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Go for the Gold with These Winter Olympics-Themed Valentines

People Magazine - 14 Feb 2014
These Sochi-themed cards are designed to help Olympians – and everyday daters – score the ideal V-Day date. Print the cards, cut them out and go for the gold! (Just make sure to stretch beforehand.) Go for the Gold with These Winter Olympics-Themed ...
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9 things you must know about Ida B. Wells-Barnett

Chicago Tribune - 20 Jul 2018
In 1886, she received a half-dozen Valentine's Day cards from men vying for her interest. When she married the prominent Chicago attorney and newspaper publisher Ferdinand Barnett, her wedding announcement ran on the front page of The New York ...
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Utah Valley Calendar: Things to do -- July 22

Daily Herald - 22 Jul 2018
'Shrek: The Musical' — American Fork Community Theater presents “Shrek: The Musical” at The Valentine Theater, 839 E. 900 North. Performances will be at 7 p.m. on Aug. 9 to 11, Aug. 13 and Aug. ...
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The sweet story behind Julia Child's rare Valentine's Day cards

Today.com - 26 Apr 2018
Julia Child may be best known for her legendary cooking skills. But aside from whipping up delicious French dishes, the famous chef and her husband, Paul, were also quite crafty outside of the kitchen. Every year, the duo created their own Valentine's ...
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22 Cute DIY Valentine's Day Cards to Make This Year

WomansDay.com (blog) - 23 Jan 2018
Show your sweetie how much you love him or her this Valentine's Day with one of these homemade creations. View Gallery 22 Photos. 1 of 22. printable valentine's day card. The Craft Patch. Free Valentine's Day Card. Not the terribly crafty type? You can ...
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21 Literary Valentine's Day Cards For The Book Nerd In Your Life

Bustle - 02 Feb 2018
Before the jewelry and roses, before the candy hearts and stuffed teddy bears, before the overwhelming expectation of unique gift giving hijacked the holiday, Valentine's Day was best known for something else: its endless supply of cheesy, romantic ...
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How the Modern Valentine's Day Card Evolved

TIME - 14 Feb 2018
The earliest English, French, and American valentines were little more than a few lines of verse handwritten on a sheet of paper, but as of the 18th century their makers began to embellish them with pictures as well. Hearts, birds, flowers, and leaves ...
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Augment Your Valentine's Day With New REAL​ cARds

Forbes - 06 Feb 2018
HappyGiant, the independent Boston-based developer of the mobile AR app Hologrid: Moster Battle, is breaking into new ground today by being the first to introduce Augmented Reality Greeting Cards, REAL cARds, just in time to amaze your geeky ...
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7 Clever Valentine's Cards To Give To The Wittiest Partner Ever

Elite Daily - 12 Feb 2018
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to make sure you've got your bae's card and gift on lock. Some might consider greeting cards to be a bit archaic, which is why choosing a more unconventional card is a great way to put a smile on ...
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Even ants are getting Valentine's Day cards

New York Post - 14 Feb 2018
A colony of leaf-cutter ants has received what is believed to be the world's smallest Valentine's Day card. The tiny love letter made by amphibian specialist Ally Sharp is just .1 inches wide and .2 inches tall, approximately one-quarter of the size of ...
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Sainsbury's 'husband' valentine card pricier than 'wife'

BBC News - 07 Feb 2018
Sainsbury's has promised to retail cards at the same price after it was found selling cards for husbands at a higher cost than those for wives. A Valentine's card for a wife costs £2, despite looking remarkably similar to one for a husband, priced at ...

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