Super Typhoon Nancy, also known as the 2nd Muroto Typhoon... -
typhoon nancy (1961)

Super Typhoon Nancy, also known as the 2nd Muroto Typhoon...

wikipedia - 16 Sep 2016
Super Typhoon Nancy, also known as the 2nd Muroto Typhoon (第二室戸台風, Daini-muroto Taifū?), was an extremely powerful tropical cyclone of the 1961 Pacific typhoon season. The system had possibly the strongest winds ever measured in a tropical cyclone, tied with Hurricane Patricia of 2015. It caused extensive damage and at least 173 deaths and thousands of injuries in Japan and elsewhere in September 1961.
typhoon nancy (1961)

Hurricane Irma shatters multiple records

GMA News - 07 Sep 2017
The hurricane is the most powerful ever recorded in the Atlantic basin outside of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, according to the US National Hurricane Center. It shares the record for the strongest to make landfall anywhere in the Atlantic ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Is climate change making hurricanes worse? - 19 Sep 2017
Cerveny was appointed by the United Nations-affiliated World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to report on climate extremes. In this capacity, he records, verifies and sometimes repudiates weather extremes reported around the world. Was Irma a record ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Just How Strong Is Hurricane Irma?

Scientific American - 06 Sep 2017
We are all fascinated with brutal extremes, it seems. So, below are the records set by the most impressive North Atlantic hurricanes, since meteorologists began to name them more than half a century ago—as well as for storms in the Pacific Ocean ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Typhoon Tip: Earth's largest, most intense storm ever recorded

Yahoo News Canada (blog) - 11 Sep 2017
Hurricanes and typhoons are both tropical cyclones, another term for large rotating storm systems carrying an enormous amount of power. Essentially, they are the same thing; massive storms. There's at least one storm in recorded history that was more ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

We may have just seen a truly ominous new weather record

Washington Post - 11 Feb 2016
In determining whether Patricia was really the globe's strongest tropical cyclone on record (for wind speeds), there are several key issues that have to be addressed. The first is the simple fact that, as Masters noted, when you pore over our hurricane ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

He said that the all-time record is still held by Super Typhoon Nancy in 1961 at 215 mph (346 kph), followed by Super Typhoon Violet in the same year at 205 mph (323 kph), and Super Typhoon Ida in 1958 with 200 mph (322 kph). Yolanda made landfall in ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Was Typhoon Haiyan a Record Storm?

Scientific American (blog) - 17 Nov 2013
The “strength” of a cyclone, typhoon or hurricane—they're all the same storm, just different names used in different parts of the world—is determined by the top speed of sustained winds, not gusts. According to Masters, Haiyan had sustained winds of ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Yolanda and the world's strongest storms

Rappler - 10 Nov 2013
How does this super typhoon compare with other strong cyclones in earth's history? Rappler looked at various indicators: Wind speed. Jeff Masters, Director of Meteorology for the website Weather Underground, described Yolanda/Haiyan to have achieved ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Why did Hurricane Patricia become a monster so quickly?

Chicago Tribune - 23 Oct 2015
In the Eastern Hemisphere, satellite estimates measured Typhoon Nancy at 215 mph in 1961 and Typhoon Violet at 205 mph also in 1961, but satellite measurements aren't as precise, Masters said. (Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones are all the same thing ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

ASU Child Drama Collection extends its reach to scholars

Arizona State University - 20 Sep 2017
Arizona State University's Child Drama Collection is the largest, most utilized and internationally renowned youth-theater repository in the world, according to university officials. It lures scholars, playwrights, performers and students from around ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

4 Deadliest Typhoons in History

Global Indonesian Voices ( - 20 Nov 2013
One of the most destructive disasters in history of Japan is typhoon Nancy in 1961. According to records, it is the second highest speed typhoons ever recorded. It hit the land with a speed of 215 miles per hour. Typhoon Nancy was classified as ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Hurricane Patricia breaks several records - 24 Oct 2015
These cyclones have so far provided the most extreme figures: Super Typhoon Nancy (1961), Super Typhoon Violet (1961), and Super Typhoon Ida (1958) all have been listed with winds over 320km/h, but these are now thought to be too high by at least 16km ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Deadliest typhoons in the Philippines - 08 Nov 2013
MANILA, Philippines—Supertyphoon “Yolanda” (international name Haiyan) smashed into the Philippines on Friday, the latest in a never-ending pattern of storms for the developing Southeast Asian nation. “Three hours before landfall, the Joint Typhoon ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Hurricane Patricia 'Records' Not Real

The Epoch Times - 01 Nov 2015
Tip reached a low of 870 millibars while Patricia never dropped below 879 millibars. The most intense TC, as defined by maximum sustained surface wind speed, was Typhoon Nancy in the Northwest Pacific Ocean in 1961. Nancy attained 215 mph. Six TCs ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

2017 holiday books gift guide

San Francisco Chronicle - 30 Nov 2017
Movies That Mattered: More Reviews From a Transformative Decade, by Dave Kehr (University of Chicago Press; 272 pages; $22.50). A brilliant collection of reviews from one of the country's most important film critics. Whether writing on “Black Stallion ...
typhoon nancy (1961)


Houston Chronicle - 06 Aug 2017
Taiwan was hit by two typhoons in as many days, with much weaker Haitang following on the heels of Nesat, which left 131 people injured, widespread power outages and flash flooding. Typhoon Noru threatened southern Japan as a Category-3 storm late in ...
typhoon nancy (1961)

Did El Niño give Hurricane Patricia more kick?

The Conversation US - 26 Oct 2015
There were no fatalities from Hurricane Patricia, which was downgraded to a tropical storm after making landfall in Mexico. Tomas Bravo/Reuters. Did El Niño give Hurricane Patricia more kick? October 26, 2015 2.22pm EDT. Jerry Jien and William Gough ...

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