NFL head and players speak out on Trump's calling for kneeling players to be ... -
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Would a Patriots win end Trump's feud with the NFL?

Washington Examiner - 22 Jan 2018
On Sunday, we saw the NFL's final four whittled down to two for Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. In less than two weeks, the Philadelphia Eagles will get a chance to avenge their Super Bowl XXXIX loss to the New England Patriots. If you're one of those ...
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Troops' protest of game blackout shuts down Trump scorn of NFL

Newsday - 22 Jan 2018
Throughout the NFL season, Donald Trump encouraged fans to boycott the league, accusing the players who knelt during the national anthem of disrespecting America's military. Turns out, service members stationed overseas wanted respect for their wish to ...
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Government Shutdown, Amazon Go, NFL: Your Monday Briefing

New York Times - 22 Jan 2018
Embassy to move by next year, Mike Pence says. • The vice president said today that the U.S. Embassy in Israel would transfer to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv before the end of 2019. Advertisement. Continue reading the main story. Mr. Pence's statement, made ...
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Both Trump and Jerry were right about the NFL

Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog) - 17 Jan 2018
We are on to the next thing, and it looks like the NFL is not dying after all. Turns out Trump was right, and he was wrong, about the NFL. And Jerry Jones was right. In September, President Donald J. Trump tweeted, “NFL attendance and ratings are WAY ...
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Trump's NFL SOBs may be no-shows at Super Bowl 52

Washington Times - 17 Jan 2018
ANALYSIS/OPINION: NBC has mustered the courage to show national anthem kneelers, if there are any, at the Feb. 4 Super Bowl in Minneapolis. The knee-planters' silent protests that drew so much attention through much of the regular season tapered off ...
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The Progressive Case for the New England Patriots (Seriously)

The Nation. - 22 Jan 2018
For people defending the franchise against these Team Trump charges, it also hasn't helped that Nazi leaders have said that the Pats are their favorites because they are “consistently NFL's whitest team.” [That's not actually true, but facts have never ...
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Trump duped a lot of NFL football fans

Baltimore Sun - 04 Jan 2018
I am having trouble understanding how so many football fans can be so successfully trolled by Donald Trump. The football players taking a knee prior to kick-off is not in any way intended to show disrespect to the flag or military. Just because ...
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Football protests could hurt Super Bowl LII viewership

CNBC - 18 Jan 2018
Of those surveyed, 44 percent of those who identified themselves as "huge football fans" agreed with Trump, saying they disapproved of NFL players protesting during the game. In contrast, nearly a third of respondents said they believed the football ...
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Playoffs Enabled NFL To Beat NBA, Academy Awards And Trump

Forbes - 02 Jan 2018
The NFL's playoffs dominated the television ratings in 2017, with the Super Bowl and NFC and AFC Conference championship games taking the top three slots. President Trump's address to Congress placed fourth (see table below). Ad Age reports that ...
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NFL protests named top sports story of 2017

Chicago Tribune - 25 Dec 2017
President Donald Trump couldn't stand NFL players kneeling in protest during "The Star-Spangled Banner." His angry call to fire players who didn't stand for the national anthem rekindled both the national debate over the issue and the movement itself ...
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Poll: 33% of NFL fans 'purposely stopped watching' this season

Yahoo Finance - 08 Jan 2018
On social media, many people railed that players protesting during the national anthem led outraged Americans to boycott. A new survey from SurveyMonkey and Ozy Media, shared first with Yahoo Finance, finds that 33% of NFL fans boycotted the league ...
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Business Schools Now Teaching #MeToo, NFL Protests and Trump

New York Times - 25 Dec 2017
This fall, Professor Soule assigned coursework covering sexual harassment at Uber, how companies like Amazon respond when attacked by Mr. Trump and the social justice protests by N.F.L. players. During one class, students debated whether players should ...

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