The number of voting seats in the House of Representatives is currentl... -
united states congressional apportionment

The number of voting seats in the House of Representatives is currentl...

wikipedia - 09 Nov 2016
The number of voting seats in the House of Representatives is currently set to 435, and has been since 1913, excluding a temporary increase to 437 after the admissions of Alaska and Hawaii. Though the actual reapportionment will normally occur in respect of a decennial census, the law that governs the total number of representatives and the method of apportionment to be carried into force at that time can be created prior to the census.
united states congressional apportionment

To make the House of Representatives work again, make it bigger

The Hill - 17 Aug 2018
Regardless of these and other court rulings, before redistricting can occur, congressional seats must be re-apportioned. This happens every 10 years with the census. In 1790, the United States population was 3.9 million and there were 65 seats in the ...
united states congressional apportionment

Democracy by Numbers

lareviewofbooks - 10 Aug 2018
Keep in mind that the Constitution dictates that the seats in the House of Representatives be apportioned after each decennial census in proportion to the size of the population in each state. But in this time of great demographic change, it was in the ...
united states congressional apportionment

Our Opinion: 'Citizenship question' has no place on ballot

Berkshire Eagle - 22 Jul 2018
The 2020 census, the decennial headcount of all persons living within the United States, looms ever closer. Along with it come accusations that the Trump administration is trying to skew the results by including the controversial "citizenship question ...
united states congressional apportionment

The upcoming US Census: 6 common questions answered

WSB Radio - 26 Jul 2018
With those words, the founders of our nation established the U.S. Census. In doing so, they started a decennial tradition — which by its definition occurs once every 10 year — that aims to provide an official count of the U.S. population to Congress.
united states congressional apportionment

US Intelligence Should Embrace Sasse's Cyber Solarium Commission

War on the Rocks - 16 Aug 2018
However, the so-called “worldwide threat” hearing hosted annually by multiple congressional committees affords the director of national intelligence the opportunity to describe in general terms the hazards confronting the United States, its allies, and ...
united states congressional apportionment

How Silent Cal Quietly Pursued Immigration Reform

Accuracy in Academia - 15 Aug 2018
Congress apportioned quotas to every nation, essentially limiting entry to 3 percent of each nationality in the United States as reported in the census of 1910.” “In May, 1924, President Calvin Coolidge signed the Johnson-Reed, or the National Origins ...
united states congressional apportionment

Supreme Court Rules No Physical Presence Required

Lexology - 15 Aug 2018
Wayfair, Inc.,1 overturned decades of its own precedent in a 5-4 decision by holding that South Dakota may require out-of-state sellers of goods and services with no physical presence in the state to collect and remit sales taxes to the South Dakota ...
united states congressional apportionment

UN “Environmental” Schemes Advance World Government

The New American - 15 Aug 2018
The EPA-UNEP agreement, which went almost entirely unnoticed until now, bypassed normal constitutional and legislative procedures and facilitates what one leading critic described as the “globalization” of the U.S. government. And so even while ...
united states congressional apportionment

Abolish the census

Washington Examiner - 13 Aug 2018
To ensure that “a more perfect union” could have adequate representation, the framers inserted a clause in the document mandating “The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and ...
united states congressional apportionment

Trump wants to turn back time with census citizenship question

The Hill - 10 Aug 2018
Article I of the U.S. Constitution requires that an enumeration of the population be done every 10 years and that the U.S. House of Representatives be apportioned “according to their respective numbers.” The drafters of the Constitution envisioned a ...

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