US Airways won't fire the person who sent that pornographic tweet -
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US Airways won't fire the person who sent that pornographic tweet

Washington Post - 14 Apr 2014
The person responsible for sending an insanely graphic tweet from the official US Airways account on Monday won't be fired because they made an honest mistake, a spokesman for the airline said Tuesday. In case you somehow missed this on Monday (and ...
us airways tweet

US Airlines Unbowed by Beijing's Demand to Call Taiwan Part of China

Wall Street Journal - 14 Jun 2018
SHANGHAI—Many global airlines have bowed to Chinese demands to refer to Taiwan as part of China, but a handful of others—including the three main U.S. international carriers—haven't, amid a U.S. backlash against Beijing's insistence on conformity ...
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Why are so many firms so bad at handling social media?

BBC News - 28 May 2018
But this need for speed has led to some disastrous Twitter gaffes, from US Airways accidentally including a pornographic image in a reply to an unhappy customer, to Microsoft's artificially "intelligent" chatbot Tay tweeting racist and antisemitic ...
us airways tweet

Qatar Airways CEO apologizes for sexist comment

Travel Weekly - 06 Jun 2018
In a Qatar Airways tweet posted immediately before Al Baker spoke at the CAPA summit, the controversial chief executive offered "heartfelt apologies for any offense caused by my comment yesterday, which runs counter to my track record of expanding the ...
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Many Airlines Are Ignoring China's Orders. Now What?

Jing Travel - 15 Jun 2018
Marriott's blunder, listing Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Tibet as independent countries—as well as liking a pro-Tibet tweet—was probably the most severe affront to Chinese nationalism by a travel company in recent years. For Chinese authorities, it ...
us airways tweet

US Airways won't fire worker who sent lewd tweet

Fortune (blog) - 17 Apr 2014
The US Airways employee responsible for sending out a pornographic tweet Monday will not be fired, the company said, because it was a mistake. A link to a pornographic image was included in a tweet from US Airways when replying to a customer who was ...
us airways tweet

Scores killed as jet slides off runway, catches on fire

CBS News - 12 Mar 2018
A passenger plane owned by a joint Bangladeshi-U.S. firm crashed in Kathmandu, Nepal, on Monday, catching on fire after careening off the runway. The US-Bangla Airlines plane was on a flight from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Kathmandu but overshot the ...
us airways tweet

US Airways says lewd tweet was a mistake - CNN

Canada - 15 Apr 2014
The image was initially posted to US Airways' Twitter stream by a user and flagged by the airline as inappropriate, the company said. But the airline then "inadvertently" included a link to the pornographic image in one of its own tweets. It was ...

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