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u.s. state temperature extremes

State Of Extremes: California Home To Hottest, Coldest Spots In US

CBS Los Angeles - 18 Oct 2018
DEATH VALLEY (CBSLA) — The Golden State now owns the distinction of being home to both the hottest and coldest place in the continental United States in 2018. So far this year, Death Valley was the hottest place in the country more often than any ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

20 years later, Barnett Slepian's murder still haunts

Buffalo News - 21 Oct 2018
On the other side of those yellow lines, whose existence has been reinforced by the U.S. Supreme Court, is a so-called “buffer zone” that allows people to enter and exit the building freely. That includes women seeking ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

Alaska's 2018 Early Fall Extremes

WeatherNation - 16 Oct 2018
[Difference from average (1981-2010) ocean surface temperatures in Alaska waters in September 2018. Extreme warmth was present in the Bering and Chukchi Seas, with a small area of cooler than average surface waters in the Beaufort Sea. Image by Rick ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

'Year of extremes' for shrinking Swiss glaciers in 2018

TimesLIVE - 16 Oct 2018
Despite an exceptionally snow-filled winter, Swiss glaciers have lost 2.5 percent of their volume this year, according to a report Tuesday which dubbed 2018 "a year of extremes". This year's record-breaking temperatures have greatly contributed to the ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

2018 Green Chemistry Challenge Awards announced

Chemical & Engineering News - 15 Oct 2018
Chemists dedicated to reducing their field's environmental footprint converged today on a Washington, D.C. auditorium across the street from the American Chemical Society for the 2018 Green Chemistry Challenge Awards . ...
u.s. state temperature extremes


NEWS.com.au - 21 Oct 2018
While they were happy to flatfoot it across the state in aid of police veterans this one time, they hope that in the not too distant future that governments will take responsibility for properly funding mental health and other services for police ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

7 crucial tools to accelerate energy efficiency

GreenBiz - 25 Sep 2018
High-performance buildings not only use less energy, but also improve indoor and outdoor air quality, as well as shield people from temperature extremes to keep us comfortable and safe. No matter what we ask, energy ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

Autumnal Time-Out: 60s Today - Flurries Expected Saturday

Minneapolis Star Tribune - 18 Oct 2018
According to NOAA: "These events included 1 drought event, 6 severe storm events, 1 tropical cyclone event, 1 wildfire event, and 2 winter storm events - factoring Hurricane Michael the preliminary USA death toll is 134, and may rise higher. The ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

California and climate change: Here's what to expect

Yale Climate Connections - 18 Oct 2018
California's fourth, and most recent, climate assessment report reflects years of increasingly frequent and threatening natural disasters that have plagued the nation's most populous state. In coming decades, they're expected ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

The BepiColombo mission will image Mercury like never before

Astronomy Magazine - 18 Oct 2018
Mercury is a land of contrasts. The solar system's smallest planet boasts the largest core relative to its size. Temperatures at noon can soar as high as 800 degrees Fahrenheit (425 degrees Celsius) — hot enough to melt lead — but dip as low as –290 ...

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