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twisty the clown

Dress the part for Halloween with trendy looks, hacks

Scranton Times-Tribune - 22 Oct 2017
Dress as Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King's classic horror story “It” or this year's remake. Take “American Horror Story's” lead by dressing like misunderstood Twisty the Clown from “Freak Show” and “Cult,” or season seven's killer mob by ...
twisty the clown

Lynch, Stanton unlikely leads of 'Lucky'

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - 20 Oct 2017
“American Horror Story's” Twisty the Clown took me to a place where I had to reconsider that. I might actually be Boris Karloff. I guess I'm thinking a lot about death lately. Q. What will you be teaching the students at your master class? A. The class ...
twisty the clown

Clowns Are Up to a Different Kind of Funny Business, These Days

PopMatters - 19 Oct 2017
In 2014 American Horror Story: Freak Show introduced us to “Twisty the Clown” (John Carroll Lynch) a once-innocent performer whose abuse turned him into a murderous psychopath. In September of 2017 a group of Insane Clown Posse fans known as ...
twisty the clown

Every Member of the American Horror Story Ensemble, Ranked

Vulture - 03 Oct 2017
Twisty the Clown is great and all, but not really a stretch for a veteran character actor like Lynch. Neither was clown-loving John Wayne Gacy, who he played in Hotel. Let's stop clowning around and give the guy something with meat on its bones.
twisty the clown

Pennywise Gets an F in Being a Villain

Study Breaks - 09 Oct 2017
What is this entity's fascination with clowns? If we compare him to present day villains, such as the Demogorgon from the Netflix series “Stranger Things” and fellow clown Twisty from the “American Horror Story” franchise, Pennywise isn't really that ...
twisty the clown

American Horror Story: Cult

The Knight News - 27 Sep 2017
Twisty the clown is arguably one of the most terrifying clowns currently on television, and with Pennywise from Stephen King's adapted novel, “IT”, making an appearance on screens this year too, it looks like 2017 is really the year of the clown ...

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