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Go for the Gold with These Winter Olympics-Themed Valentines

People Magazine - 14 Feb 2014
These Sochi-themed cards are designed to help Olympians – and everyday daters – score the ideal V-Day date. Print the cards, cut them out and go for the gold! (Just make sure to stretch beforehand.) Go for the Gold with These Winter Olympics-Themed ...
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It's A Mab, Mab, Mab, Mab World

Indianapolis Monthly - 21 Aug 2017
The brunette cherubs in the artist's sweet Victorian-style Valentine cards? They're glaring, not beaming, and blood drips from their pouting lips. The fluffy felted-wool fuchsia poodle with big blue eyes and a hairdo like a '60s beehive? He's a ...
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It's Too Soon for Pumpkin Beer

GQ Magazine - 19 Aug 2017
But unlike those early Valentine's Day cards, whose existence is annoying on a mostly emotional level, the appearance of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg in July rips summer right from our frosty-beer-holding hands. Now is the time for frozen cocktails and ...
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Wild-card spot may not be so bad for Yankees

Newsday - 19 Aug 2017
In the history of the do-or-die wild-card game, which was implemented for the 2012 season, five of the 10 winners at least made it to the League Championship Series. The 2014 World Series featured a pair of wild cards, with the Giants outlasting the ...
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DIY Valentine cards that POP!

Statesman Journal - 06 Feb 2017
For a fun way to show how you feel, check out these three-dimensional card-making techniques. They are sure to wow the one you love. I went sticker crazy, and why not? It's for Valentine's Day! If you keep these techniques in your back pocket, they ...
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Drawn From The Heart: Your Most Memorable Valentine's Day Cards

NPR - 14 Feb 2017
No snark or anti-commercialism rantings here, just a dose of simple sweetness. We asked readers to share their most memorable Valentine's Day cards; here are a few of our favorites, edited for length and clarity. And we asked NPR illustrator Chelsea ...
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Classic Era Network w/ Kace: WWF WrestleMania III (1987)

Inside Pulse - 20 Aug 2017
That change happens post match, even though the Dream Team manage to get the win thanks to some Bravoference, Valiant and Valentine blame Beefcake for almost costing them yet another match against the Rougeaus and leave him behind. For Jacques and ...
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Bigoted Valentine card causes uproar, anger at CMU student group

The Morning Sun - 09 Feb 2017
A Central Michigan University registered student organization apologized via social media late Wednesday night after an anti-Semitic Valentine's Day card apparently handed out by a member of the group sparked anger among students and community ...
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Facebook introduces Valentine's Day cards to spread the love

The Next Web - 09 Feb 2017
Starting February 13, Facebook will pop up a message on your News Feed wishing you a happy Valentine's, and prompting you to share a virtual card with your friends and loved ones. So yes, get ready for your News Feed to be bombarded by Valentine's ...
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Valentine's cards lose appeal in Ghana

Deutsche Welle - 14 Feb 2017
The dry-season sun is scorching but people are cheerful in their red garments in celebration of the day. Unlike previous years, storefronts are missing traditional greetings cards. Once upon a time, Valentine's Day cards were a booming business in Ghana.
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SO SWEET: Fun Valentine's Day Cards to Share With Your Friends

J-14 Magazine - 14 Feb 2017
Happy Valentine's Day! It's officially the holiday of love, and that means we'll be seeing our fair share of cute couples getting all lovey-dovey on our social media feeds. But you know what? Today isn't just a day for people in relationships. It's ...
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Royals have created wonderful player-themed Valentine's cards

Kansas City Star (blog) - 10 Feb 2017
This could be a great Valentine's Day. The Royals have made it possible to give Valentine's cards that your true love will love, and it won't cost you a dime. Just click and share. Or you could even print one and give it to that special someone in your ...
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Impawsibly cute cards for Valentine's Day

Washington Post - 11 Feb 2017
Tuesday is Valentine's Day! Maybe you're on top of things and made cards weeks ago. Or maybe the class party slipped your mind. If you're in the second category, we've come to the rescue with four cards that you can print, cut out and sign in just a ...

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