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v j day in times square

Trivia Tuesday: 5 New Trivia Questions from “Page-A-Day” - 05 Sep 2017
What Life magazine photographer was responsible for the famous photo, “V-J Day in Times Square,” of a sailor kissing a woman dressed in white on August 14, 1945? Which Supreme Court justice used the curious wording “legalistic argle-barle” in his 2013 ...
v j day in times square

REMARKS – Let the world remember …

The Villager - 13 Sep 2017
The largest crowd in the history of New York City's Times Square gathered to celebrate, and in the Garment District, workers threw out cloth scraps and ticker tape, leaving a pile five inches deep on the streets. Let us remember that Sept. 2 is the ...
v j day in times square

VJ Day at WNYC: A Behind the Scenes Look

WNYC - 14 Aug 2017
Seventy-two years ago today WNYC program director Nathan M. Rudich arrived at the studio at 6:15 a.m. just before the AM station signed on. News and Special Events Director Lily Supove had been at her desk since 4:30 a.m. It would be another in a ...
v j day in times square

Woman Thought to Be in Iconic VJ Day Kiss Photo Dies

History - 13 Sep 2016
Greta Zimmer Friedman, who died of pneumonia Thursday at the age of 92, was an unsuspecting 21-year-old dental assistant on a lunch break in Times Square during V-J Day in 1945 when she says she was suddenly swept into the arms of a sailor and into ...
v j day in times square

The Texas Connection to The Iconic Photo of VJ Day in Times Square

Texas Monthly - 22 Sep 2016
A black and white print of a couple kissing in Times Square on VJ Day, taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt, is laid out from the vast collection of historic photographs stored in the Hulton Archive on May 13, 2011 in London, England. The comprehensive archive ...
v j day in times square

Remembering Princess Diana: A Life In Pictures

Economic Times - 27 Aug 2017
I Have My Eyes On You. This file photo taken on August 19, 1995 shows Britain's Diana, Princess of Wales (L), and her sons Prince Harry, (C) and Prince William (R), as they gather for the commemorations of VJ Day in London. 3/20. AFP ...
v j day in times square

Times Square Reborn

The New York Review of Books - 07 Jun 2017
And thanks to the electric light “news zipper” that girdled the old Times building, this was where crowds congregated on momentous public occasions, most famously V-J Day. After World War II, Times Square descended from raucous raffishness—what the ...
v j day in times square

Go Behind the Lens of That Famous VJ Day Kiss in Times Square

TIME - 14 Aug 2015
Alfred Eisenstaedt's photograph of a sailor kissing a woman in Times Square, after news broke of the Japanese surrender in World War II, has lived a storied life since it was taken 70 years ago. Often called “The Kiss,” it remains the iconic image of ...
v j day in times square

The way we were: Town rejoices on VJ Day

Jacksonville Journal Courier - 14 Aug 2017
The long-awaited news reached Jacksonville around 6 p.m. on Aug. 14, 1945. Japan had surrendered, and the bloodiest and costliest event in history was finally over. The happy news touched off spontaneous celebrations in Times Square in New York City, ...
v j day in times square

Woman in Iconic Times Square VJ Day Kissing Photo Dies at 92

Wide Open Country - 15 Sep 2016
The woman in the iconic World War II Times Square kissing photo recently passed away at the age of 92. Greta Friedman died from pneumonia in Virginia, according to A sailor, now identified as George Mendonsa, spontaneously grabbed and ...
v j day in times square

LIFE Magazine and the Most Influential Photos of All Time

TIME - 18 Nov 2016
V-J Day in Times Square (1945): Alfred Eisenstaedt's picture of the jubilation that marked the end of World War II would go on to become one of American photography's most recognizable—and controversial—milestones. Read more here. Gandhi and the ...

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