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tropical storm julia

Julia Maintains Tropical Storm Strength off Southeast Coast

ABC News - 14 Sep 2016
Julia maintained tropical storm strength Thursday night after earlier weakening to a tropical depression, but forecasters said it would gradually lose steam again while meandering off the coast of the Carolinas. The storm, which did not deliver the ...
tropical storm julia

Hurricane scientists have never seen an image like this before

Quartz - 07 Sep 2017
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has issued advisories on Hurricane Irma (currently located north of the Dominican Republic), Hurricane Jose (700 miles east of the Lesser Antilles), and Hurricane Katia (over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico).
tropical storm julia

2017 trio of hurricanes closely resembles 2010 storms

FOX 29 News Philadelphia - 07 Sep 2017
In 2017, Hurricane Jose has the potential to affect some areas that were hit hard by Irma. In 2010, Julia proved to be mostly harmless, staying out to sea, and was weakened in part by Hurricane Igor ahead of it, as well as dust from the Saharan Desert.
tropical storm julia

Florida Alligators May Be on the Loose After Hurricane Irma

Newsweek - 11 Sep 2017
Floridians venturing outside to check their homes for damage after Hurricane Irma should look out for more than just debris: They also should beware of alligators. The Florida Department of Health tweeted Monday morning that residents needed to "be ...
tropical storm julia

Hurricane Jose Expected To Hammer Massachusetts

Patch.com - 18 Sep 2017
It's looking more and more likely that strong winds and drenching rains are headed to Massachusetts this week, courtesy of Hurricane Jose. Potentially tropical storm-force wind and several inches of rain could reach the state as early as Tuesday ...
tropical storm julia

Hurricane Jose Off New Jersey: Impacts, Location, Timing

Patch.com - 18 Sep 2017
Tropical storm force winds are expected to arrive in Delaware and southern New Jersey Tuesday morning, and then along the coasts in central and northern New Jersey Tuesday afternoon. The strongest winds are expected to be confined to to the coast and ...
tropical storm julia

Gas prices will jump thanks to Tropical Storm Harvey

CNNMoney - 25 Aug 2017
Gas prices are going to jump in some parts of the country as Tropical Storm Harvey slams the Texas coast. A gallon of gas is a penny more expensive than it was a day ago, but it may ultimately cost between five and 15 cents more, according to Tom Kloza ...
tropical storm julia

Kids wrap up storm 'vacation,' return to school on minds

Gainesville Sun - 15 Sep 2017
“Her (Julia) birthday was on Wednesday and they were going to go to Disney World,” Booth said. “She had her own personal hurricane she threw.” While Julia was upset about missing her birthday celebration, Jackson said he wasn't afraid of the hurricane.

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