US Airways won't fire the person who sent that pornographic tweet -
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US Airways won't fire the person who sent that pornographic tweet

Washington Post - 14 Apr 2014
The person responsible for sending an insanely graphic tweet from the official US Airways account on Monday won't be fired because they made an honest mistake, a spokesman for the airline said Tuesday. In case you somehow missed this on Monday (and ...
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How British Airways learned to listen

Tifton Gazette - 21 Aug 2017
Syed targeted British Airways' 302,000 twitter followers (this occurred in 2013) and vowed to continue to run the promoted tweet until British Airways fixed the problem. While Mr. ...
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Lobbyists see hard road ahead on tax reform

Politico - 17 Aug 2017
WHAT THE AIRLINES HAVE BEEN LOBBYING ON: “Major U.S. airlines spent millions of dollars lobbying Congress and the Trump administration in the first half of the year, but so far what they've got to show for it has been a mixed bag,” POLITICO's Brianna ...
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Mayor to Orlando airport: No to name-dispute settlement

Florida Today - 16 Aug 2017
PORT CANAVERAL — Drop "Orlando" from the name Orlando Melbourne International Airport. Stop using marketing websites with "Orlando" in the domain name. And don't suggest that Melbourne is nearby by using images of Disney World. These terms ...
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Qatar Airways launches 24-hour customer service Twitter handle

Business Traveller - 10 Aug 2017
Qatar Airways CCO, Ehab Amin, said: “Social media has transformed the way and speed in which people interact with one another and businesses, so we are delighted that this new Twitter handle demonstrates our ongoing commitment to innovate and to ...
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Qatar Airways launches 24/7 customer service channel on Twitter

Japan Today - 13 Aug 2017
Using the dedicated support handle of @QRsupport, passengers can raise their enquiries and receive replies 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week in English and Arabic from the airline's Customer Service team. “Social media has transformed the way and ...
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18 New United Airlines Mottos Created by Twitter - 11 Apr 2017
United Airlines is in hot water after a now-viral video revealed a 69-year-old passenger was forcibly removed from a plane by Chicago police on Sunday night―and was injured as a result―when a flight was overbooked. The statements released after the ...
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US Airways departing Twitter

USA TODAY - 28 Feb 2015
PHOENIX — US Airways is soon to be no more — on Twitter at least. The airline, which merged with much larger American Airlines in late 2013 and adopted the American name, will stop using its Twitter account Saturday. That means it will no longer ...
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9 Brands That Should Delete Their Account After That Tweet

Huffington Post - 16 Mar 2017
5 U.S. Airways. Reuters. We can't show you this one here, because it's extremely graphic. What we can do is give you the link to our story about the tweet from 2014, which uses a bunch of fancy technology to hide the image from you. Basically, the ...
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US Airways won't fire worker who sent lewd tweet

Fortune (blog) - 17 Apr 2014
Instead the link led to a lewd image that was initially posted in a tweet sent to US Airways from another Twitter user. US Airways flagged that tweet as inappropriate, but the employee then inadvertently included a link to the image in a US Airways tweet.
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US Ends Controversial Laptop Ban On Flights From Middle East

HuffPost - 20 Jul 2017
The restrictions were imposed as major U.S. carriers American Airlines Group, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines resumed their campaign against the Gulf carriers Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways by pressuring the new U.S. administration to ...
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British Airways mercilessly Twitter-trolled by rival Ryanair

CNET - 29 May 2017
Instead, budget airline Ryanair took to Twitter to laugh at its rival. It posted a picture of actor David Walliams from the UK comedy series "Little Britain." The character he plays in this skit has a favorite line: "Computer Says No." So Ryanair ...
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US Airlines Should Stop Complaining And Start Competing

Forbes - 16 May 2017
It's been called the largest trade dispute in history. It involves hundreds of airplanes, thousands of jobs and billions in revenue. And it shows few signs of going away. For over two years now, American, Delta and United Airlines have publicly feuded ...

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