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tyranny (video game)

My Kids Have Heinous Taste in Fashion

Slate Magazine - 22 Jun 2018
If you are sending her off with a fistful of pennies to fend for herself, stop doing that and enjoy a few more years of clothing-based tyranny. With older kids, as long as their genitals are covered and their clothes are clean, practice ...
tyranny (video game)

France's Macron admonishes teenager: Call me 'monsieur'

CTV News - 19 Jun 2018
The exchange occurred Monday at a ceremony commemorating Charles De Gaulle's historic appeal for armed resistance against Nazi tyranny. Macron tweeted a video of the discussion, prompting a flood of comments Tuesday. Some applauded the French ...
tyranny (video game)

Stop the reckless video-assisted refereeing experiment now

New Scientist - 13 Jun 2018
Since the league debut of video-assisted refereeing, or VAR, in Australia in April 2017, a series of leagues have allowed their matches, the matches whose gravity they consider sacrosanct in other circumstances, to be fodder for a reckless experiment ...
tyranny (video game)

Introducing the New GameRevolution Team

Game Revolution - 01 Jun 2018
Video games have been a particularly big passion of mine ever since I beat Super Mario World while simultaneously being potty-trained (true story), and now I predominantly play multiplayer games while getting very angry because I'm hopelessly ...
tyranny (video game)

Football's a mess: don't let technology spoil that

New Scientist - 15 Jun 2018
The beautiful game's majesty, and ability to sustain many a heated half-time dispute, lies in the dodgy offside, the disallowed goal, in the bit of argy-bargy when the ref's not looking. When the onward march of artificial intelligence takes from us ...
tyranny (video game)

Steam Spring Cleaning Event Currently Live, Ends on May 28th

GamingBolt - 25 May 2018
Of course, the best part is that there are a whopping nine games to enjoy for free as well. These include Borderlands 2, Castle Crashers, Cities: Skylines, Dirt 4, Don't Starve Together: A New Reign, Dead by Daylight, Left 4 Dead 2, Tyranny and Middle ...
tyranny (video game)

Raids & Free DLC Coming To The Division 2

COGconnected - 11 Jun 2018
During their E3 conference on Monday, Ubisoft announced the Year 1 roadmap for The Division 2 and revealed that three episodes of DLC are going to be free! There'll also be endgame raids that up to eight players can participate in.
tyranny (video game)

Mastercard tech chief: Every company should emulate Netflix

Computerworld Australia - 18 Jun 2018
"So we said every device is a commerce device and our job is contextual commerce, so how do we get it right wether you are in your smart car, using a mobile phone or your game system, your smart speaker your IoT? Suddenly the realisation that if we are ...
tyranny (video game)

How Anas has damaged the innocent

GhanaWeb - 22 Jun 2018
For, while the emotional nerves of the majority of the nation have welcomed and embraced the audiovisuals as the ultimate job to redeem Ghana football from the so-called tyranny of Kwesi Nyantakyi's hold, dissenting opinions against Anas's methods ...
tyranny (video game)

The new NRA president is a deep-state thug

SocialistWorker.org - 31 May 2018
NORTH DREW widespread media scorn for his hypocrisy in calling out violent media without mentioning his own history as a paid shill for the “first-person shooter” video game Call of Duty. But it would be nice to see more attention paid to the far ...
tyranny (video game)

Young adult architecture

Curbed - 24 May 2018
Kids have playgrounds, adults have Starbucks, but where else can teenagers meet indoors, without charge, and do whatever: play video games, do homework, craft, chat? Linda Wood's ...

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