Trump denies making 'shithole countries' comment -
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Trump denies making 'shithole countries' comment

CNN - 12 Jan 2018
White House spokesperson Raj Shah did not deny the "shithole" remark on Thursday evening, but instead said in a statement that Trump "is fighting for permanent solutions that make our country stronger by welcoming those who can contribute to our ...
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Sessions ouster, loss of House show high anxiety for Trump

Newsday - 08 Nov 2018
Common sense tells you that a politician who is snapping at reporters' questions and casting sour blame is a politician who is feeling the heat. In this way, President Donald Trump ranks as average, even if his public eruptions on Wednesday against ...
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No Quick Win For Feds In Haitian Refugee Status Suit

Law360 - 13 Nov 2018
Law360, New York (November 13, 2018, 5:09 PM EST) -- A Brooklyn federal judge declined to toss a suit Tuesday claiming racism motivated the Trump administration to revoke the temporary protected status of 50,000 Haitians in the wake of an earthquake, ...
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The Republican Denial of Trump's Racism Is Absurd

New York Magazine - 12 Nov 2018
Michael Cohen recently disclosed a series of racist comments Trump made in private — remarking of a poor neighborhood in Chicago, “Only the blacks could live like this”; saying, “Name one country run by a black person that's not a shithole”; and the like.
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30 Under 30 2019: Meet The Millennials Changing The Face Of Media

Forbes - 13 Nov 2018
Some, like Dawsey—who broke the news that President Trump had referred to African nations as “shithole” countries—are reporters who work to keep the public informed. Also among the list's ranks are founders of outlets with innovative business models ...
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Unity and disorder emanate from Armistice commemoration in Paris

Irish Times - 12 Nov 2018
One wondered if the impassive Trump recalled his description of African nations as “shithole countries”. In another example of openness and tolerance, students from the suburb of Seine Saint Denis read texts written by American, Chinese, English ...
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Orange Crush: Trump broke McSally, GOP's stranglehold on Arizona - 13 Nov 2018
Trump exists in another dimension and he has demanded Republicans join him there. It's a place where refugees are diseased and shithole invaders, the truth is whatever instant lie he just fell out of his mouth, and no one has ever been a better ...
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Hate Was Not a Winning Ticket

Dissent (blog) - 13 Nov 2018
If Trump's election in 2016 was a victory for the demagoguery of racist nationalism, the midterms marked a quiet but meaningful repudiation of that vision. Looming over the campaign trail was the “migrant caravan,” which Trump painted as an invading ...
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Zambia has a shithole cabinet

Zambian Watchdog - 19 Oct 2018
I should say I was in affirmative with United States president, Donald Trump when he called most third world countries shitholes, I still am. One thing president Donald Trump may not have been informed is how some of these countries turned into ...

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