Super Typhoon Nancy, also known as the 2nd Muroto Typhoon... -
typhoon nancy (1961)

Super Typhoon Nancy, also known as the 2nd Muroto Typhoon...

wikipedia - 16 Sep 2016
Super Typhoon Nancy, also known as the 2nd Muroto Typhoon (第二室戸台風, Daini-muroto Taifū?), was an extremely powerful tropical cyclone of the 1961 Pacific typhoon season. The system had possibly the strongest winds ever measured in a tropical cyclone, tied with Hurricane Patricia of 2015. It caused extensive damage and at least 173 deaths and thousands of injuries in Japan and elsewhere in September 1961.
typhoon nancy (1961)

The best books for summer 2018, wherever and however you're holidaying

South China Morning Post - 12 Jul 2018
Summer's here and the time is right for reading on the beach, as legendary songwriter William “Mickey” Stevenson almost certainly didn't say when penning Dancing in the Street. One of the joys of holidays is the prospect of free time to catch up with ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Just How Strong Is Hurricane Irma?

Scientific American - 06 Sep 2017
By the way, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons are all the same thing; they're just different names used in different regions. “Smaller” hurricanes can still be terribly dangerous and damaging, too; Hurricane Harvey, which just drowned Texas and ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Is climate change making hurricanes worse? - 19 Sep 2017
The world's records for most intense hurricane (by wind speed) remain tied: Sustained winds of 215 mph for Typhoon Nancy (1961) in the Northwest Pacific Ocean and Hurricane Patricia (2015) in eastern Pacific Ocean. Irma's 185 mph winds were some of ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Typhoon Tip: Earth's largest, most intense storm ever recorded

Yahoo News Canada (blog) - 12 Sep 2017
Hurricane Irma's presence has been felt not only in Florida, but across the Caribbean islands. On the tiny island of Barbuda, 95 per cent of the structures were destroyed by Irma. Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minster Gaston Browne said the storm left the ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

We may have just seen a truly ominous new weather record

Washington Post - 11 Feb 2016
When it comes to whether 1961's Typhoon Nancy was over-measured, Kossin agrees with Masters. “It's more likely than not that Nancy was overestimated, which would put Patricia ahead,” he said. But when it comes to the question of whether some other ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Category 6? Extreme Hurricane Patricia is strongest in NOAA history

Minnesota Public Radio News (blog) - 23 Oct 2015
Officially, here are the strongest tropical cyclones in world history, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center and the National Hurricane Center (using 1-minute averaged sustained winds):. Super Typhoon Nancy (1961), 215 mph winds, 882 mb.
typhoon nancy (1961)

Six most powerful typhoons in world history

USA TODAY - 08 Nov 2013
Autoplay. Show Thumbnails. Show Captions. Last SlideNext Slide. None. Here's a look at the biggest typhoons in world history, as measured by wind speed. Super Typhoon Haiyan, with 195 mph winds, made landfall in the Philippines at peak strength.
typhoon nancy (1961)

The Biggest 3 Natural Disasters Ever Recorded in Terms of Energy

Interesting Engineering - 24 Feb 2017
Super Typhoon Nancy is the most powerful typhoon ever recorded in human history. It struck land in 1961 with wind speeds of 215 miles per hour or 346 kilometers per hour. It made landfall in Japan as a Category 2 in September of 1961, killing 191 ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Was Typhoon Haiyan a Record Storm?

Scientific American (blog) - 17 Nov 2013
Three others had higher sustained winds while out at sea, then weakened before hitting land: Typhoon Nancy in 961, with 215 mph winds; Typhoon Violet in 1961, with 205 mph winds; and Typhoon Ida, in 1958, with 200 mph winds. All three eventually hit ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Yolanda and the world's strongest storms

Rappler - 10 Nov 2013
Masters also described the super typhoon as "the strongest tropical cyclone on record to make landfall in world history," beating the record of the 1969 Hurricane Camille. Typhoons Nancy, Violet, and Ida also made landfall, but their wind speed ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

4 Deadliest Typhoons in History

Global Indonesian Voices ( - 20 Nov 2013
These estimations make Typhoon Haiphong one of the worst disasters in history. Typhoon Nancy. One of the most destructive disasters in history of Japan is typhoon Nancy in 1961. According to records, it is the second highest speed typhoons ever recorded.
typhoon nancy (1961)

TCM's Treasures from the Disney Vault: June 2018 - 06 Jun 2018
by Alex Reif | Jun 6, 2018. Tags: Leonard Maltin, TCM, Treasures from the Disney Vault. TCM's Treasures from the Disney Vault returns tonight and it appears that the quarterly programming block has gone to the dogs. By that, I mean the overall theme is ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Deadliest typhoons in the Philippines - 08 Nov 2013
But the strongest cyclone in history in terms of winds was Super Typhoon Nancy, which whipped Japan in 1961. It packed maximum sustained winds of 346 kph. It made landfall as Category 2. Yolanda, described as an equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane in ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

GALLERY: Today in history, March 2

Utica Observer Dispatch - 02 Mar 2018
Terry Chandler, member of a nuclear disarmament group from Kidderminster, England, sits in the boat alongside mooring buoy on which is painted ìNo Polarisî at Holy Loch, Scotland on March 2, 1961. Chandlerís group is ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Hurricane Patricia 'Records' Not Real

The Epoch Times - 01 Nov 2015
The most intense TC, as defined by maximum sustained surface wind speed, was Typhoon Nancy in the Northwest Pacific Ocean in 1961. Nancy attained 215 mph. Six TCs between 1959 and 1997 exceeded 190 mph. According to The Weather Channel, ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Kentucky Derby: vintage photos of the 'Run for the Roses' - 04 May 2018
1897 Typhoon II. 1898 Plaudit. 1899 Manuel. 1900 Lieut. Gibson. 1901 His Eminence. 1902 Alan-a-Dale. 1903 Judge Himes. 1904 Elwood. 1905 Agile. 1906 Sir Huon. 1907 Pink Star. 1908 Stone Street. 1909 Wintergreen. 1910 Donau. 1911 Meridian ...

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