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united states elections, 2016

Turkey's Election: High Stakes for the Country, and Erdogan

New York Times - 23 Jun 2018
In the international arena, Turkey has become a major actor in the Syrian war, a crucial player in the attempts to curb the European migration crisis and an unreliable ally to the United States and in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. After an ...
united states elections, 2016

Only 0.1 percent of elected officials are LGBTQ, new report finds - 22 Jun 2018
When she left office in 2016, Parker was the top-ranked mayor in the U.S. by the City Mayors Foundation. She now runs the Victory Fund and Victory Institute — sister organizations dedicated to helping LGBTQ candidates win elections. Even a decade ago, ...
united states elections, 2016

Facebook's battle against fake news now extends to Mexico

Savannah Morning News - 23 Jun 2018
In addition, several of the tools Facebook is launching in the United States, such as identifying the publishers of political ads and verifying pages with large followings, will not be operational before Mexico's election. ...
united states elections, 2016

Summit sneak peek: Trump, Russia, the elections — again

Axios - 22 Jun 2018
Be smart: The issue poses a significant test for Trump, who has been criticized for doing too little to respond to Russian invasions of the 2016 election. He hates talking about the subject, fearing it'll raise questions about the legitimacy of his ...
united states elections, 2016

Enforce the Border—Humanely

The Atlantic - 20 Jun 2018
The homicide rate in Guatemala—about 24 per 100,000 people in 2016—was almost five times higher than the United States rate of 5.3 per 100,000 that year. But the German homicide rate in turn is less than 1 per 100,000. Could an American seek asylum ...
united states elections, 2016

Congo says it will give Bemba diplomatic passport to return - 23 Jun 2018
He has remained after his mandate ended in late 2016, with officials blaming the delay in part on the difficulties of preparing for an election in the vast nation of more than 40 million registered voters. While Kabila cannot legally stand for a third ...
united states elections, 2016

The West Is Letting Libya Tear Itself Apart

Foreign Policy (blog) - 22 Jun 2018
These rusting crown jewels of Libya's oil infrastructure were blockaded by the federalist warlord Ibrahim Jadhran from 2014 to 2016 and attacked twice by the Islamic State. ...
united states elections, 2016

Kansas judge strikes down voter ID law

Reuters - 19 Jun 2018
(Reuters) - A federal judge struck down a Kansas law requiring proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote in a decision on Monday that could make voter registration easier in the state in the run-up to November mid-term elections. ...
united states elections, 2016

David Garcia's Bid for Governor Is the Key to Turning Arizona Blue

The Nation. - 21 Jun 2018
At a time when the president of the United States of America is ripping Mexican immigrant children from the arms of their parents and putting them in cages along the southern border, progressives can elect a Mexican-American father as the governor of a ...

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