The Classic Queer Paradox of Tyler, the Creator -
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The Classic Queer Paradox of Tyler, the Creator

The Atlantic - 22 Jul 2017
Tyler, the Creator became famous, in part, for being hateful. When his rap collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (“Odd Future” is fine) caught buzz around 2010, it was because of their delirious energy and Eminem-like love of mayhem. But it was ...
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Watch All Six Episodes for Tyler, The Creator's 'Nuts + Bolts'

Billboard - 19 Sep 2017
Asides from scripting an impressive album in Flower Boy, which debuted in the No. 2 slot on the Billboard 200 in July, Tyler, The Creator is successfully etching a lane for himself as a TV titan, as well. Earlier this year, the Wolf MC's Viceland ...
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Tyler, The Creator originally wrote See You Again for Zayn Malik

BBC News - 18 Sep 2017
Tyler, The Creator has explained that he originally wrote a song called See You Again for Zayn Malik. The track appears on the rapper's latest album, Flower Boy, and features vocals performed by Kali Uchis. However, he's said on Twitter that he wanted ...
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Tyler, The Creator and Wale Get Love at 2017 Apple Event

XXLMAG.COM - 12 Sep 2017
The 2017 Apple Event took place earlier today at the new Steve Jobs Theater in San Francisco, Calif., and hip-hop ended up playing a role in the new announcements. While unveiling the next iPhone 8 model, as well as the new Apple Watch features, Tyler, ...
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Tyler, the Creator Disses Zayn Malik Over 'See You Again' - 18 Sep 2017
Tyler, the Creator has some harsh words for Zayn Malik. Taking to Twitter, the Odd Future leader revealed some background information regarding Flower Boy's latest single, “See You Again.” “fun fact: i wrote 'see you again' for zayn but that bitch ...
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“Flower Boy:” a testament to Tyler the Creator's growth

The Bowdoin Orient - 22 Sep 2017
Earlier this week, Tyler, The Creator tweeted that he originally wrote his single, “See You Again,” for Zayn Malik. At first, it seems odd that the rapper who broke onto the scene talking about having threesomes with a triceratops would be penning ...
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Watch A New Trailer For Tyler, The Creator's Adult Swim Show

The FADER - 14 Sep 2017
Tyler, The Creator and Adult Swim have shared a new trailer for their upcoming animated series The Jellies, which is set to premiere on October 22. The show follows a family of jellyfish and their adopted human son, who live in the city of Walla Walla.
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Watch Tyler, The Creator Make His Own $4000 Eames Chair

XXLMAG.COM - 08 Sep 2017
A connoisseur of all things odd, Tyler, The Creator's latest episode of Nuts + Bolts took the rapper to the Herman Miller factory where he got to design his own $4,000 lounge chair. Sitting on a vintage-looking chair, Tyler asks a Herman Miller ...
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Tyler, the Creator Builds the Bed of His Dreams on 'NUTS + BOLTS'

VICE en_us - 07 Sep 2017
On an all-new episode of VICELAND's NUTS + BOLTS, Tyler, the Creator finally gets around to addressing the fact that he hasn't had a bed frame since 2013. The rapper meets up with a team of expert carpenters to design and build the bed of his dreams: a ...

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