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twisty the clown

Latest “AHS: Cult” Clue Again Teases the Return of Twisty

Bloody Disgusting - 14 Aug 2017
Clowns have been an integral part of the marketing campaign for “American Horror Story: Cult,” but could we see the return of the show's be-all, end-all killer clown? John Carroll Lynch played Twisty the clown in “AHS: Freak Show,” and yet another ...
twisty the clown

Here's Everything We Know So Far About American Horror Story: Cult

Vanity Fair - 10 Aug 2017
Aside from that, Week 2 revealed costume concepts that look awfully clown-like, hinting that perhaps literal clowns will make another appearance this season. (That makes sense, considering Murphy's hint that Twisty will be back, in one form or another ...
twisty the clown

American Horror Story: Cult's Cast Members Have A Clown Problem

Bleeding Cool News - 04 Aug 2017
Ryan Murphy has been a one-man public relations machine over the past several months, keeping American Horror Story fans guessing with a series of announcements and teases not only through social media, but also through a huge theme reveal at this ...
twisty the clown

Everything You Need to Know About American Horror Story: Cult

Cosmopolitan.com - 03 Aug 2017
Who is Lena Dunham playing? And why on earth is it necessary for Twisty the Clown to comeback? Those questions likely won't be answered until the show premieres, but for now, here's a roundup of everything that's confirmed about season seven of AHS.
twisty the clown

New “American Horror Story: Cult” Poster is Deeply Unsettling

Bloody Disgusting - 18 Aug 2017
We're now about two and a half weeks away from the premiere of “American Horror Story: Cult,” which promises to be a “gory take on post-Trump America.“ On the subject of the forthcoming seventh season, creator Ryan Murphy just revealed over on Twitter ...
twisty the clown

American Horror Story: Cult Gets Political In Opening Sequence

LRM Online (press release) (blog) - 21 Aug 2017
Somehow, Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show will be involved, which is pretty cool. We also know that they plan to use news footage in the show itself, rather than have some fictionalized portrayal of then-candidates Hillary ...
twisty the clown

Breaking Down the American Horror Story Cult Poster

TVOvermind - 08 Aug 2017
Something that is strengthened by the statement that Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show will be making a return to the series. As for the bee hive in the shape of a brain, that is a much easier image to interpret. After all ...
twisty the clown

Every Season of 'American Horror Story', Ranked By Scare Factor

Zimbio - 05 Aug 2017
Entitled, sociopathic wannabe serial killers and tragically deformed circus performers aside, Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch) alone is enough to catapult Season 4 to number three on our list. AHS had a slam dunk with this character, considering ...

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