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Hate TurboTax? Here are 6 alternatives to the dreaded software

Fast Company - 17 Apr 2018
As of April 6, the Internal Revenue Service has received more than 103 million tax returns, out of 155 million the agency expects to get. Many of those tax returns were filed with TurboTax, the online software that supposedly makes it easy to file, but ...
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Apria launches 'TurboTax' for e-ordering

HME News - 23 Apr 2018
LAKE FOREST, Calif. – Nearly two years after purchasing DMEhub, Apria is ready to reintroduce the newly retooled e-ordering platform, which uses “if/then” logic to gather documentation, to a wider market. "It's like Turbo Tax for DME," said Ian Worden ...
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TurboTax topped Block in tax advertising this season

Accounting Today - 16 Apr 2018
Intuit's TurboTax outspent H&R Block on TV commercials and paid search advertising online, according to a new analysis. Kantar Media found that between January 2 and April 4, tax prep advertisers spent more than $192 million on TV commercials across U ...
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TurboTax, H&R Block Dig Deep In 2018 For TV, Paid-Search Ads

MediaPost Communications - 16 Apr 2018
Tax season typically brings out advertisers like H&R Block, TaxAct.com and TurboTax. Not just for television, but also paid search. Kantar Media analyzed U.S. tax preparation advertising during the past three months and found that one company, TurboTax ...
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TurboTax answers most commonly asked tax questions

AOL - 16 Apr 2018
Many think they don't make enough to file their taxes so they don't claim it. You have to file your taxes to get this valuable tax credit, which may help a family with three children who qualify receive a credit worth up to $6,318. Does health care ...
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Tax refund processing fees: You can avoid them. Here's how.

Detroit Free Press - 14 Apr 2018
More: How to get the best tax deductions if you have kids, home, student loans. This tax season, plenty of consumers already have hit Twitter and other social media to complain about a $39.99 charge that's called a "refund processing fee" when they use ...
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The Intuit TurboTax guide to avoiding estimated tax penalties

AOL - 14 Apr 2018
The article below is up to date based on the latest tax laws. It is accurate for your 2017 taxes, which you will file by the April 2018 deadline. Learn more about tax reform here. If you're self-employed, estimated taxes are a part of your business ...
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IRS to delay tax deadline by one day after technology collapse

Washington Post - 17 Apr 2018
Many filers who use online tax preparation software, such as TurboTax or H&R Block, or pay their taxes directly to the IRS online were affected. The vast majority of tax preparers, such as accountants, are required to file taxes electronically. Former ...
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Bitcoin's Rebound Continues After April 17 Tax Day

Forbes - 22 Apr 2018
It may be that Bitcoin investors are using other services, but if Turbo Tax, H&R Block and tax preparers saw similar low volumes of cryptocurrency reporting, the two week weakness leading up to April 17 in Bitcoin's price and last week's rebound could ...
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Tax advice: Turbo Tax vs. professional

WDAZ - 10 Apr 2018
Grand Forks, ND (WDAZ-TV). Time is running out on tax season. They are due in a little more than a week. WDAZ investigates the big question, which gets you more bang for your buck, filing yourself or using a tax professional? Every April some look ...
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TurboTax Remains the Key Driver of Intuit's Consumer Unit

Market Realist - 10 Apr 2018
The company remains highly optimistic about the launch of its high-margin TurboTax Live product, which is driving its average revenue per return. The product is expected to see 4 million customers in fiscal 2018. The company continues to enhance its ...
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How to get last-minute tax help and track your refund

USA TODAY - 05 Apr 2018
If you made less than $66,000 in 2017 and have a simple return, the government makes it easy to file online, for free. The Internal Revenue Service's "Free File" preparation and filing software guides you through the process. You can sign your return ...

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