Transformers 4: Will It Never End? -
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Transformers 4: Will It Never End?

The Atlantic - 27 Jun 2014
The villainous head of the unit (Kelsey Grammer) is in cahoots with both an intergalactic mercenary Transformer named Lockdown and a billionaire industrialist (Stanley Tucci) shopping for parts to build his own Transformers. It's not long before this ...
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The Transformers Studio Series Makes Movie Bots Look Good

Kotaku - 17 Feb 2018
While I am not the biggest fan of the live-action Transformers movies, I do appreciate the “realistic” robot and vehicle designs the series has spawned. Revealed today at Toy Fair 2018, the Studio Series celebrates those designs with intricate figures ...
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Duplass Brothers Sign 4-Film Deal With Netflix

Hollywood Reporter - 21 Feb 2018
This latest deal isn't the brothers' first partnership with Netflix. In 2015, they signed an SVOD deal with the streamer that included movies Blue Jay, Take Me, Creep 2 and the upcoming Duck Butter and Outside In. The brothers join Netflix early ...
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Nigeria: Power Supply Worsens As TCN Records 6 Systems Collapse - 22 Feb 2018
The nation's epileptic power situation is set to worsen as Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, recorded six systems collapses in January 2018. The development culminated in the damage of nine vital components, which Vanguard learned, will cost the ...
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Customers experience bank heist at Gnarly Escapes

East Idaho News - 21 Feb 2018
He did sound design for movies like “Transformers 3,” “World War Z” and the second “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie. With Gnarly Escapes, he capitalizes on his sound production experience by incorporating sound effects and other elements that ...
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Recensione Cinecomic: Transformers 4 – L'Era dell'Estinzione

C4Comic (Blog) - 19 Feb 2018
Transformers ha sempre affrontato il tema umano con la spinta nel far crescere un personaggio all'interno del film, si prenda per esempio il protagonista Sam Witwicky dei primi tre capitoli, che affronta un percorso di crescita che parte dalla scoperta ...
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Transformers - VF - Diffusé le 27/02/18 à 23h05 sur FRANCE 4

Le Figaro - 19 Feb 2018
D'énigmatiques robots extraterrestres, susceptibles de se transformer en véhicules ou autres objets, s'affrontent dans une guerre sans merci pour asseoir leur règne sur la Terre. Les Autobots s'opposent ainsi aux cruels Decepticons qui cherchent à s ...
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'Transformers' tendrá un reboot después de su próximo filme

ENTER.CO - 19 Feb 2018
También significa que después de 'Bumblebee', el próximo filme de 'Transformers', no habrá más películas dentro de la misma continuidad. Por ejemplo, 'Transformers 6' (programada para 2019) ha sido cancelada. Ni Paramount ni Hasbro han anunciado que ...
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'Transformers: The Last Knight' Reveals the Fate of Sam Witwicky - 22 Jun 2017
Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) was the hero of the first three Transformers movies. He was a scrappy, nerdy kid who came across the Transformers (or rather, the Transformers came across him because the coordinates of the AllSpark were imprinted on the ...

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