The new show Utopia tries to build the perfect society. It involves a lot of ... -

Utopia man receives Purple Heart medal

Uvalde Leader-News - 19 Nov 2017
The veterans of our community were honored with a beautiful Veterans Day program at Utopia School led by the National Honor Society members. One veteran in particular, however, received a long-overdue medal for his service to our country in the Desert ...

How Portland Became a Hipster Utopia

JSTOR Daily - 16 Nov 2017
The cable television comedy Portlandia portrays Portland, Oregon, as city built on a liberal culture, a utopia deep in the Pacific Northwest woods, a place where restaurant patrons obsess about the rights of free-range chicken and the local ethic ...

Bjork shares “Blissing Me” (and its video) from new LP 'Utopia'

Brooklyn Vegan (blog) - 15 Nov 2017
Bjork has shared a second track from her forthcoming album Utopia. Beginning with little more than Bjork's voice and delicate harp backing, the song soon opens up into something more cinematic and fitting of the song's title. It's quite lovely and you ...

Bjork's new album Utopia will come with cryptocurrency

The Verge - 06 Nov 2017
Björk's experimental music and album releases are known for their forays into new technology, with her 2016 world tour letting fans visit her home of Iceland through VR headsets set to her music. Her latest album Utopia is no exception, and those who ...

Mancinho letter: Socialism: the false promise of utopia

Laramie Boomerang - 19 Nov 2017
Most agree that in a utopian environment a socialist government would be strictly democratic. The primary failure of socialist countries lies in its elected officials. Officials who know little to nothing about production or determining the needs of ...

Why Utopia deserves a Netflix revival

iNews - 13 Nov 2017
The news that cult British TV drama Top Boy is to get a Netflix revival in 2019 has been widely welcomed. It's encouraging to see a 'lost' show brought back in this fashion by the streaming giant. But there is another cult British saga that also ...

Dream of American Utopia fades into blandness

Financial Times - 03 Nov 2017
America is a utopia. Or at least it was a utopia. Or perhaps it could have been a utopia. And at its centre was to have been the City on the Hill, that biblical phrase adopted by American leaders from the Puritans through JFK and Barack Obama. Yet ...

Björk Reveals 'Utopia' Tracklisting

Exclaim! - 10 Nov 2017
Björk Reveals 'Utopia' Tracklisting. The record arrives November 24. By Calum Slingerland. Published Nov 10, 2017. Björk Reveals 'Utopia' Tracklisting. Björk is two weeks away from delivering her new LP Utopia, and after sharing the wonderfully wild ...

San Francisco Just Took a Huge Step Toward Internet Utopia

WIRED - 26 Oct 2017
Last week, San Francisco became the first major city in America to pledge to connect all of its homes and businesses to a fiber optic network. I urge you to read that sentence again. It's a ray of light. In an era of short-term, deeply partisan do ...

Björk confirms Utopia album details

The FADER - 31 Oct 2017
"What a profound and nourishing trip this has been!" she added. In a recent interview Björk revealed that Texas-based producer Rabit also worked on one of the album's tracks. The artwork, seen above, was created by Jesse Kanda. Utopia is the follow-up ...

Communist Utopia

Highlands Current - 12 Nov 2017
It's one of those largely forgotten but fascinating chapters in local history: a 250-acre resort with close ties to the Communist Party that thrived for three decades along Route 9D between Cold Spring and Beacon. Camp Nitgedaiget, also known as Camp ...

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