US Airways won't fire the person who sent that pornographic tweet -
us airways tweet

US Airways won't fire the person who sent that pornographic tweet

Washington Post - 14 Apr 2014
The person responsible for sending an insanely graphic tweet from the official US Airways account on Monday won't be fired because they made an honest mistake, a spokesman for the airline said Tuesday. In case you somehow missed this on Monday (and ...
us airways tweet

British Airways shows everyone how not to GDPR

TechCrunch - 19 Jul 2018
Let's all take a minute to appreciate the view in the British Airways social media cockpit, where staffers at the coalface of the airline's Twitter account have presided over a wildly unusual 'interpretation' of Europe's new data protection rules. One ...
us airways tweet

US Airlines Meet Beijing Halfway on Describing Taiwan

Wall Street Journal - 25 Jul 2018
Three U.S. airlines on Wednesday bowed to Chinese pressure to change the way they describe Taiwan—but stopped short of expressly referring to the self-governing island as part of China. Beijing ordered all airlines in April to start referring to ...
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These Airlines Fear Your Twitter Rampage the Most

Bloomberg - 09 Jan 2018
Among North American carriers, JetBlue Airways Corp. and Virgin America, part of Alaska Air Group Inc., were quickest to respond to Twitter posts—in less than five minutes—while United Airlines Inc. was the laggard at more than 90 minutes, according ...
us airways tweet

US Airways apologizes for lewd photo sent via Twitter

USA TODAY - 14 Apr 2014
US Airways has apologized after a pornographic image was mistakenly sent out from its Twitter account. The image was tweeted at least once in response to a customer who complained to US Airways in a tweet saying: "You ruined my spring break, I want ...
us airways tweet

US Airlines Unbowed by Beijing's Demand to Call Taiwan Part of China

Wall Street Journal - 14 Jun 2018
SHANGHAI—Many global airlines have bowed to Chinese demands to refer to Taiwan as part of China, but a handful of others—including the three main U.S. international carriers—haven't, amid a U.S. backlash against Beijing's insistence on conformity ...
us airways tweet

38 Priceless Twitter Reactions to That NSFW US Airways Tweet

Mashable - 14 Apr 2014
People are having a ball after US Airways sent what may go down as the most offensive brand tweet of all time, which contained a lewd picture involving a woman and a model airplane (and which Mashable has opted not to publish due to the nature of its ...

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