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Go for the Gold with These Winter Olympics-Themed Valentines

People Magazine - 14 Feb 2014
These Sochi-themed cards are designed to help Olympians – and everyday daters – score the ideal V-Day date. Print the cards, cut them out and go for the gold! (Just make sure to stretch beforehand.) Go for the Gold with These Winter Olympics-Themed ...
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Wicked Local - 23 Oct 2018
In my family, it was always my mom who wrote the cards and letters. Whether we were at camp or college or just in the uncertain young married phase of our lives, she was able, in “a hundred words or less,” to let us know we were loved and understood.
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Chinese shoppers just spent $30 billion celebrating being single

Economy - 12 Nov 2018
On the other hand, holidays often come with a bunch of extra purchases: of Christmas trees, Thanksgiving turkeys or Valentine's cards. Last year, Brits spent £19 billion on Christmas presents alone. A Chinese company, Alibaba (a big online platform ...
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10 DIY Valentine's Day Boxes That'll Be The Hit Of The Classroom

HouseBeautiful.com - 05 Nov 2018
Valentine's Day is a big deal in your kiddos classroom. Everyones going to be handing out cards and candy, so you want me to sure they have a super fun place to store them. You could buy them a generic box, or you could make one that's so insanely fun, ...
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Our Towns Calendar: 11/12

Toledo Blade - 12 Nov 2018
Admission: $20, up to six cards, includes lunch. First (recliner chair), second ($100), and third ($50) prizes and tickets ...
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The sweet story behind Julia Child's rare Valentine's Day cards

Today.com - 26 Apr 2018
Julia Child may be best known for her legendary cooking skills. But aside from whipping up delicious French dishes, the famous chef and her husband, Paul, were also quite crafty outside of the kitchen. Every year, the duo created their own Valentine's ...
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How the Modern Valentine's Day Card Evolved

TIME - 14 Feb 2018
The earliest English, French, and American valentines were little more than a few lines of verse handwritten on a sheet of paper, but as of the 18th century their makers began to embellish them with pictures as well. Hearts, birds, flowers, and leaves ...

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