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Found: Evidence That a Lavish Burial Honored a Viking Warrior Woman

Atlas Obscura - 08 Sep 2017
It was, as one archaeologist told The Local, the “ultimate warrior Viking grave.” Archaeologists had previously assumed that it belonged to a man, because everyone knew that only Viking men were warriors. Now, in a new paper, published in the American ...
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Bobby "The Brain" Heenan Gave Wrestling Everything It Needed

Deadspin - 18 Sep 2017
He could have entertaining matches with limited muscle heads like The Ultimate Warrior or perennial loser Salvatore Bellomo, or if you put him in a serious match, like when he would team with Bockwinkel. He was so good, in fact, that in 1984, a few ...
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Researchers discover a real-life Viking version of Brienne of Tarth

Winter Is Coming - 17 Sep 2017
As one of the 10 researchers involved in the AJPA report, Hedenstierna-Jonson says the world's “ultimate warrior Viking grave” was always assumed to belong to a male because of the “manly” equipment arranged around her. The new inquiry was initiated by ...
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WWE SmackDown: Jinder Mahal and Dolph Ziggler are Stuck on Repeat

Daily DDT - 21 Sep 2017
On this week's WWE SmackDown:Live, Jinder Mahal and Dolph Ziggler cut the same promos as last week. Have their characters hit a creative wall? Jinder Mahal's entire character arc since becoming champion was built on a foundation of sand. The flimsy ...
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WWE 2K18 Sees Two More Fun Faces Join Its Loaded Roster

Comicbook.com - 20 Sep 2017
He had several legendary feuds in his time with the business, including against the Ultimate Warrior, in which he cast a very interesting spell. However, the wrestler, going under the name Charles Wright, really went on to claim his fame with his next ...
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5 Superstars who legally changed their names to their ring names

Sportskeeda - 15 Sep 2017
This naturally resulted in some legal battles between himself and WWE, who sought ownership of The Ultimate Warrior character, which Hellwig was successful in retaining along with all of its supplemental material such as the face paint, gear, attitude ...

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