NFL head and players speak out on Trump's calling for kneeling players to be ... -
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Is Donald Trump Saving the NFL?

The Nation. - 19 Oct 2017
Give him credit for this: He certainly spun a mild demonstration against racism into a flagrant case of disrespect for the flag, the military, our wars, patriotism, the nation, and above all else, of course, Donald J. Trump. With his usual skill, he ...
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Jags Owner Khan: Trump vs. NFL Is 'Personal' For The President

Monday Morning Quarterback - 19 Oct 2017
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Trump Criticizes NFL for Not Penalizing Anthem Kneeling

New York Times - 18 Oct 2017
The decision was faulted by President Trump on Wednesday morning. Trump, who has on several occasions criticized players who do not stand for the anthem, said on Twitter: “The NFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of ...
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Why Trump's war on the NFL is a classic despot's move

Washington Post - 19 Oct 2017
Make no mistake: Trump's Twitter war against the NFL is a calculated, cynical strategy to divert attention from his administration's failures and scandals. Worse, though, it's authoritarian. His cynical use of the anthem controversy to stir up cultural ...
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Trump NFL row: NFL won't make players stand for anthem

BBC News - 18 Oct 2017
The NFL will not force its players to stand during the national anthem despite backlash over recent protests, the league's commissioner says. Roger Goodell said he would "encourage" players to stand, but would not punish them if they refused to do so.
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NFL policy on anthem kneeling unchanged, despite Trump rebuke

Reuters - 17 Oct 2017
NEW YORK (Reuters) - National Football League officials weighed the fervor of players protesting racism against U.S. President Donald Trump's anger at their autumn meeting on Tuesday with supporters of the players kneeling outside in solidarity.
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President Trump Calls On NFL to Suspend Players Who Protest

Sports Illustrated - 16 Oct 2017
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently said that she did not find the NFL players protesting during the national anthem disrespectful. In response to a question from a reporter on Monday, Trump said that he hopes Clinton runs for ...
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News Brief: President Trump Says GOP Is Unified, NFL Protests

NPR - 17 Oct 2017
GREENE: All right, so in that press conference, President Trump also had some thoughts on the protests by NFL players. He wants suspensions for players who do not stand during the national anthem. MARTIN: Right. So in New York today, NFL owners and ...
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Trump again blasts NFL over players kneeling during anthem - 18 Oct 2017
WASHINGTON (AP) President Donald Trump is again criticizing the NFL over players kneeling during the national anthem. Trump said on Twitter early Wednesday that the ”NFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our ...
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Trump is using black NFL players as political pawns

Washington Post - 15 Oct 2017
Yet, in poll after poll since, the public has responded to questions on how it feels about NFL players using the anthem to protest in a similar manner it has about supporting Trump's candidacy and nine-month-old presidency. Just as white citizens were ...
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Hate against the NFL proves impeachment won't stop Trump's America

The Daily Dot - 18 Oct 2017
Which do Trump fans love more, the NFL or President Donald Trump? According to the New York Times, it's not the NFL. After the president's vulgar criticisms against NFL players who kneel for the national anthem to protest police violence against Black ...

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