Trump decries immigrants from 'shithole countries' coming to US -
trump shithole countries

Trump decries immigrants from 'shithole countries' coming to US

CNN - 12 Jan 2018
A White House official told CNN the President's "shithole" remark is being received much differently inside of the White House than it is outside. The official said that although this might enrage Washington, staffers predict the comment would resonate ...
trump shithole countries

The “Shithole” Cover-up

Slate Magazine - 19 Jan 2018
A Washington Post article published on Monday, citing “interviews with more than a dozen White House officials, Capitol Hill aides and lawmakers,” said that during the meeting, Trump had “called nations from Africa 'shithole countries' ” and had ...
trump shithole countries

The 'shithole' countries don't really like Trump, either

Washington Post - 18 Jan 2018
President Trump's disdain for certain other countries isn't much of a secret. His campaign began with an assessment that Mexico was sending criminals across the border into the United States — not the sort of thing that was likely to endear him to the ...
trump shithole countries

Trump's America Is A Shithole Country

Newsweek - 15 Jan 2018
On Thursday, during a meeting on immigration, President Donald Trump reportedly referred to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as "shitholes." U.S. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, who was present during the discussion, told reporters ...
trump shithole countries

Trump denies making 'shithole countries' comment

CNN - 12 Jan 2018
Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, confirmed the remarks, saying Trump "said these hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly." But two immigration hard-liners, Republican Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue, said they "do not recall the President saying these ...
trump shithole countries

Trump Attacks Senator Who Confirmed 'Shithole Countries' Comment

HuffPost - 15 Jan 2018
He was in the meeting with Trump, along with Sens. David Perdue (R-Ga.) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.). Perdue and Cotton, who are loyal to Trump and have tried to work closely with the president on immigration policy last year, have not confirmed Durbin's ...
trump shithole countries

Most Americans considered Trump's 'shithole' comments racist

Washington Post - 17 Jan 2018
During an Oval Office meeting with senators from both parties last week, a frustrated President Trump lashed out at the idea of allowing immigrants from poorer countries to enter the United States. “Why are we having all these people from shithole ...
trump shithole countries

Why focusing on 'shithole' totally misses the point

CNN - 15 Jan 2018
What this big game of telephone misses is that it doesn't really matter whether Trump said "shithole" or "shithouse" or "craphole" or any of the various other derogatory names in that vein. The point, after all, is this: The President of the United ...
trump shithole countries

'Shitholes' and Scandals Drown Out Looming Shutdown

U.S. News & World Report - 19 Jan 2018
This week, U.S. political Twitter became "shithole" central. By far, the most posted-about topic we tracked was President Trump's pejorative comments during a discussion with congressional leaders about countries from which he would prefer not to allow ...

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