Donald Trump is about to face a rude awakening over Obamacare -
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Donald Trump is about to face a rude awakening over Obamacare

Washington Post - 11 Nov 2016
The other — preventing insurance companies from denying coverage because of preexisting conditions — offers a perfect illustration of why Trump and most of the other Republicans critics of Obamacare don't understand the health insurance market.
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Obamacare lawsuit boosts Democrats in state AG races

Politico - 18 Sep 2018
Back in February, 20 of them filed the latest suit, arguing Congress' repeal of Obamacare's individual mandate penalty rendered the rest of the law unable to stand. The case was considered a long shot until the Trump administration announced in June ...
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Goucher Poll: Marylanders Back Hogan, Obamacare; Reject Trump - 18 Sep 2018
BALTIMORE, MD — Marylanders support Republican Gov. Larry Hogan as he seeks re-election, a $15 an hour minimum wage and Obamacare, while saying their taxes are too high and they have little support for the job President Donald Trump is doing, ...
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Yet Another ObamaCare Problem Needs to Be Cleaned Up by Trump - 16 Sep 2018
Others argue it will drive up premiums and reduce choice, since the decision comes at a time that insurers are calculating 2019 premiums. But the reality is that the Trump administration is simply trying to clean up yet another mess created by ObamaCare.
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Sen. Tammy Baldwin seeks to kill Trump's Obamacare off-ramp

Washington Times - 29 Aug 2018
A Wisconsin senator announced a long-shot resolution Wednesday to kill President Trump's main off-ramp for customers unhappy with Obamacare, hoping to force Congress to vote to overturn his plan to allow people to buy cheaper, skimpier insurance. Sen.
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Timeline: President Trump's efforts to repeal, dismantle Obamacare

Bridge Michigan - 11 Sep 2018
The Republican-led U.S. Congress has repeatedly tried and failed to repeal and replace Obamacare. Since taking office in 2017, they have had an ally in President Trump, whose administration has attempted to dismantle the health care law, one step at a ...
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The Note: Can Democrats beat Trump's GOP with Obamacare?

ABC News - 21 Aug 2018
President Donald Trump is making his sixth visit to the state as president, as he seeks to oust an incumbent Democrat who wants his campaign to be about saving Obamacare. Sen. Joe Manchin is attacking his GOP opponent, Attorney General Patrick ...
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Fox News poll: Voters like Obamacare more than GOP tax cuts

USA TODAY - 23 Aug 2018
Democrats have made health care a big issue in the upcoming congressional midterm elections, charging that Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress have worked to undermine gains made by Obamacare in the affordability and quality of health care ...
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GOP lawsuit that could bring down Obamacare goes to court

CNN - 05 Sep 2018
Notably, the Trump administration will not defend several important provisions of Obamacare in court. However, it is taking a narrower view of the impact of Congress' zeroing out of the penalty, which was included in last year's tax overhaul bill. The ...

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