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united states midterm election

Midterm elections in the United States refer to general electio...

wikipedia - 09 Nov 2016
Midterm elections in the United States refer to general elections in the United States that are held two years after the quadrennial (four-year) elections for the President of the United States (i.e. near the midpoint of the four-year presidential term). Federal offices that are up for election during the midterms are members of the United States Congress, including all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives, and the full terms for 33 or 34 of the 100 seats in the United States Senat
united states midterm election

The GOP's 2018 message: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Vox - 15 Aug 2018
If you were to distill the prevailing Republican campaign message for the 2018 midterm elections to one image, it would be this: a hooded figure in the shadows, machete (or knife or bladed fingers) in hand, waiting to pounce if the wrong candidate wins ...
united states midterm election

No, Democrats Don't Need a National Platform for the Midterms

New York Magazine - 16 Aug 2018
The most fundamental is the implicit claim that voters have enormous curiosity about “how Democrats would govern” in a midterm election driven, as they always are, by attitudes toward the president of the United States. The particular POTUS in office ...
united states midterm election

To the Editor: Naomi is driven by the values we believe in

Foster's Daily Democrat - 16 Aug 2018
In addition, Naomi has the strength, toughness and campaign savvy to succeed in the general election in November. We urge all citizens of New Hampshire to join us in supporting Naomi in this critical 2018 midterm election year. Dick and Judi DesRoches, ...
united states midterm election

Three states to vote on pro-life measures in midterm elections

Lifesite - 15 Aug 2018
Wade, pro-lifers are taking steps to expand legal protection of preborn babies in a post-Roe United States. A total of three initiatives pertaining to abortion have made the November ballots for the 2018 midterm elections, according to Ballotpedia, all ...
united states midterm election

5 issues that will affect the 2018 midterm elections

KSL.com - 15 Aug 2018
Another partisan issue that will certainly affect the midterm elections is the makeup of the United States Supreme Court. President Trump has already succeeded in appointing one conservative justice to the court during his term. A second appointment in ...
united states midterm election

Trump-backed candidates in Ohio and Kansas locked in tight races

CNN - 08 Aug 2018
Jeff Colyer were waiting on results from the highly populated Johnson County, in the Kansas City area. The best barometer for November's midterm elections came in Ohio, where the contest in a congressional district near Columbus that Republicans have ...
united states midterm election

Wrapping up the Defense Intelligence Agency summit

Politico - 16 Aug 2018
ALWAYS READY, ALWAYS THERE — A handful of states have asked their local National Guard to review election processes ahead of the midterms, according to the branch's intelligence chief. Three to five states have brought in their leaders to review ...
united states midterm election

Mueller should indict Trump for obstruction before the midterms

The Hill - 16 Aug 2018
It is probative evidence of obstruction that the president's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, speaking on behalf of the president, aggressively threatened Mueller, saying, “We will unload on him like a ton of bricks.” Giuliani appears to be threatening that ...

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