Trump calls Obama 'a very good man' after historic White House meeting -
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Trump is beating up on Iran — and it's making Obama look weak

Business Insider - 21 Sep 2018
President Donald Trump has, at almost every turn, defied experts on Iran policy to take a very aggressive track against Tehran. Despite this, Trump has yet to suffer a single tangible consequence or any of the nightmare scenarios that President Barack ...
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Trump Goes After Obama: 'Good News' He's Campaigning Again - 21 Sep 2018
Trump Goes After Obama: 'Good News' He's Campaigning Again. Unable to load video. President Trump going after his predecessor at the campaign style rally in Las Vegas. Veuer's Nick Cardona has that story. Published: 8:17 AM EDT September 21, 2018.
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The 'Trump economy' vs. the 'Obama economy'

Washington Post - 18 Sep 2018
The White House did not respond to a specific question about Trump's assertion of an economic turnaround, but an official did provide data making the case that Trump exceeded expectations for the economy at the time of Obama's departure.
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Trump: 'Good news' that Obama is campaigning again

The Hill (blog) - 21 Sep 2018
Obama burst back onto the scene earlier this month in a speech in Illinois that included blistering rebukes of Trump's performance while in office on everything from his tax plan to his response to the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville ...
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Democrats like to talk about Trump breaking norms. Now Obama is.

Montgomery Advertiser - 20 Sep 2018
WASHINGTON — When Barack Obama took the oath of office as president in 2009, George W. Bush wished him well and left the political stage, determined to never publicly criticize his successor. It is a vow he kept for the entire eight years of Obama's ...
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Where Republicans could win in Obama-Trump territory

Axios - 20 Sep 2018
There are 21 "Obama-Trump" districts in play in the 2018 midterms, and FiveThirtyEight's breakdown of who's leading in these competitive races shows Republicans could make gains in Minnesota and keep key seats in New York. Why it matters: These races ...
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Obama Didn't Build That!

National Review - 21 Sep 2018
To be precise, the national debt was $10.6 trillion at Obama's first inaugural. It was $19.9 trillion as Marine One whisked Obama out of town for the last time. Relieved Trump supporters on Capitol Hill screamed with joy after the new president took ...
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Election Update: Who's Leading In Obama-Trump Districts

FiveThirtyEight - 19 Sep 2018
Of the 12 Obama-Trump districts currently represented by a Republican, four will be particularly hard for Democrats to flip — as of Tuesday evening, our model rated them all “likely Republican.” Interestingly, all four are in New York, specifically in ...
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Trump, Obama Hit the Trail -- for Better and for Worse

RealClearPolitics - 19 Sep 2018
President Obama is back on the campaign trail stumping for Democrats as they push to retake the majority in Congress. He's headlined events in California and Ohio, subtly jabbing President Trump by telling voters that the Democratic Party is ...
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Trump Claims Credit for the Economy. Not So Fast, Says Obama.

New York Times - 10 Sep 2018
Barely a day passes without President Trump boasting about the growing economy, claiming with a mix of hyperbole and fact that it is “booming like never before.” But former President Barack Obama finds all the Trumpian chest-thumping more than a little ...
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Trump Is Unshackling America's Drones Thanks to Obama's Weakness

ACLU (blog) - 19 Sep 2018
Toward the end of the Obama administration, the president moderately circumscribed the agency's role in executing lethal strikes abroad, in part to increase public transparency. Compared to the U.S. military (which also uses lethal force abroad), the ...

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