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u.s. state temperature extremes

California's Wildfires Are an Ominous Sign

U.S. News & World Report - 14 Aug 2018
Three of the largest wildfires in California's history are all now burning at the same time. It has firefighters, mayors, homeowners, area businesses, scientists and politicians extraordinarily worried. It is also, unfortunately, an ominous portent of ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

Costs of Extreme Heat Are Huge, But Hard to Quantify

Climate Liability News - 09 Aug 2018
The blistering heat currently scorching much of the planet—from Japan to Europe to the United States—is the climate change impact that scientists can most definitively link to global warming. But unlike hurricanes or wildfires that mostly ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

DTN Digital Yield Tour 2018

DTN The Progressive Farmer (blog) - 14 Aug 2018
15-20, DTN reporters will dig into Gro datasets, looking at significantly high and low counties in each state and looking for reasons for those extremes. They will add in comments from farmers in those areas, when available, to give a fuller picture of ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

Why July's Weather was Far From Boring in the United States

The Weather Channel - 01 Aug 2018
In the far southeastern corner of the Lower 48, Key West, Florida, had its hottest July on record, with an average temperature of 86.9 degrees. It also ranked as the second-hottest month overall behind August 2007 (87.5 degrees). A few other notable ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

Climate Change Impacts 'No Longer Subtle,' Scientist Says

WBUR - 02 Aug 2018
More then a dozen large wildfires are burning in California and a heat wave continues to grip much of Europe, where temperatures are expected to reach 118 degrees Fahrenheit in parts of southern Spain by the end of the week. How much of this summer's ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

ASU researchers helping Tempe deal with extreme-heat events

Arizona State University - 19 Jul 2018
“2016 and 2017 were certainly warm years but the evidence leads us to believe that changes in social-service programs might be responsible for increasing vulnerability,” he said of the countywide death rate. “We saw an ...
u.s. state temperature extremes

Climate change drives wildfires

The Madera Tribune - 11 Aug 2018
Across the state, we experienced the highest minimum temperature of any month. Last month, the statewide average nighttime low temperature was 64.9 degrees. Lin and Panzar say, “California has been getting hotter for some time, but July was in a league ...

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