The tragic life of Uday Kiran -
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The tragic life of Uday Kiran

Deccan Chronicle - 05 Jan 2014
Tollywood actor Uday Kiran committed suicide by hanging himself in his Srinagar Colony flat on Sunday. The star, who had been fighting depression for years and whose elder brother had also committed suicide 25 years ago, had tried to kill himself at ...
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Sivaji Raja Response On Uday Kiran Death

Chitramala - 29 Jun 2017
Sivaji Raja is a popular actor in Telugu film industry. The actor has become the president of MAA association now. Recently, he made some comments on Uday Kiran and his sudden death. Every one of us aware of that the young talented hero ended his life ...
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ఉదయ్ కిరణ్ విషయంలో చిరంజీవి తప్పేమీ లేదు

Samayam Telugu - 10 Jul 2017
మెగాస్టార్ చిరంజీవి పెద్ద కుమార్తెతో తన సోదరుడి పెళ్లి రద్దవడం వెనుక చిరంజీవి తప్పేమీ లేదని ఉదయ్ కిరణ్ సోదరి శ్రీదేవి తెలిపారు. పెళ్లి రద్దు చేసుకోవాలని అనుకోవడం పూర్తిగా ఉదయ్ ...
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ఉదయ్ కిరణ్ చనిపోవడానికి కారణం సినీ పరిశ్రమే.. అంతా స్వార్ధపరులే.. శివాజీరాజా

FilmiBeat Telugu - 28 Jun 2017
చిత్రం, మనసంతా నువ్వే చిత్రాలతో ఫ్యామిలీ ఆడియెన్స్, కుర్రకారు గుండెల్లో స్థానం సంపాదించుకున్న ఉదయ్ కిరణ్ మరణించి దాదాపు మూడేండ్లు కావోస్తున్నా అతని మరణ విషాదం ప్రతీ ...
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Tiger Classic Youth Tennis Tournament gets underway - 24 Jun 2017
Edwardsville's Grace Hackett EDWARDSVILLE – Play in the Tiger Classic Youth Tennis Tournament got underway Friday at the Edwardsville High tennis complex. The tournament is being presented by Leskera Law Firm and Scott Credit Union. Play resumes ...
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From The Archives:'s Interview with Uday Kiran

Telugu Cinema - 01 Jan 2017
Uday kiran a young hero who started his acting career as a lover boy, tried to attain an action hero image at one time, but suddenly found his very existence in the industry in doldrums. TeluguCinema.Com present the excerpts of an exclusive interview ...
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Sudha Wanted To Slap Uday Kiran, If He was Alive

Gulte - 29 Apr 2017
Senior actress Sudha, who had a close bonding with late Telugu actor Uday Kiran, has made some interesting revelations about his death in her recent interview. Speaking to a noted media house, Sudha reportedly cited the cancellation of Uday Kiran's ...
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Uday Kiran's Last Words To Allari Naresh

Chitramala - 26 Oct 2016
Uday Kiran is a star in the beginning days of his career. With back to back hits, the actor has made it to the big league in a very less time. But the bad luck joined him at certain point of time in career and the actor had to face some severe flops ...
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മരണത്തിനുത്തരവാദി ചിരഞ്ജീവിയല്ല, ഉദയ് കിരണിന്റെ ആത്മഹത്യയെക്കുറിച്ച് സഹോദരി

മാതൃഭൂമി - 09 Jul 2017
ആത്മഹത്യ ചെയ്ത തെലുങ്ക് നടന്‍ ഉദയ് കിരണിനെക്കുറിച്ച് വികാര നിര്‍ഭരയായി സഹോദരി ശ്രീദേവി. സഹോദരന്റെ മരണത്തിന് രണ്ട് വര്‍ഷങ്ങള്‍ക്ക് ശേഷമാണ് ശ്രീദേവി മാധ്യമങ്ങളോട് ഇതെക്കുറിച്ച് ...
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Area players enjoy successful Tiger Classic tennis tournament - 26 Jun 2017
Udaykiran Vissa, St. Louis, 6-2, 6-2. BOYS 14 SINGLES: Semifinals, Gus Tettamble, St. Louis, def. Souhail Manal, Florissant, Mo., 6-4, 1-6, 10-3; Nicholas Chun, Chesterfield, Mo., def. Andre Sales, St. Louis, 6-4, 6-2. Final, Tettamble def. Chun 6-2, 6 ...
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Uday Kiran Fans Upset with His Wife

Mirchi9 - 06 Jan 2017
Uday Kiran Fans Upset with His Wife It is really hard to believe that it has been three years since young actor Uday Kiran passed away. With fond remembrances of the actors, his fans (Uday Kiran Foundation) arranged for a blood donation camp on his ...
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12 celeb suicides that shocked the world

India TV - 01 Apr 2017
Uday Kiran. Filmfare award winning Telugu actor Uday Kiran committed suicide by hanging himself in his flat in Hyderabad. He was reportedly suffering from depression due to his financial problems. Related Tags: CelebSuicidesCelebrity suicidesUntimely ...
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Tollywood actor Uday Kiran sent to Erragadda hospital

Deccan Chronicle - 11 May 2016
Hyderabad: Tollywood actor Nanduri Uday Kiran has been taken to the Mental Health Hospital at Erragadda for drug-induced psychosis and severe withdrawal symptoms. Chanchalguda Jail superintendent B. Saidiah said, “He was uncontrollable and difficult ...
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ఉదయ్ కిరణ్ మరణం వెనుక చిరు.. అక్క ఏమంటోందంటే...

Teluguwishesh - 08 Jul 2017
ఎప్పటికీ మరచిపోలేని టాలీవుడ్ విషాదాల్లో నటుడు ఉదయ్ కిరణ్ మరణం ఒకటి. కమల్ తర్వాత చిన్న వయసులోనే ఫిల్మ్ ఫేర్ అవార్డు గెలుచుకున్న నటుడిగా ఓ రికార్డు అతని ఖాతాలో ఉంది. కానీ, కెరీర్ లో ...
uday kiran

Four film families blamed for driving Uday Kiran to death

India Today - 09 Jan 2014
Following the stupendous performance of his movies between 2000 and 2003, Uday Kiran had got engaged to Chiranjeevi's daughter Sushmitha in 2003. But the engagement broke within a few months for unknown reasons. " It is a fact that Telugu movie ...

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