US Airways won't fire the person who sent that pornographic tweet -
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US Airways won't fire the person who sent that pornographic tweet

Washington Post - 14 Apr 2014
The person responsible for sending an insanely graphic tweet from the official US Airways account on Monday won't be fired because they made an honest mistake, a spokesman for the airline said Tuesday. In case you somehow missed this on Monday (and ...
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American Airlines Pushes Back on Qatar Airways Plan to Buy Stake

New York Times - 22 Jun 2017
(Reuters) - American Airlines' chief executive said on Thursday he is not "particularly excited" about Qatar Airways' interest in buying up to 10 percent of the U.S. carrier's shares, in a letter to employees following the state-owned Gulf airline's ...
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Record Heatwave in Phoenix Is So Bad That Airplanes Can't Fly

The Epoch Times - 20 Jun 2017
The canceled flights are part of the airline's regional flight system, and are operated by other carriers that use Bombardier aircraft, which are not permitted to fly when temperatures exceeding 118 degrees, American Airlines said. Smaller aircraft ...
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Trump Travel Ban Ruling Yields 'Bona Fide' Government Confusion

Bloomberg - 27 Jun 2017
President Donald Trump's travel ban has been partially revived by the Supreme Court, but his celebratory tweet about the decision belied his government's confusion about how to turn the ruling into official policy. Hours after the court acted Monday ...
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Five myths about air travel

Washington Post - 22 Jun 2017
It stands to reason that a greater supply of seats would help meet demand and lower prices. A 500-seat plane requires just as many pilots, gates, landings, air traffic controllers and dispatchers as a 50-seat plane, so the per-passenger cost should be ...
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Trump's Conflicts of Interest in Qatar

Center For American Progress - 14 Jun 2017
According to Business Insider reporting, in 2015, three U.S. airlines—American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines—claimed that $50 billion of foreign government subsidies over the previous 10 years had allowed three Gulf airlines—Qatar ...
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BA Debacle Puts Spotlight on Airlines' Old IT Systems, Cuts

U.S. News & World Report - 30 May 2017
Passengers stand at a British Airways check-in desk after the airport suffered an IT systems failure, at London''s Gatwick Airport, Saturday, May 27, 2017. British Airways canceled all flights from London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports Saturday as a ...
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Bahrain Restricts Qatar Airspace

Forbes - 07 Jun 2017
The government of Bahrain reiterated Wednesday its restrictions on the operations of Qatar Airways, requiring all aircraft not registered in Bahrain to obtain prior approval to fly in or out of Qatar through Bahraini airspace. Whether this applies ...
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After Technical Chaos, British Airways Looks to Restore Schedule

New York Times - 29 May 2017
The airline said on Monday that it was running most flights as normal, but the disruption has resulted in tense scenes at London's two biggest airports in particular. British Airways's sister carriers, like Iberia in Spain, have also been hit with ...
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After Barring Girls for Leggings, United Airlines Defends Decision

New York Times - 26 Mar 2017
In a series of dozens of tweets, the company said the incident was not simply the result of an overzealous gate agent. Instead, it said United Airlines reserved the right to deny service to anyone its employees deemed to be inappropriately dressed. It ...
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18 New United Airlines Mottos Created by Twitter - 11 Apr 2017
United Airlines is in hot water after a now-viral video revealed a 69-year-old passenger was forcibly removed from a plane by Chicago police on Sunday night―and was injured as a result―when a flight was overbooked. The statements released after the ...
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9 Brands That Should Delete Their Account After That Tweet

Huffington Post - 16 Mar 2017
5 U.S. Airways. Reuters. We can't show you this one here, because it's extremely graphic. What we can do is give you the link to our story about the tweet from 2014, which uses a bunch of fancy technology to hide the image from you. Basically, the ...
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US Airlines Should Stop Complaining And Start Competing

Forbes - 16 May 2017
It's been called the largest trade dispute in history. It involves hundreds of airplanes, thousands of jobs and billions in revenue. And it shows few signs of going away. For over two years now, American, Delta and United Airlines have publicly feuded ...
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US Airways departing Twitter

USA TODAY - 28 Feb 2015
PHOENIX — US Airways is soon to be no more — on Twitter at least. The airline, which merged with much larger American Airlines in late 2013 and adopted the American name, will stop using its Twitter account Saturday. That means it will no longer ...

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