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FX's 'Tyrant' shows no imagination about the Middle East

Washington Post - 24 Jun 2014
FX's most recent high-low-minded drama, “Tyrant,” which premiered last night, is set in a fictional country called Abbudin. You might think that the show made that creative choice so the show, about the dictatorial family that rules Abbudin, could ...

South Sudan's vicious tyrant

Sudan Tribune - 13 Jan 2018
The Republic of South Sudan is being run by a man with a reputation for having a ruthless heart and tyrannical brain. Salva Kiir's presidency, which promotes tribal divisions and glorifies the killing of South Sudanese, has committed atrocities that ...

'Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time' delights audiences

Pamplin Media Group - 27 Dec 2017
"Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time" may just be the biggest indie hit movie made in Oregon that most Clackmas County residents have never seen. The two filmmakers — Nic Costa and Rob Taylor — want to change that. Rob Taylor, director and Neil ...

MARIN: From grandma to tyrant, the two sides of Wynne

Toronto Sun - 13 Jan 2018
Premier Kathleen Wynne(R) and MPP Deb Matthews at Queen's Park on Wednesday November 2, 2016. But just as easily, Wynne can turn on the mean switch and Kathleen the “Fire and Fury” tyrant takes over. She's quick to falsely label Progressive ...

On Approaching the Tyrannical Heart

HuffPost - 16 Jan 2018
There is this scene from a tale by Rabbi Nakhman of Breslov that's been hounding me lately. In it, the world has fallen under the sway of a handful of tyrants. Each tyrant claims a different moral truth. Each truth-claim begets a different moralizing ...

Trump starting to sound like a tyrant

Citrus County Chronicle - 01 Jan 2018
Many years ago, I walked with my older brother on the Bull Run battlefield at Manassas, Va. I have always been aware that the Civil War was often a struggle between brothers who often found themselves wearing different uniforms of blue or gray. I never ...

Acting Legend To Play Bloodthirsty Tyrant Macbeth

Scoop.co.nz (press release) - 14 Jan 2018
One of New Zealand's most experienced and prolific stage and screen actors Stephen Lovatt will lead the bloody coup as the brave Scottish general, Macbeth, in a star-studded production of Shakespeare's haunting and timeless tragedy at Pop-up Globe this ...

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