This Is Why a Trump Chicken Was Near the White House -
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This Is Why a Trump Chicken Was Near the White House

New York Times - 10 Aug 2017
Onlookers who saw the 10-foot-by-30-foot bird with the golden coif on the Ellipse, a park directly south of the White House, had no trouble identifying its human doppelgänger: President Trump. The chicken was the brainchild of Taran Singh Brar, an ...
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'Trump Chicken' dressed as a prisoner to sail around San Francisco

The Independent - 22 Jul 2018
A gigantic inflatable “Trump chicken” donning a prison uniform is due to set sail from San Francisco Bay on a boat called “Alcatraz Prison Transport” on Sunday. The 33-foot blimp, which depicts US president Donald Trump, is dressed in black and white ...
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Illinois protesters greet Trump with giant 'Trump chicken'

The Hill (blog) - 26 Jul 2018
Protesters lined up hours ahead of his visit to greet the president with the “Trump chicken” balloon and numerous signs attacking the president as a “liar,” calling for his impeachment, and slamming his controversial “zero-tolerance” immigration policy.
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Drone Video: Trump Chicken Spotted in San Francisco Bay (Again!)

NBC Bay Area - 24 Jul 2018
Chickens aren't exactly known as waterfowl, but one especially large chicken that first appeared at a protest in April, 2017 came back to the Bay over the weekend — this time, aboard a boat. The Trump Chicken — a giant, inflatable effigy that ...
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Giant inflatable 'Trump Chicken' sets sail around San Francisco Bay

WKMG News 6 & ClickOrlando - 23 Jul 2018
SAN FRANCISCO - If you've ever wondered what a 33-foot-tall inflatable balloon made to look President Donald Trump as a chicken wearing a prison uniform looks like, then here you go. The giant balloon, tied down to a boat, sailed around San Francisco ...
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Trump's tariff war could devastate Detroit - 23 Jul 2018
The chicken tax hasn't been discussed much in the debate over the Trump tariff proposal, but it could become a major issue in the coming months. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, among other European leaders, has proposed heading off the looming ...
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Protesters, Trump supporters line streets for hours

Utica Observer Dispatch - 14 Aug 2018
UTICA — “Hey hey, ho ho. Donald Trump has got to go!” “USA! USA! USA!” Those competing chants drifted across the intersection of Genesee and Lafayette streets late Monday afternoon as supporters and detractors of President Donald Trump lined the ...
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Here's how Trump can end the whole Mueller investigation farce

Fox News - 14 Aug 2018
To end this inquiry, President Trump may need to step up, and not on Twitter. That's because the Mueller probe is down to a game of chicken over whether to subpoena the president's personal testimony – a risky course both for the president and for ...
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President Trump visits Upstate New York

WIVB-TV News 4 - 13 Aug 2018
Protesters also gathered with a giant Trump Chicken and signs. Both sides expect upwards of 1,000 people to gather. Many areas were blocked off for the president's visit, and snipers were posted around the hotel. The area was congested as a result.
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Turkey's President Erdogan Playing Chicken With Investors

Forbes - 15 Aug 2018
The parallels between the two strongman presidents, Donald Trump and Tayyip Erdogan, are strange especially since they are now fighting each other politically and economically, with Turkey losing badly. Instead of acknowledging the current economic ...
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This Is the Way Paul Ryan's Speakership Ends

New York Times - 07 Aug 2018
Chicken, meet egg. “I would say the unwillingness of Ryan and others to offer an alternative vision to Trump would be the reason” that Trump's approval number is so high, Sykes told me. “When your best and brightest basically run up the white flag, it ...
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Tackling Trump's tariffs

Crain's Detroit Business (blog) - 12 Aug 2018
Even though the amounts of Trump's tariffs are the same as the Chicken Tax, they are not the same trade problem and, therefore, overcoming Trump's tariffs will require very different trade solutions. The key difference is the timeframes. Having been ...

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