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trump acceptance speech

Taylor Swift uses AMA acceptance speech to hit back at Donald Trump

Evening Standard - 10 Oct 2018
The speech was welcomed by loud applause while host for the evening, American comedian Tracee Ellis Ross, wore a T-shirt bearing the slogan "I am a voter". It comes after Swift announced her support for two Democrat candidates as she prepares to vote ...
trump acceptance speech

Kanye West to lunch with Donald Trump this week

BBC News - 09 Oct 2018
Swift's remarks once again puts her at odds with West, with whom she has had an on-off public feud since he interrupted her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards. In September, West, who is married to Kim Kardashian, wore a hat with ...
trump acceptance speech

Trump's 60 Minutes Interview Was a Ratings Flop

Vanity Fair - 16 Oct 2018
The universe has granted Stormy Daniels a small, petty win, just one day after her defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump was dismissed by a federal judge in California—and just a few hours after the president gloated about the case on Twitter, ...
trump acceptance speech

Obama Was Right About Kanye West and Taylor Swift

Daily Beast - 14 Oct 2018
During the strange media circus that followed, Kanye praised Trump (“I love this guy”), denounced the Hillary Clinton campaign slogan as lacking in “male energy,” bemoaned black Americans' supposed obsession with racism (“We really get caught up in the ...
trump acceptance speech

In or out of the Oval Office, Jim Brown hasn't changed

The Undefeated - 16 Oct 2018
Now that Trump is in office, Brown's approach is simple: He has a program that can change lives. Trump can fund that program. So Brown will work with Trump. Tax records show that Brown puts most of the Amer-I-Can budget into salaries for the people ...
trump acceptance speech

Saturday Night Live Goes Full Bore on Kanye West

TV Guide - 14 Oct 2018
It's only been two weeks since Kanye West dressed up as a water bottle for his musical performance on Saturday Night Live and then roiled all the rules by donning a red MAGA hat and starting up a cut-for-time tirade about his love of Donald Trump ...

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