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FX's 'Tyrant' shows no imagination about the Middle East

Washington Post - 24 Jun 2014
FX's most recent high-low-minded drama, “Tyrant,” which premiered last night, is set in a fictional country called Abbudin. You might think that the show made that creative choice so the show, about the dictatorial family that rules Abbudin, could ...

The Rise of a Tyrant: Start Caring About Bolsonaro

Fordham Observer - 14 Nov 2018
He would rather his son die in a car accident than be gay. He told a woman she was “too ugly to be raped.” His name is Jair Bolsonaro and he is the president-elect of the fourth largest democracy in the world. Bolsonaro's rise to power began when he ...

An Enraged Vitalik Buterin calls Craig Wright a “tyrant”

ZyCrypto - 15 Nov 2018
Roger Ver is not happy, Vitalik Buterin isn't happy either. Simply put, all cryptocurrency traders and investors are not having the nicest day today. This can be credited to the tragic event of yesterday's market crisis that has escalated to the point ...

Sri Lanka's tyrant speaker puts the country in peril.

Lankaweb - 18 Nov 2018
Sri Lanka's modern historians state that Sri Lankans in the past were proud of having impartial and respectable gentleman Speakers from the first post Independent Speaker Sir Francis Molamure up to the last speaker Mr. Chamal Rajapaksa. Some speakers ...

Meet Ashurbanipal, the book-mad tyrant who ruled the ancient world

Telegraph.co.uk - 05 Nov 2018
A Mesopotamian king, dressed in a long, white robe, is lying on a scarlet bed, surrounded by chaos. Nineveh, his capital city, has fallen into enemy hands – we see it burning in the distance. Cornered, he is about to commit suicide. His funeral pyre is ...

Tipu Jayanti: Celebrating a tyrant?

India Today - 06 Nov 2018
The Karnataka government Monday decided to celebrate "Tipu Jayanti" to mark the birth anniversary of controversial 18th-century ruler of erstwhile Mysore kingdom, Tipu Sultan, bringing the state under a thick security blanket, amid threats of protest ...

Briefly Noted

The New Yorker - 19 Nov 2018
Unsheltered, by Barbara Kingsolver (HarperCollins). Two families, living on the same plot of land in New Jersey more than a century apart, are linked in this novel by a sense of turmoil. In the eighteen-seventies, an unhappily married science teacher ...

Shakespeare's Tyrants and the Dictators of Our Times

The Wire - 28 Oct 2018
It is a book about our times: its totalitarian regimes, its demagogues, its dictators and, horrifyingly, its democratically elected tyrants. The case Greenblatt makes for tyranny is emphatically not restricted to Henry VI, Richard III, Lear, Macbeth ...

From eye doctor to tyrant: 'House of Assad' in review

The New Arab - 02 Nov 2018
From eye doctor to tyrant: 'House of Assad' in review. Bashar's older brother and the intended successor, Bassel, was killed in a car crash [Getty]. Date of publication: 2 November, 2018. Share this page: 0. twitter ...

Letter: Talking tangerines, tyrants and Trump

Times Record - 12 Nov 2018
A dedicated Don-girl who still stays in touch asked if I would say something tactful about the tangerine tyrant. Imagine that. A friendly Trumper. I thought those disappeared along with the dinosaurs, and disappeared so well, even Penn and Teller didn ...

Worship the Tyrant or Overthrow them: IEM Chicago Preview

Rivalry.gg (blog) - 06 Nov 2018
EPICENTER, ESL New York 2018, both BLAST's, cs_summit 3, and StarSeries S6 have all taken place in the little over a month since the FACEIT Major. Phew. It's been a stacked series of international LANs. Interestingly though, even after listing off so ...

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