tracy Morgan died of a heart attack while on duty at the Capital One building in Lake Charles today. Shortly after 1:00 p.m., Sgt. Morgan collapsed as he walked from the ...
tracy morgan dead

How Tracy Morgan's Near-Death Accident Made Him Funnier - 24 Mar 2016
Not for the first time, Tracy Morgan is getting a glimpse of heaven. "Look at this," he says, pointing to a city-size mass of white clouds, framed against a marble-blue horizon, outside the window of his leased private jet. "Ain't no war up here. Ain't ...
tracy morgan dead

Season 7 Episode 13 Recap: The Art of Peace

GQ Magazine - 13 Mar 2017
This week's "Bury Me Here" features series-best work from both James (as Morgan) and McBride (as Carol), playing characters we've seen evolve from The Walking Dead's very first season. When the episode begins, Morgan is a committed pacifist and Carol ...

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