The three little words missing from Donald Trump's victory speech -
trump victory speech

GOP nominates an outsider, Bob Stefanowski, for governor

The CT Mirror - 15 Aug 2018
His victory could change gubernatorial politics in two ways: If elected in November, he would be the first governor to bypass the convention system in Connecticut, a hidebound state when it comes to ballot access; and Stefanowski's allies emulated ...
trump victory speech

Manufacturers launch ad campaigns to get their message to Trump

The Architect's Newspaper - 17 Aug 2018
The ad plays a clip of Trump's campaign victory speech when he said, “We're going to rebuild our infrastructure.” Another AEM ad from earlier this year encouraged the president and congressional leaders to reject steel tariffs, saying that they would ...
trump victory speech

Trump Takes Post-Election Victory Lap Despite Close Races

Roll Call - 08 Aug 2018
Republican congressional candidate Troy Balderson celebrates after giving his victory speech Tuesday night in Newark, Ohio. He holds a lead, but the race with Democrat Danny O'Connor remains too close to call. (Justin Merriman/Getty Images).
trump victory speech

I read six sycophantic pro-Trump books — and then I read Omarosa

Washington Post - 15 Aug 2018
Hugging Trump after his victory speech on election night was “one of the highlights of my life,” she recalls in her book. No longer. In “Unhinged,” Manigault Newman now calls Trump a racist, misogynist and narcissist; a “cult leader,” a “little man ...
trump victory speech

Why Silicon Valley is Killing Free Speech

FrontPage Magazine - 17 Aug 2018
That crisis arrived in the form of Donald J. Trump. While Clinton's people blamed their defeat on the Russians, the media seized on the “fake news” angle to blame Trump's victory on social media misinformation. (Later these two competing narratives ...

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