The new show Utopia tries to build the perfect society. It involves a lot of ... -

See the ghostly remains of a failed techno-utopia

Fast Company - 20 Sep 2018
“Restricted Areas” is a stunning photography series by Russian visual artist Danila Tkachenko, who traveled to secret cities in the former Soviet Union to capture everything from abandoned deep space antennas to a concrete sarcophagus that seals a ...

Apocalypse? Naw. 'Woman World' Is a Laid-Back Utopia

NPR - 15 Sep 2018
When the apocalypse comes, it might be harrowing, astonishing or simply unimaginable. But Aminder Dhaliwal doesn't think so. In Woman World (a compilation of her wildly popular Instagram comic), the apocalypse is so low-key, it's downright forgettable.

David Byrne's 'American Utopia' tour shakes the Landmark (Review) - 13 Sep 2018
The "American Utopia" tour -- in support of Byrne's most recent album of the same name -- uses wireless technology along with a tracking system connected to automated lighting that follows the performers onstage. The precision mimics the lighting plot ...

Stablecoins: The Latest Entrant In Crypto's Search For Utopia

Forbes - 12 Sep 2018
It is often said that cryptocurrencies are the modern-day version of a Rorschach Test. Stare into a Bitcoin address deeply (1BvBJDEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJkdN2) and the individual will be able to see whatever he or she seeks. To maximalists and ardent ...

Can Lake Pepin regain 'Utopian' status?

Republican Eagle - 20 Sep 2018
"Lake Pepin is not a Utopia," Lacy Schumman pointed out. Schumann is the newly named program coordinator for Red Wing Arts. While most people view the area as a beautiful area for recreation and wildlife, the lake is experiencing economic, social and ...

Leakey, Utopia ISDs announce weather delays - 17 Sep 2018
Utopia ISD will be delayed by two hours and start at 10 AM Monday morning, according to Utopia Independent School District Superintendent Jessica Milam. Leakey ISD also announced a weather delay Sunday evening "out of an over abundance of caution," ...

XMission Recognizes its 10000th Subscriber on UTOPIA Fiber

Utah Business - 13 Sep 2018
Salt Lake City–Today, XMission celebrated the 10,000th customer to sign up for its fiber optic service on the UTOPIA Fiber network. The customer, JR Medina of Murray, received a free year of XMission's Gigabit data service. “I am extremely happy with ...

Why Uber faces roadblocks on the way to transport utopia

Financial Times - 12 Sep 2018
In Dara Khosrowshahi's vision of the future, I will use Uber to pay for the commuter train journey from my Berkeley home to the FT's bureau in San Francisco's financial district, pedal an Uber electric bike to a lunch interview across town and grab one ...

GAUNTT: Utopia is coming!

Waxahachie Daily Light - 14 Sep 2018
The writer of the song beckoned us to imagine a utopia with everyone living life in peace, with no countries, no religion - no possessions, no heaven, no hell, nothing to kill or die for — just a perfect place of peace. What a great concept! Only the ...

Vincent Fournier – Space Utopia

The Eye of Photography - 19 Sep 2018
“Space is the great adventure of humanity, a leap into the void, into the dark light, beyond the protective atmosphere of the Earth and the gravity that connects us to it. It is the universal desire to contemplate and be projected into the sky . Desire ...

A Utopia of Yugoslav Architecture at MoMA

Hyperallergic - 03 Sep 2018
As such, it is all the more surprising to see MoMA — a beacon of self-congratulatory Western European narratives if there ever was one — do such a terrific job with Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948–1980, a runaway triumph of ...

Caetano Veloso Takes in David Byrne's "American Utopia" Tour

Nonesuch Records - 10 Sep 2018
Caetano Veloso and David Byrne caught up backstage at Byrne's American Utopia concert at Monmouth University's OceanFirst Bank Center in West Long Branch, New Jersey, on Friday, and Veloso took in the concert from the crowd. He shared his beautiful ...

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