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tyranny (video game)

Bandersnatch and the tyranny of choice

Winnipeg Free Press - 05 Jan 2019
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, a hybrid project with a typically sinister Black Mirror turn, is an interactive movie. Currently streaming on Netflix, Bandersnatch tells ...
tyranny (video game)

20 most anticipated indie games of 2019

Shacknews - 09 Jan 2019
We're heading into 2019 with our eyes on the prize, and there's a throng of indie gaming goodness staring back at us. From Super Meat Boy Forever to ...
tyranny (video game)

Tyranny Review

IGN - 10 Nov 2016
Tyranny takes the old Infinity Engine RPG formula and makes it feel *fresh*, exciting, and more manageable.
tyranny (video game)

Destiny 2 Tyranny of Heaven - How to Get It

Game Revolution - 24 Oct 2018
It's one of the best bows in the game, so we show you how to get the Destiny 2 Tyranny of Heaven bow, along with the most likely place to get a god roll version.
tyranny (video game)

The tyranny of optimization

The Week Magazine - 15 May 2018
We are all familiar with the image of the worthless bureaucrat, the proverbial fussbudget whose real job it is to inflict tedium on the rest of us. The more pointless ...
tyranny (video game)

When games are too bloated

PC Gamer - 16 Jan 2018
With every Steam sale, our piles of shame grow to new, unsurmountable heights. If you've got a job or a family or some other responsibility, chances are your ...
tyranny (video game)

Farewell statement from John McCain

Fox News - 27 Aug 2018
The following farewell statement from the late Sen. John McCain was read aloud Monday at a press conference in Phoenix, by his former campaign manager ...
tyranny (video game)

20 Best RPGs You Should Play

Cultured Vultures - 29 May 2018
If you are like me and want a good story to be told in the games that you play, odds are that you are drawn to RPGs. Since they tend to feature hours of dialogue, ...
tyranny (video game)

The Tyranny of the Anti-Vaxxers

American Council on Science and Health - 11 Sep 2018
Those who oppose vaccinations represent a form of tyranny, which occurs when a vocal minority overrides a complacent majority. Therefore, logic dictates that ...
tyranny (video game)

Top Upcoming FPS Video Games Of 2019

Gameranx - 19 Dec 2018
Note: This article was updated in December of 2018. With the 2019 year approaching we have plenty of great video game titles to look forward in playing.
tyranny (video game)

Heather Alexandra's Top Ten Games Of 2016

Kotaku - 22 Dec 2016
If there's one thing I do for this site, it's play a ton of games. 2016 was an amazing year and offered some of the best video games in recent memory. I sat down to ...
tyranny (video game)

Top Upcoming Xbox One Games in 2019

Gameranx - 17 Jan 2019
Note: This article was updated in January of 2019. Looking to increase your library of Xbox One video game titles? There are a number of great titles already ...
tyranny (video game)

Games Have Too Many Words: A Case Study.

Gamasutra - 16 Jun 2017
In this chapter, I unwisely critique the work of my betters. I recently wrote an article about how video games have too many words. We designers don't properly ...
tyranny (video game)

Review: Tyranny

Destructoid - 06 Dec 2016
I really can't get enough of RPGs in the vein of Baldur's Gate or Planescape: Torment. Those type of games, which I guess we call.
tyranny (video game)

Editorial: The tyranny of patriotic symbols

Calgary Herald - 14 Sep 2018
Far be it for us to tell another country how to celebrate its patriotism — especially since Canada is not the most extroverted of nations when it comes to national ...

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