Donald Trump is about to face a rude awakening over Obamacare -
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Donald Trump is about to face a rude awakening over Obamacare

Washington Post - 11 Nov 2016
The other — preventing insurance companies from denying coverage because of preexisting conditions — offers a perfect illustration of why Trump and most of the other Republicans critics of Obamacare don't understand the health insurance market.
trump obamacare

How one blue state is defying Trump's Obamacare moves

Politico - 13 Nov 2018
OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington spent years trying to make Obamacare work. Now, it's leading the effort to Trump-proof the law's insurance markets. Washington, along with progressive strongholds like California and New Jersey, have taken numerous steps ...
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Trump's biggest midterm blunder: embracing Obamacare repeal

Vox - 07 Nov 2018
Trump endorsed Obamacare repeal as a candidate, just like every other Republican, and when he was sworn in, the top priority for Republicans wasn't a big tax cut or an ambitious infrastructure plan like Trump had dreamed about. It was trying to pass a ...
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Trump administration gives states new power to weaken Obamacare

CNN - 22 Oct 2018
The Trump administration has taken repeated steps to weaken Obamacare through smaller regulatory changes after Republicans in Congress failed to repeal the landmark 2010 health reform law last year. It has broadened access to two types of insurance ...
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Here's how much Obamacare premiums will increase in every state

Business Insider - 02 Nov 2018
The average premium for the benchmark Obamacare plan will decline in 2019 compared to the year before. In fact, premiums are falling in 18 states, and another 13 are only seeing increases of 5% or less. While President Donald Trump has taken credit for ...
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Trump officials sticking with reduced ObamaCare outreach budget

The Hill - 26 Oct 2018
The Trump administration will spend $10 million on ObamaCare outreach and marketing ahead of the upcoming open enrollment period, the same amount as last year. The $10 million for ad funding for 2019 is a 90 percent cut compared to the $100 million ...
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Democrats Seize on Trump Administration's Latest Obamacare Move

Roll Call - 22 Oct 2018
Senate Democrats have seized on a Trump administration proposal to loosen restrictions on some health insurance offerings as the latest way to attack Republicans over protecting people with pre-existing conditions. “The American people should look at ...
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Trump says Jeff Sessions gave him no warning on Obamacare lawsuit

Washington Examiner - 05 Nov 2018
Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not notify President Trump that the Department of Justice would join a lawsuit challenging Obamacare's rules on pre-existing conditions, the president told Axios on HBO. "No, he didn't," Trump said when asked whether ...

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