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Tomb Raider poster gets it in the neck

BBC News - 20 Sep 2017
A poster and action-packed trailer for the new Tomb Raider film have been released - but all everyone's talking about is Alicia Vikander's neck. The Oscar-winning actress appears to be the victim of some distinctly dodgy Photoshop in the poster for the ...

Feuding with the Rock

Richfield Reaper - 20 Sep 2017
It was like watching a cut scene from a Jurassic Park movie where a Velociraptor took on pair of Tyrannosauruses and won. As impressive as that was, Taquito's luck will eventually run out when the Pinschers realize they are each 900 times larger than ...

Of global warming, plastic waste and velociraptors

PRI - 26 Aug 2017
It's almost all packaged in plastic, most of which gets thrown away and not recycled. Last, but not least, the velociraptor: Two recent studies looked at how fast dinosaurs might have been able to run, just because, you know, it could happen. “In a ...

Guest Column: BioBlog — Feathered Dinosaurs

UNM Daily Lobo - 15 Sep 2017
T. rex and its velociraptor relatives were theropod dinosaurs. Throughout much of the Jurassic and Triassic periods (between 220 to 66 million years ago), these predominantly carnivorous dinosaurs were at the top of the food chain. However, this 150 ...

Jurassic World 2: JA Bayona teases tricky plot for Fallen Kingdom

International Business Times, India Edition - 09 Sep 2017
The packaging images of new products that include groceries and toiletries feature fan favourite Tyrannosaurus Rex from Jurassic Park, popularly known as Rexy, and the Velociraptor Blue. According to a fansite called Scified, Velociraptor Blue will ...

Here Are D&D's New Official Dinosaur Racing Rules

Kotaku Australia - 20 Sep 2017
Although the adventure details fantastic beasts such as mandolin-strumming felines, half-gold dragons, and a jaguar whose neck spurts out snakes, Tomb of Annihilation's dinosaur breeds sound more like "T-rex" and "Velociraptor". That's OK — you can't ...

Jurassic World Concept Art Reveals a Very Different Indominus Rex

CBR (blog) - 19 Sep 2017
In Jurassic World, the Indominus Rex was a new dinosaur created by Ingen's Dr. Henry Wu by combining different dinosaur DNA, most notably the T-Rex and the velociraptor. On his page, Joyner — a freelance concept artist who has worked on movies and ...

Old and new fan favorites found at York Fair

FOX43.com - 08 Sep 2017
Paleontologist Jim Hutching said "we encourage it so they can feel the bones and stuff. They're going to see a large T-Rex skull inside, a velociraptor, a full size velociraptor." Fairgoer Dan Praydis said "just catches your eye, it's really cool to ...

Kids, livestock fill animal barn

Examiner Enterprise - 08 Sep 2017
A Velociraptor was a very intelligent dinosaur — made popular by the Jurassic Park films. White said Abby can open her gate and chain, and follows him around. Abby's mother wouldn't nurse. White said he bottle-fed her and her brother. The kids lived ...

Guild Wars 2 shows off rideable velociraptors and giant bunnies

PCGamesN - 31 Aug 2017
Guild Wars 2 just celebrated its fifth anniversary and shows no signs of slowing down. Yet, up until now, the game hasn't offered some seemingly essential MMO accoutrements, like rideable dinosaurs. Thankfully, the upcoming Path of Fire expansion is ...

'Stalker' Velociraptor Relative Sported Feathers, Serrated Teeth

Live Science - 17 Jul 2017
The newly named paleo-beast is a type of troodontid, a bird-like, bipedal dinosaur that's a close relation of Velociraptor. Researchers named it Albertavenator curriei, in honor of the Canadian province where it was found (Alberta), its stalking ...

Dinopalooza At Best Western River North Hotel Chicago

PR Web (press release) - 12 Sep 2017
A special appearance by the Velociraptor direct from Jurassic World: The Exhibition will be the highlight of the weekend event. “We excited to offer our guests a unique hotel experience themed to the exhibit,” stated Heidi Bitar, the hotel General Manager.

4 Weird Fossils That Show Earth's History, From Sex To Dinosaur Fights

International Business Times - 09 Sep 2017
A velociraptor and a protoceratops were gripped in an intense battle 80 million years ago in the Gobi Desert when they were buried alive. As the New York Times describes it, the velociraptor had a claw of its foot in the neck of the protoceratops and ...

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