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Intuit And The Art Of Customer Monetization

Seeking Alpha - 19 Jul 2018
Intuit has continued to reinvent itself over the last many years. The company's focus on customer monetization and a new tax filing offering (TurboTax Live) has helped Intuit beat its guidance for the 3Q18 and also led to an increase in. While the ...
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With new CMO and agency, H&R Block is ready for Trump taunts

AdAge.com - 27 Jun 2018
He's tasked with increasing the brand's client base in the face of more and more do-it-yourself products like TurboTax, and jeers from President Trump, who has said his tax reform will put H&R Block out of business. The tax brand has its own DIY ...
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How to use TurboTax to file your taxes for free in 2018

Business Insider - 31 Jan 2018
Your refund should hit your bank account within three weeks of filing online. Often, you'll get your money even faster. I used TurboTax to file my taxes last year. This time around, I went on a quick trial run to demonstrate how you can use it during ...
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Hate TurboTax? Here are 6 alternatives to the dreaded software

Fast Company - 17 Apr 2018
As of April 6, the Internal Revenue Service has received more than 103 million tax returns, out of 155 million the agency expects to get. Many of those tax returns were filed with TurboTax, the online software that supposedly makes it easy to file, but ...
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Intuit Inc. Management Talks TurboTax Live and Turbo

Motley Fool - 08 Jun 2018
Last November, Intuit launched TurboTax Live, a virtualized, personalized professional service to help users file their taxes. The service aims to help Intuit better appeal to the approximately 90 million people who get expert advice each year when ...
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The TurboTax Defense

Wall Street Journal - 06 Mar 2018
The Times is not alone in failing to appreciate the benefits of tax reform. And if the paper is still trying to get a handle on the details of the Republican plan enacted in December, it can hardly be a shock to readers. But TurboTax is another story ...
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TurboTax hilariously insists doing your taxes isn't scary

CNET - 03 Jan 2018
I've never used TurboTax or other online tax software, so I can't speak to whether they make filing less frightening. I'm of the pen-and-paper mentality. Apparently, I'm not alone. Millennials -- the same generation that is so familiar with the digital ...
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How to save money when doing your taxes this year

Mashable - 05 Feb 2018
If you own a home, require itemized tax deductions, or just need a little more in-depth tax assistance, TurboTax is offering $20 off of their Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed online tax softwares when you file your Federal taxes by Feb. 19. (State ...
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The best tax software you can buy: TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxAct

Business Insider - 22 Jan 2018
TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxAct all offer several different versions of tax software to suit different people's needs. As a general rule, the more complex your tax situation is, the more you'll have to pay for tax preparation software. However, most ...
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Intuit saw uptick in TurboTax sales during tax season

Accounting Today - 26 Apr 2018
Intuit reported a 6 percent increase in sales of its TurboTax Online consumer tax prep software, and a 4 percent increase in total TurboTax units sold during tax season this year, compared to last year. TurboTax Online purchases exceeded 29.8 million ...
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Intuit TurboTax Tax Return App 2018 (Tax Year 2017)

PCMag - 23 Feb 2018
For several years now, Intuit has made every version of TurboTax available on mobile devices, including smartphones. These Android and iOS apps are surprisingly robust, considering the complexity of the personal tax preparation process. They look and ...

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